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One-Of-One: 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra

The Cobra name has been slapped on various Mustang products over the years, with a variety of results. Sometimes, the Cobra nameplate was as intimidating as it sounds, with ferocious performance and white-knuckle handling. Others – like this early four-eyed Fox-body – were less so, focused more on cosmetic enhancements than rip-snorting performance. This 1979 model is said to be one-of-one and is listed here on eBay with bids to just over $4,000.

This particular Cobra belonged to the seller’s father, so it’s effectively been in one-family ownership since new. The Cobras of this generation did get some upgrades to the chassis, namely in the form of the TRX suspension, which came with unique shocks, springs, and larger front and rear sway bars. The original metric-sized wheels have been removed, oddly, and the Mustang placed on four donuts. The factory wheels are included and in mint condition.


The seller is clearly an enthusiast based upon the sheer amount of NOS parts and spares he’s acquired and is including with the sale. It’s hard to parse through what the intended use for each part is, but some are more obvious than others: a NOS 2bbl Aluminum intake manifold along with a correct 2150 Motorcraft carburetor to replace an aftermarket Holley fitted by his father; a new, factory gas tank and all associated parts, as the original has developed a leak; and a NOS A/C clutch to replace the dead one.

The seller has swapped the original black interior too dark cherry or maroon; personally, the original black would look far better to me. The seller notes the rear panels have had the original black painted over, but a brand new set of red OEM panels are included. The Mustang does run, albeit off of an external gas can due to the fuel leak at the tank.

According to the Marti Report, this 1979 Mustang Cobra is the only one with the hood decal – making it a one of one. Do you think that makes it something special?


  1. Avatar photo Big_Fun Member

    Smart idea, store vehicle on donut spares to prevent flat spots on those pricey TRX tires. I still have a set – I treat them as vampires – they are out of natural light, and in a box – down in the basement.
    Ordered without a radio and power locks, that is unique.
    Marti report shows the interior was indeed from the factory, and it compliments the one year only shade of red outside.
    Being that the seller is a Judge in the Mustang Club of America, he know what this needs to be factory correct. And I trust he’s done all the homework.
    I personally would keep the 4bbl carb, and add the ten hole “phone dial” wheels and drive it a few hundred miles in sunny summer weather. With the a/c fixed, of course.

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  2. Avatar photo Big_Fun Member

    ….should of said ‘red’ from the factory, when speaking of interior color.

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  3. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    I have not seen this car in person, but I know the owner. He is a very knowledgeable early Fox Body fanatic, and (as he states) I’m surprised he is selling the car. He has spent years collecting NOS parts to restore/upgrade it. He is a good guy and a straight shooter.

    As for the car, early Fox Body four-eye cars aren’t commonly seen, especially in good shape. While it’s not hard to find a Pace Car at a big Mustang show, a 79 Cobra is a treat to see. In fact, over the dozen years I have been attending MCA shows, I can count the number I have seen on one hand. I hope the car goes to someone who can finish the upgrade and that we will see it out and about.

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  4. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    Can you even still buy TRX tires? I put a set of those
    on our ’78 black Fairmont wagon,which lowered it a little,
    & filled up wheel wells.

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    • Avatar photo Ralph

      I think one of the vintage tire companies are making them, but they are spendy……

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      Coker makes reproduction TRX tires.

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  5. Avatar photo Mike D

    Pretty sure that hood scoop is not factory.

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    • Avatar photo Steve

      It is factory, just not painted the correct body color

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      My friend’s ’80 Coupe had one from the factory – a cheap plastic hood scoop that was just stuck on top of the hood,

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  6. Avatar photo Gord

    Looking at the Marti report it isn’t the only cobra with the hood decal. It’s the only cobra of the 3 cars without the radio that had the hood decal. Saying that’s one of one is misleading – it’s only one of one comparing 3 cars.

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    • Avatar photo Mike_B_SVT

      Great minds think alike ;-) I just finished a much more long-winded explanation saying basically the same thing, LOL!

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    • Avatar photo Ralph

      All the Marti Reports do that in a way to make the owner feel like his car is a one of one….but it seldom really is.

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    • Avatar photo SDJames

      Still sounds like 1 of 1, just for a different reason.

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  7. Avatar photo Mike_B_SVT

    Hrmm… mentions black interior and black rear panels, but the car shows a very nice Red interior in the pics, and the Marti Report back it up as originally being a Red interior.

    The statement “According to the Marti Report, this 1979 Mustang Cobra is the only one with the hood decal – making it a one of one.” is somewhat misleading. You have to take into account the data above the last line as well. Looking at the Marti Report…

    This is the only Cobra with a hood graphic that was also: Bright Red with Red interior, AND had the 302-2V with Automatic, AND power locks with NO radio.
    Notice 14 of the red/red/302/auto cars had power locks but only 3 did not have radios. That means 11 of the similar power lock cars had radios – and some number of those 11 could also have had the hood decal.
    If you go up another line and consider there were 165 Cobras that were red/red/302/auto, but only 14 had power locks… Well, some number of the other 151 red/red/302/auto Cobras could also have had the hood graphic!
    It is also entirely possible that there are many more power lock / no radio / hood graphic Cobras out there in other color and drivetrain combinations.

    So in this case, IMO, the “1 of 1” is essentially meaningless.

    BUT if you’re looking for a Red on Red Cobra with a 302 / Auto… well, there were only 165 built in that combination. That’s not very many. Chances are very good that you are looking at the very best of those that remain.

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    • Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

      Thanks for your excellent explanation on how to interpret the Marti Reports. So many read those “1 of 1” statistics and misinterpret them. I have a nephew who bought an early Bronco a few years ago and bought a Marti for it. He was very excited one day when he told me his ‘73 Bronco was the only one made that year with a radio! I had to go through it with him and explain that wasn’t exactly the case….

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  8. Avatar photo chris george lawrence

    Have had and too?? I guess to write for you guys pretty much also means there isn’t anyone making sure you use the English language accurately. Just makes your website look less polished.

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  9. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    I’m getting pretty tired of the “1 of XXX”.
    I had a Ford Corsair that was “i of 24” made-
    (LHD,1500 engine,2 door),but it meant nothing
    in the real world.

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  10. Avatar photo jeffro

    I’m an only child. So does that make me “one of one”? Am I worth more to my insurance company? If I am, please don’t tell my wife.

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    • Avatar photo SDJames

      Do you have paperwork supporting your claim, sir? Or are you just trying to inflate your value?? If that’s the case, don’t shower for a few days, that dust is worth big bucks! Got a bad knee? Survivor grade! A little dry skin…patina!!!

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      • Avatar photo jeffro

        I even have paperwork to validate all the preventive maintenance work done!

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  11. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    A fact that I got from the Marti Report that stands out is that there were far more 2 door couples made in 1979 than 3 door hatchbacks.

    I wonder when that trend changed?

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  12. Avatar photo Troy s

    I guess you could use those rims up front with better skinnies, fatter tires in the rear, kind like the black 5.0 LX from the magazine Cars in the eighties.
    Or just forget all about my idea and use the four normal wheels. Ha! Looks funny with all four mini wheels.

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  13. Avatar photo Graham

    I bought a yellow 79 Cobra in October of 1978. I had the hood grapics. 5.0 4 speed Black and houndstooth interior.

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    • Avatar photo Gsuffa Member

      Cobra fabric was made to look like snakeskin.

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  14. Avatar photo Ray

    Never been a fan of that Cobra decal. Looks too much like the Firechicken decals of the same era.

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  15. Avatar photo Justin Newton

    I owned one. Had the decal with a light grey color. Light blue interior. Had it for about ten years, wish I still did as it was a very fun car to drive. I changed out the wheels and tires once to avoid the pricy trx tires. Never could get them to balance right so I put the metrics back on.

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