One Of None? 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT Boss 429

No one except the seller will mistake this big orange Mercury for a Ford! Striking an intimidating pose in what looks like a suburban back yard, this 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT from Wichita, Kansas comes ready to rumble, though no mention of its running or driving condition accompanies the listing. The hidden headlights, hood pins, functional ram-air hood, barely visible chin spoiler, and blacked-out rockers combine to set this big coupe apart from the pack. Perhaps being set apart from the pack is not always a good thing, as the seller listed this Cyclone as a “Ford,” perhaps hoping to snare someone looking for the Torino, the Cyclone’s Ford stablemate. Thanks to reader Pat L for spotting this example of a rarely-seen ride. Conflicting statements and evidence in the listing make us wonder what is original on this car. While the mighty Boss 429 engine is certainly *not* a factory installation, it’s one bad mill that’s sure to draw a crowd when you pop the hood. The asking price of $85,000 here on craigslist suggests an appeal to the auction watchers. With no mention of the factory engine or other numbers-matching equipment, this sale is for the buyer who wants a highly-capable non-original car that’s something different. That proposition often requires two bidders breathing the rarefied air of extensive disposable income.

A super-clean Boss 429 provides all the necessary bling and eye candy in the engine bay. Though never offered from the factory, clearly Mercury considered a Boss 429 Cyclone, because several sources reference its inclusion in early 1970 marketing literature. Custom fabrication visible in this listing leaves no doubt. Though not factory, the buyer should take some comfort knowing that almost no one would go through this much trouble to drop a Boss 429 in a “One of None” Cyclone without building the 429 to better-than-original specs. Thanks to Hemmings for some details.

The macho Hurst shifter always catches attention when fitted to a larger-than-usual sporting car. Despite the heavy styling, this Cyclone is Mercury’s version of the mid-sized Ford Torino. Perhaps this explains further evidence of Ford Envy displayed prominently on the seat of this Mercury. The seller’s loyalty may simply lie with the Ford Motor Company and not with a particular marque. The Cyclone GT is a real package, though, including two 429 engines, but neither looks like this. I’m no expert, but tears in the original-looking seats don’t say “$85,000” to me.

The listing shows no pictures of the vehicle from the rear, but check out the tubular arms and coil-overs! The three-foot-long brake hose allows for plenty of radius for tight maneuvers. Though simply described as an “upgraded front end” in the listing, someone dropped some serious cash on this road-racing style setup. There are only two reasons you put hardware like this on a classic American car and they are 1. You handily out-drive stock components in the corners or 2. You have plenty of money and enjoy telling people about fancy parts that take your car to the next level. Is this interesting Mercury build an oversized canyon-carver or a parking lot hood-popper?

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  1. Mitchell Gildea Member

    I like everything except for the wheels. A set of Magnum 500s and this car would be perfect

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  2. Bob_in_TN Member

    Thanks Todd. Your sentence “this sale is for the buyer who wants a highly-capable non-original car that’s something different” sums it up for me. I think I like it, it looks well-done, just not what I expected. The price seems very aggressive. And, Craigslist for something unique like this??

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    • Steve R

      It is an interesting car.

      Why not craigslist? How many rare and expensive cars are featured on this site? Cars like this will get shared on various forms of social media, which amplified their exposure. You can also search it nationally. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s not something I’d dismiss.

      Steve R

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  3. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    There’s something about these that always catches my interest. Although probably an aggressive design for its time I find it to be an attractive car. There is a big block version just like this one (the orange seems to be very popular) by me with torque thrust d’s on it and they look great. Maybe some nicely polished aluminum slots would look good. I believe I’ve seen a blue one and a yellow one but most are this orange. Was it the most ordered color? Don’t see the $85k asking but definitely unique….

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  4. Miguel

    He wants $85,000 and there is only 3 small spots of rust that can be easily fixed.

    Sellers like this I walk away from as fast as I can.

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    • Skip Hebert

      It’s also been hit in the drivers side front. the fender extension is dented and the front bumper is bent on the drivers side.

  5. Gord

    I believe a Boss 429 engine on it’s own would go for $30 to 40 k so it may be high but wouldn’t be far off if the rest was flawless – which it’s not.

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    • Phillip Blake

      I agree, the bulk of the money for this car is in the engine. Still, priced to high.

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  6. Classic w

    A nice car.

    Its very overpriced and at a price to grab a Cyclone Spoiler.
    One has to understand that building a car to show doesn’t always mean you’ll get your money spent on building plus labor back.

    Its a market that will bring what it will bear 🐻 and i hope you at least 45-50 in offers or more.

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  7. 86_Vette_Convertible

    IMO you’d think someone looking fore $85K for a car would have fixed the tears in the seats. It’s interesting but not to my taste.

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  8. Nick

    It needs a little help to be full Cyclone Spoiler but a great concept. The Boss 429 make more sense in a Cyclone or Torino because that’s the car/engine combination that raced in NASCAR. The BOSS 429 Mustang was only made so the engine would be legal.

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  9. Brian

    What part am I missing here on the Boss 429 not being in there from the factory ,there were 3 different ones available in 1970? My Father drove one home in 1970 ,on a test drive ,I’d have been 11or 12 yrs old, it was yellow and a Cyclone with a 429 ,probably wasn’t a stick, but anyway he took it back and ended up buying a 71 Ltd 4 door ,oh the memory ,the Ltd ended up being my first car…….

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    • Cav427

      The Boss 429 had hemi heads. The other 429’s were wedge heads. There were 2 versions of the boss 429, the difference was the style or type of connecting rods. The Boss was only offered in the mustangs. The 429 4 bbl drag pack was available in the torino and spoiler.

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    • Troy s

      You would be right, there were three 429’s available; the Thunder Jet, the Cobra Jet, and the Super Cobra Jet.
      The Boss 429 was only installed(with much trouble) in the ’69-70 Mustang for Joe Public. Probably more expensive than a Shelby GT500.

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  10. local_sheriff

    OK; I know how a Cyclone looks like and also the Country Squire, and I’m aware they’re not same bodies but here goes: I remember regularly seeing a cirka 1970 Ford wagon in my home town with a face identical to this Cyclone. This was about 1990 – LONG before anyone cared about any wagons and it was evidently driven as a rusty beater only.

    There were no signs of it ever being altered neither were the people owning it the kind of folks I expect would care about modding it. However I clearly remember it having this protruded ‘bomb sight’ grill center, same recessed grill and hidden taillights but wearing Country Squire script and faux wood like regular Ford wagons. Anyone seen an OE variant of the Cyclone front for fullsize Fords…?

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  11. Troy s

    Old dude had one of those shotgun motors in an early seventies Ranchero, bored and stroked too. Sounded way way bad when he left the show, as always the few of these engines I’ve actually seen are jaw dropping eye candy in person. I can only imagine how folks reacted upon seeing the new ’69 Boss 429 Mustang with the hood open.
    Nice Cyclone here for sure, I’d say why not have both a real runner and a car to impress at the local show. The Ford seat cushion is okay and he probably couldn’t find one that said Mercury.
    Like what happened to Ford the seller will probably lose money on the big bad Boss.

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  12. Donnie

    I as a die hard ford freak in my youth,I remember picking up a sales brochure at the local Ford dealership on the new body style Torino. At the bottom of the drive train option list in small print it gave boss 429 as an engine option. To bad Ford didn’t follow through with that. We stopped to look at the Orange 429 4 speed they had sitting out front.

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  13. Rustytech

    Tears in the seat, “minor” rust, damage on the left front, $85k? Not for me, but you know what they say.

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  14. Jim

    Ridiculous price for a car with rust and the wrong engine. But then again, the buyer doesn’t even know what make car he is selling, so what can you expect?

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    • Jim

      Oh….and forgot…..a torn interior, too!

      What a deal!

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  15. Jeff N

    Did anyone else notice the missing windshield wipers and wiper motor??

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  16. CraigR

    I see a dent in that left front valance next to the headlight too.

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    • Cav427

      Heck, with all the damage you are noting I can talk him down to 25k!

  17. Jay Ouellette Member

    I’m pretty sure that my facts are right, as to Mercury did make a couple of Boss 429 Cougar Eliminators. There wasn’t many, maybe 2 or 3 if I remember correctly.

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    • Troy s

      You’re not wrong, Jay. However,
      those two Cougars were purpose built drag cars sold for a dollar each, I believe, to Dyno Don Nicholson and Ed Shartman. Forgive me if I spelt their names wrong. “Fast” Eddie.
      Neither amounted to much in the class they were put in, Don’s Cougar actually ran the 427 SOHC as he called the Boss’9 non competitive. When the engine swap happened is not clear. I believe both Cougars were found, at least that’s what I remember reading a few years ago as I’m too young to know this stuff first hand.

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    • Mark

      Friend of mine inherited his brothers 68 cougar 429 4 speed. 28k miles on it. His brother bought it new. Sold at Owls Head a few years ago. $220,000.00. He was hoping for $125k….

      • Ray

        429 wasn’t an option in a 1968 Cougar. The GTE could be had withvthe 428.

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