One of One! 1973 Ford Maverick

I have a confession to make: I can sometimes be a cheerleader for my project cars simply because it sports a rare option or two. It’s easy to get excited by the small things when thousands of other enthusiasts own similar cars. However, the owner of this survivor-grade 1973 Ford Maverick sedan here on eBay may be taking it to a whole ‘nother level, citing how the bumper guards make his car one of one! 

Here’s the official breakdown, showing you how we get from a vehicle that Ford made close to 300,000 of to a car that is all by its lonesome based on colors and equipment. Personally, if I owned it, I would want to find my “twin” that has the white vinyl roof, just to photograph the two cars together! Heck, maybe that other Maverick owner is even watching this auction, right now. More interesting to me is how few were ordered with the “Avocado Super Soft Vinyl” bench seating.

Speaking of, here it is! To the seller’s credit, his Maverick does appear to be as clean as advertised. I’m just surprised there isn’t a picture of those rare bumper guards! The interior color is definitely not going to be to everyone’s liking, as dark green over pea green is a tough sell, no matter what era you come from. Other interior photos show a very clean headliner and dashboard, and with under 50,000 original miles, this Maverick has plenty of life left in its super soft bench seats.

The Maverick looks like a nice driver based on the equipment, featuring the 250 inline-six paired to an automatic transmission. It will never be a car used to hustle through the curves, and given the originality, sticking with the original drivetrain and suspension is a must. There’s one bid to $250 and a reserve in place, and I’m curious if die-hard Maverick enthusiasts would actually fight to own this example due to the bumper guards making it one of one. What do you think? Does this “rare” configuration make this a Maverick worth owning?


  1. CCFisher

    Isn’t the one without bumper guards also “one of one”? Does that make this one “one of two one of ones”?

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    • phil

      marti always leaves a 1 of 1 at the end some where on there report Just the way they sell them every report has a 1 of 1.

      • JW

        Our Marti Report on our 70 Mach1 doesn’t have any 1 of 1’s on it.

      • G 1

        The Marti Report on my 78 Mark V doesn’t have a 1 of 1 on it.

      • Jeffro

        My wife tells me that I’m 1 of 1. (sighs…and then thanks God that there is just 1 of me)

  2. nessy

    Hey, you have to admit, like the car or not, this seller took alot of time doing his homework. I am impressed with his production figure sheet from 291,676 units right down to his 1 of 1 car. I wonder what made him research this?

    • Stang1968

      He didn’t research it -he bought a Marti report. $60.

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      • nessy

        A Marti report? Hmm, I will have to look that up. I never heard of it until now. You mean this report can tell us exactly how many cars were ordered just like our own cars? That is neat. He must have been pleased when he found out it was a one of a kind car. I would think maybe he already knew something about it being a 1 of 1 car.

  3. flmikey

    …what I can’t figure out is why this person would spend the money to get a Marti report for a 73 maverick 4 door sedan…at least that’s what it looks like he did….very nice find, though….

  4. jake

    Just shakin my head, these cars were junk new and still junk, but I guess one man’s junk is anothers treasure! Still, why bother spending good money on a piece like this?????

    • -B-

      I find it interesting when people call Mavericks junk because they usually don’t feel the same about Mustangs. Some do. Die hard ford haters of course do. But beyond that they don’t. Yet the Maverick platform is essentially a shorter and narrower late 60s / early 70s Mustang platform by design. The suspension design is the same with many parts interchanging. The engine selection is a subset of Mustang offerings as are the transmissions. Mavericks have the same rust issues as Mustangs so it can’t be that. Interior and trim might be a reason…. but that’s usually not what people refer to. Later Mavericks are a source of parts to update brakes and more of Mustangs, hot rods, and other cars so the quality there can’t be too far off the mark. So what are we left with… The real difference is people beat the living snot out of Mavericks as a rule and the four doors were ugly cars. Then again so were four door Falcons and the Falcon is what the Maverick replaced. Maybe too because Ford in the USA and Canada didn’t allow Maverick to have options that would cannibalize Mustang sales. In other countries where Mustangs weren’t sold Ford offered them with tachs, four speed manual transmissions, and so on. But it’s a big stretch to go from not being able to get a factory installed four speed to junk.

      But one person’s perception is just well, one person’s perception.

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      • Frank Molby

        I bought one of these back in the early 80’s. It had been wrecked by its original owners. It needed a fender, hood and a bumper. I was going to junk it out, but the 289 ran so good I found a doner car, and repaired it, new paint, and chrome smoothies. Added dual glass packs and it would surprise most hot Roders. No, it wouldn’t out run the 289/271 HP Mustangs, or the 327/350 HP Novas, but it was definitely a fun little 4 door! And yes, I’ve had all those cars plus a 406/4 speed…

      • Paul Hudson

        I personally think the early two door Mavericks is a great looking car. I know they weren’t the best built cars but they were very stylish. To be fair I like the Pintos too especially the wagons. The early Capri’s are another favorite for me. I think the Maverick would make a good economical driver. Imagine one with a new Ford Ecoboost Turbo V6 ! The Maverick and the later Fairmounts are very light cars. I think the early Mavericks were under 2500 Lbs.

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    • JAY

      I had a grabber and it looked like a piece of crap maverick. SURE did teach alot of people the meaning of SLEEEEPER

  5. Charles Hixon

    Tuberculosis is rare too, but does that make it desirable? In any case, it looks more like a craigslist find than it does a barnfind. Is the seller expanding his market because the locals aren’t biting?

  6. Peter R Member

    It’s a turd.
    You can’t buff it out…

  7. Fred W.

    Am I imagining things or is that the exhaust pipe hanging 2″ above the pavement?

    • Joe Nose

      You ARE imagining things, FW. That’s a sewer grate underneath the parked car. That way anything that drips goes into the local water supply instead of onto the owner’s driveway or garage.

      • CapNemo


      • nessy

        Then I guess I am imagining things too Fred because that is what I first thought until I looked again at the photos. What a bad photo that is.

      • Jeffro


  8. Kincer Dave Member

    It’s just nice to see an old car still around in my opinion, no matter what it’s worth or what it is.

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  9. doncomfort

    The numbers don’t make it any more valuable. It is a nice rust free survivor that should be preserved, but the fact that it is a 4 door will hurt it’s price. You can get $4500 for a truly rust free, complete 2 door, I would think a 4 door would be worth half that. Still a very nice car.

    Don, Maverick Comet Club Treasurer/ Membership Director.

  10. Dennis Fox

    $60 Bucks and yet not one picture of the bumper guards.

    • Jeff Staff

      That was what bothered me more than anything else.


    possibly the ugliest car ever made……

    • Mr. TKD

      As if AMC didn’t make the Gremlin AND the Pacer.

      • Tim Rusling

        Would someone like to explain what exactly is the meaning of “ugly”? I see the word used to insult and demean so many of the cars I happen to admire or have owned, so I’d like a definition.

  12. Luke Fitzgerald

    No matter what anyone thinks – rubbish or not – this this is a survivor that someone loved – good on them – plus it looks like it’s not going to take a lot to get it to a new home

  13. JW

    My 70 year old neighbor bought one similar to this but gold with brown vinyl top 4 door with a 302 / auto trans but with no bumper guards for 2K. It was as nice and original as this one but with a v8.

  14. whippeteer

    So the bumper cars make this one rare! (out of almost 300,000 others that I wouldn’t buy either)

  15. glenn

    i have always loved these cars

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  16. dgrass

    Green with envy or green at the gills?

  17. RichS

    Steering wheel isn’t original.

  18. Daniel Wright

    Ford was trying so hard to save money that the Maverick came without a glove box.

  19. JW

    Since I don’t leave valuables in my cars I actually liked the tray over a glove box, easier to get something I put there.

  20. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Is that a made up Marti report or a cut and paste ? Bought them before….

  21. Woodie Man

    A white vinyl roof automatic six banger bench seat with bumper guards 4 door Maverick. Uhuh. Just one. Thats a good thing. :0

  22. Kiwi Glen

    Is it just me but the rear quarter on the side view looks like a ford cortina MK3?

  23. Car Guy

    Rather have a 2 door 72 Grabber V8 with small bumpers, than a 73 sedan with crash bumpers and “rare” bumper guards………

  24. Allan

    Let’s see.
    I had a ’75 four door Maverick that cost me $250.
    I had a ’74 four door Mercury Comet that cost me $300.
    I had a ’73 two door Maverick that cost me $150.

    This one is too rich for me with a current bid of $1650.
    That one-of-one must really be driving up the value.

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