One Of One! 1983 Ford Mustang 5.0 GLX

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This 1983 Ford Mustang GLX is a rare beast, combining the luxury trimmings of the most opulent model with the performance of the 5.0L V8 and five-speed manual combination. This car is claimed to be one of one made this way in 1983, and given how rarely we see the GLX trim, it’s not hard to fathom. Throw in the fact it has just 31,000 miles, and it goes from obscure to downright impossible to recreate. The Mustang is listed here on craigslist in Cape Coral, Florida, with an asking price of $14,900 and draped in Midnight Blue Metallic paint with a matching navy blue soft top.

The GLX trim was intended to make the Fox-body Mustang an all-rounder, giving consumers the option to drive a muscle car that was less focused on performance in exchange for nicer trimmings inside. Most of these GLX models were seemingly spec’d with the optional 3.8L V6, which makes sense if dealers were attempting to order models that would appeal to the majority of consumers, both in terms of equipment and price. Given the typical Mustang GT buyer wasn’t likely interested in fake woodgrain trim and upgraded seating surfaces, it’s no surprise that a GLX with the V8 and a five-speed is a rare bird. This one is very original, too, retaining its wonky TRX wheels and tires.

Leather was an option on the GLX, but this one wears “Blue Vinyl” bucket seats. This is a very attractive color combination and makes this rare spec even more intriguing. The early four-eyed Fox body cars were not what you’d consider beautiful, but this example probably gets the closest to being deemed “pretty”, if you’re inclined to grading a Mustang on its attractiveness. The GLX, as mentioned earlier, came with the faux woodgrain trim in the dash, along with a four-spoke steering wheel. The five-speed manual is quite an unusual find in a GLX convertible, and it’s another example of a car where I’d love to ask the first owner why he ordered a Mustang with such a specific list of options.

The 5.0L V8 needs little in the way of an introduction, but it had to cause a few salespeople to scratch their heads when a customer asked for a GLX with three pedals and a V8. Interestingly, there’s some evidence that the GLX inspired Ford to create the V8-powered LX coupe that many of us know and love, which gave enthusiasts the option to have V8 power and a stick in a stripped-down model with no ground effects or spoilers. The GLX is certainly not a stripper, and it’s a great way to have the classic Fox-body Mustang experience with some added coddling offered as standard equipment. Have you ever seen a Fox-body optioned like this?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    For the Fox Body enthusiast, here is something a bit different. Not a aero nose GT or LX, or a four eye Pace Car. A GLX convertible isn’t commonly seen nowadays, and one with a 5.0 and a 5-speed is even more uncommon. Add the seldom-seen but attractive blue/blue combination and original TRX wheels and you have a very interesting and attractive combination. Nicely equipped, low miles, good condition. Price seems in the ballpark. The new owner should have fun with it.

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  2. Robert L Schaeffer

    I had one. Lighter blue, white convertible top, white leather interior. 5.0 HO, 5 spd. Very nice car. I recall a magazine article years ago indicating there were close to 1,000 made like this.

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  3. Krow

    I had an’83 GLX 5.0 convert in college back in 1990 only mine was a 4 speed manual with failing lighter blue paint and a trashed interior in the same color as this one, top was rotted to death, but it ran like an absolute beast and was worth every penny of the $1200 I paid to the grad student couple moving across country, despite well over 100k mi her. My dad had an ‘88 5.0 lx convert at the time and this in a straight line felt stronger. Got a new top, had it painted and drove it from NY to SF after graduating, then back, kept it for a few years I NY until my cousin bought it to go to college out in Arizona. He drove it back and forth and generally beat the snot out of it (not a car guy) eventually ran it out of oil and blew it up, but wasn’t the cars fault – stout car, if a bit early 80’s crude. Loved it!

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  4. CCFisher

    For most of the 1983 model year, the only way to get a Mustang convertible was as a GLX. While most had a V6, the V8 was not uncommon. Ford did release a GT convertible during the model year, and about 1000 were built. This one is an oddball in terms of colors, but I don’t think the drivetrain is particularly rare in a GLX convertible.

    While we tend to associate the 5.0 with the GT, the engine was available in just about any Mustang. Neighbors of mine had a basic, beige Mustang coupe (L or GL, I can’t recall which) with turbine wheel covers and a 5.0 under the hood.

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  5. Joe

    No A/C in FL, hot ride.

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    • Pete Phillips

      Just put the top down and feel the breeze! I have never understood A/C in a convertible.

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    • Greg

      Had a Marti report done on my 83 GLX 5.0 5spd convert and it came back as one of 4 built with that color combo and TRX wheels. I thought they all had TRX wheels with the 5.0. Guess not! Only 124 GLX conv over all with medium yellow color.

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  6. Kevin

    I loved fox-bodies up until I hit my early 30s,they just don’t appeal to me anymore, and the prices are way too high for a common car,they produced lots of,but I’m sure someone will buy and enjoy.

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  7. Mike

    I personally own one exactly like the one in the photo!
    I special ordered it in Dec.1982 and received it in March 1983.
    The time delay was due to the car special ordered having NO A/C.
    I’ve been driving it steadily for over 39 years with 3 tops, 10 sets of tires, stripped to metal paint job 12 years ago…etc etc.
    310,000 miles and people asking if they can take pictures!

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  8. JBest

    I own a 1983 red GLX 5.0 convertible with just under 51k original miles. It was sold by my father in law in 2001 with 36k. It was brought back to indiana where it was purchased from a local lot new in 1983

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  9. Clifford Emond III

    I acquired a 1983 GLX Mustang convertible 5.0 with T5 manual trans fully loaded with all the options you can order. color is that redish orange with red interior with vinyl seats. has 97500 miles its a little rough. trying to found out how many GLX like mine were produced. where do I look? to find out ?
    Or can someone tell me

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