One Of Two Left: 1914 Dodge Brothers


Long before building things like the Charger and the Hell Cat, Dodge was a machine shop that supplied parts to the likes of Chevrolet and Ford. It didn’t take the Dodge Brothers long to realize there was money to be made building complete cars. So in 1914 they built their first automobiles and called them Dodge Brothers. They were quite advanced for the times, but they didn’t build many. This Roadster is said to be one of the 370 built in that very first year. The seller also claims it is one of only two still known to exist. If that is the case, then this really is an important find! You can take a closer look at it here on craigslist in Glassboro, New Jersey with an asking of $1,000. Special thanks to Olaf E for this tip!


This might be a rare and important piece of Dodge history, it might even be 1 of 2, but I’m not sure it’s worth much. It’s in extremely rough shape and restoring it would be a difficult task. With so few built, finding parts would be a challenge and even finding information about it will be tricky. While the $1k asking price seems reasonable, I think it’s going to be hard to find someone passionate enough about early Dodges to find a buyer. Perhaps there is a museum out there that would want to preserve it as is and put it on display?

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  1. Marty Wilke Member

    One of only two 1914 Dodges left in existence? Wow, what a great story!

    Too bad this 1920s vintage car doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    • Dave

      Elaborate please

  2. doug

    What Marty is saying it is NOT a ’14, might be ’24. And it is not a roadster, might have started life as a truck. You can’t recreate history.

  3. Alan Brase

    It says 1914 right there in the shoe polish. How could that be wrong? I’m no expert but looks like a deal to me. the steel wheels kinda make me think 1922-26ish.

  4. JoeR

    I’m not one to pass up a good project, but I’d spend 29K on the nice looking 1914 touring here vs the one in the CL ad:

    (I’m just questioning the scarcity.)

  5. JCW Jr.

    looks like the start of a rat rod.

  6. Carfan

    Pure junk…no body, interior, non original hood, wheels, etc etc etc…you are buying a frozen motor and rusty frame that may or not be a 1914

  7. larry

    Definitely not a 1914 unless the radiator has been changed they don’t post the serial number. I’ve not only worked on and rode in a 1914 serial number 845 touring sedan serial number is stamped into the firewall. Radiator is small in the first few years height wise.

  8. James

    OMG where to begin on this one. There is not a crap of “roadster” left on that frame and zero way to tell what body it originally came with. The plywood cowl is either a) handmade decades ago, or b) the original truck cowl from the late teens or early twenties Dodge truck that it really is.

    And then there is my favorite “one of two known”. Known to whom? Him? I still want to meet this guy who looked in every field, barn, garage, warehouse to make sure the “only one left” is indeed the only one left.

    Waste of “Barnfind” space.

  9. kyle

    Turn it into a woodie! That is if its nothing special. :-)

  10. GEORGE

    radiator is early 20’s Dodge truck

  11. James

    Oh look, now there are three known to exist! lol

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