One Owner: 1960 Porsche 356 Super Cabriolet

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Porsche 356’s are quite valuable and highly sought after, many of which are not half as nice as this one owner project. Purchased new in Germany, the owner was stationed in Frankfurt, and picked the car up upon its completion at the factory. Parked about 20 years ago due to worn piston rings, this 356 is a restoration worthy machine for sure! Half way through the auction, and this 356 is currently bid up to $45,300. Check it out here on eBay out of Longwood, Florida.

Currently the engine is out of the car, but rest assured that this is a numbers matching machine! The engine was pulled due to worn rings, but I think that this Porsche was in need of a restoration, and that the seller knew that too. So like many projects, this Porsche restoration stalled. This car was stored nicely, and is in grand condition compared to many cabriolets that come up for sale.

The only interior photo in the listing looks promising, but also seems to be a bit of a catch all of parts and pieces. If this Porsche was in a little bit better condition, I would almost say that this could be a preservation project. But alas, the rust is just a little too far for my liking’s as a driver.

Never restored, but painted once, this Porsche is like a restorers blank canvas for success. Restoring an original car is often a much better way to go then trying to bring accord to a poorly done restoration. While there is some rust in this 356, it is very minimal. Rot can be found on this Porsche along the front edge of the bonnet, the rockers, the lower sections of the doors, and on the rear section of the floors. Granted the rot is contained to small areas, and this is not a total basket case 356. Some rougher condition 356’s have been pulling big money, so what do you think this prime restoration candidate will sell for?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. KurtMember

    Sorry, too expensive, and it looks like it has been neglected “ by someone”.

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    • Pat Lamb

      This is like going after a 3 AM girl

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      • llg114

        Pat Lamb,

        HA HA HA That’s hysterical!!!

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    • llg114


      I agree. $45K plus who-knows-how-much to restore it. Ugh…

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    woo hoo 46,300 and reserve hasn’t been met! Wonder what reserve is–guess the buyer will set the value price. Good luck to the new owner. if you add up the minimal rust , you have a project there. Good luck to the new owner!


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    • billy007

      Wow. And to think, the people that can afford this are supposed to be the smart members of society.

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  3. John M.

    The resto cost would easily exceed the current bid on the car.


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    • Barry Pritchett

      And it will be worth 3 times that when finished.

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  4. Blk63vette

    I never looked at classic cars and trucks as good investments. They all need work and all cost money. I didn’t buy my 1963 Corvette as and investment. I bought it because I enjoy working on it and it gives me pleasure to drive it takes away all the stress of the day. I’m working on a 1965 Chevy C10 now. I can’t wait for it to get done
    Enjoy the hobby

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  5. Dick AMember

    I was born thirty years too soon. In 1959 I bought a slightly used 1955 Porsche Super Speedster with a roller crank …..was a special factory order. Paid $2500 for it, more than my buddy paid for it at the factory. I sold it five years later for $1500, thought I had done pretty well! ’55’s were especially rare, very few were made, even more so with that roller crank. I have seen early Speedsters sell at auction for $550,000. I have to go now……..

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  6. bobhess bobhessMember

    First Porsche owned was a ’57 cabriolet with the roller crank and close ratio transmission. Needed fair amount of work but turned into a good car. Couldn’t get any parts for the engine so got a standard normal and sold the roller engine to a friend with a 56 VW panel. Helped him put the engine in and he had an engine that he didn’t know anything about but it ran. Learned quickly and never made that kind of mistake again… except if you don’t count not buying a very nice ’67 427 Vette coupe with 4 speed, positraction, power steering and brakes, and factory air for $13,000.

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  7. KurtMember

    I would like to find a roller crank in good condition for my VW project. Scarce as hens teeth!

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  8. Wrong Way

    I paid just under 60K for the 356B Cabriolet we are restoring! The one I bought is in, I would say a little better condition than this one is because there is no rust to contend with! This one may go north of 60K! These cars are hot right now! I hope that whomever buys this one is prepared for the unknown! This one presents better because the pictures are better than the one I got! The pictures of the one I bought were all taken in a barn, but I took a chance and bought it anyway! I got very lucky, in that it was in better shape than expected when it arrived!

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  9. SidMember

    356 Axiom
    Small rust on outside = big rust on inside

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  10. KurtMember

    Anything is worth what somebody else is willing to pay for it.

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  11. Jack Quantrill

    Just think, there are more of these out there, covered in chicken poo, not found yet!

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  12. Maestro1

    Yes Kurt, the car is worth what someone will pay for it. That’s where market values and price guides go out the window. And I’m no different. I found an immaculate ’62 Fleetwood Park Avenue in New York, and between us i don’t care what he wants for it, within reason, I want the car. Obviously if he’s unreasonable I’ll have to pass but I hope not.

    Best New Year and everybody stay well.

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  13. KurtMember

    I’m a natural born haggler and would try to get him down to rock bottom. More fun that way IMHO. Cheers. 😬

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    • Wrong Way

      And hey, Kurt I actually was raised in a pawn shop as well as retail in the aviation world! Why I am saying this is because anyone who possess ownership of a 356 much less a B model knows what they have and doesn’t have to dicker one red cent to get the price they are asking! These cars restored are going for a quarter million dollars! I paid just under 60 for the one I am doing, maybe you can see the profit?

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  14. KurtMember

    To bring another example of my original point to mind, the 23 window VW vans are going for six figures now. The Porsche can at least go the speed limit on the freeway!

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  15. William Dillon

    I have to go fast if I’m in a Porsche. A 996 911S or an early Cayman S fits the bill for much much less than these 356’s. Some 356 replicas are nice though.

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    • Wrong Way

      And that is the difference between a ol’man and a whipper snapper young man! We older generation see these as a very smart investment! We older folks did our go fast many years ago! Now it’s time to have fun making wise investments for our young family members to remember us by, and learn something along the way! I have taught my kids well on how to turn $10.00 into $100.00 or more! I am in fact investing my money into my children so my grandchildren can have even more than their parents! Hopefully this will help you understand investments! LOL, but it’s not my intent to scold you because you are blinded by speed! I am just trying to explain why people like me invest in valuable cars, antiques, and especially the stock market! That’s how I got what I have, and a whole lot of hard work, and saving the gains I made for the future!

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      • William Dillon

        I’m all for investments, like Cannabis stocks. Got in early. The investment train has left the air cooled station. But, flat six Caymans are a bargain that will only increase in value when naturally aspirated flat six’s are the new air cooled. Oh, by the way, I’m 65 going on 18.

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      • Wrong Way

        Sorry, but pop’s is old enough to be your daddy! LMAO! You have a great day!

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  16. stillrunners

    What Keith said……..

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  17. Bill B

    I do love these cars but I’d save a lot of money and buy a replica and just enjoy it now that I’m seventy years old…

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  18. Rex Rice

    I continue to be shocked by what some will pay for a hard riding little car that I raised my kids in.I paid $1800 for my ’58 1600 Normal with 70hp; now it costs more than many new cars with all the trimmings. I paid a bit more for my ’61 Super and a little bit more for my ’69 Targa. The price has risen to the point driving will no longer be fun

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  19. Karl

    Age does odd things, I was a bug Porsche fan for about 20 yes, two 911s and a 928 S4, I liked to go fast. When the C6 vettes came out I saved myself 110k buying a Z06 instead of a Type S the Vette would catch the 911 at around 165 mph and be ahead of all the past 200 mph. My LAST (yes I meant it that way) Z06 us a 2016 it’s putting out over 700 hp and top speed is around 207 mph. This car pulls darn hard up to 180 mph then it just pulls good. I also collect and restore US and German military trucks, when the time comes for the Z06 to go it will be replaced with a few more German military trucks, I just turned 56! Tastes change with age folks.

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  20. William Dillon

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