One Owner: 1975 Jeep Cherokee Sport

This unrestored and largely original 1975 Jeep Cherokee Sport (with its distinctive “Indian Blanket” striping) can be yours if you are the high bidder here on eBay. Not only that, but the auction is with no reserve, but with a hefty opening bid, so it will sell if a bid is placed. The big two-door is located in Edgerton, Wisconsin.

While the four door Wagoneer SUV it was based on was in production from 1963 through 1991, making it one of the longest lasting platforms in history, the Cherokee two door variant debuted in 1974. It was intended to be more “sporty” than the Wagoneer. The rugged good lucks of these vehicles have always appealed to me, and the factory aluminum wheels just add to the attraction.

On this side, it appears that despite the claims of all original paint that there’s some selective fading, specifically below the stripe on the door and the entire right rear quarter panel. I wonder if it shows up as badly in person? We’re told there’s never been any body repair, but it sure seems odd to have this pattern of fading. By the way, should you (horror) want to repaint and redecal, those distinctive stripes are available here.

Apart from the bottom of the seat cushions, these look ready to ride. I wonder if a good upholsterer could stitch in some similar vinyl to save these covers–I sure hope so. The Jeep is well-equipped with air conditioning (which of course “needs charging”), power steering, power brakes and a power cargo window. The Quadra-Trac four wheel drive system offered a limited slip center differential to make it more sophisticated and capable over a mechanically connected full time system.

The 360 V8 and a four barrel carburetor has been recently serviced. The seller suggests replacing the old tires, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but that after that and a “little TLC” the Cherokee will be road-ready. At this price, I’d expect to see it road-ready now; what do you think?


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  1. glen

    Since the bidding starts at $12,500, doesn’t that equate to having a reserve? We simply know what it is.

  2. Steve R

    Perfect for a Steeler fans tailgate vehicle if it were a bit cheaper.

    Steve R

  3. Iggy O.

    I’m with you Jamie! If I’m going to spend $12,500 USD, then it should definitely be road-ready! Especially since it’s a vehicle that isn’t exactly in the “highly desirable” column.

  4. Nrg8

    If you look at the ebay pics of the rear end zoom in on the rear drivers tail light. Quite a color change and a masking line to boot. Looks like new paint started there, went around to the front passenger fenderas well as the top of the passenger door and got shot on lower door thresholds. I do like it but one can’t help but wonder if the rockers are filled mono foam and putty.

  5. Howard A Member

    I had terrible luck with a ’78 Cherokee, only 4 door. The fact that this is here at all, and in presumably one piece, is probably worth the price right there. Some had good luck, they are good trucks. It’s just the same old thing, however, and if one has bad luck with a certain vehicle, chances are, they will never buy another, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t give someone the “$500” part, of the $12,500 they’re asking. Mine, and most others in the north, were just rusty hulks with corroded electrics, and contributed to many of the problems I had, so I knew right away, this truck was not from Wisconsin. I had the 6 cylinder, good motor, best part of the whole truck, really, and the 360 is too, just a huge gas hog, and the air cleaner off, would make me nervous. And what is that on top of the motor? A carburetor? What the heck is that?? ( seriously, try and find someone to work on carbs anymore) Great find, condition wise, but I’d never pay that for this.

  6. geezerglide85

    When AMC came out with the Cherokee ’74 they just dusted off some of the old body dies from Kaiser. The first Wagoneers were available in a 2 door and a panel truck version (with barn doors in the back) as well as the 4 door. Not being very popular they were discontinued some time in the sixties.

    • That AMC guy

      Correct-a-mundo! Though as far as I know AMC never resurrected the funky independent torsion-bar front suspension that was available on early 4WD Wagoneers. (The front axle was jointed and served as the lower control arms.)

  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I used to date a girl from Edgerton. I am still somewhat close, to Edgerton, not the girl. Be happy to look at it if anyone is interested.

  8. jw454

    Kinda looks like a bumble bee.
    I like it but, it’s out of my price range.

  9. Rustytech Member

    If I were going to list this for anywhere near $12,000 I’d make sure the car was driveable, and the A/C was working. I think there’s more wrong with this than the seller cares to divulge. I also believe that with the paint and tail light mismatch, it was likely wrecked at some point in it’s life. I like these, but too many question marks on this one for it to be worth anywhere near the asking price.

  10. jerry

    I bought a new 2dr. Cherokee Chief in 1979. Saw more of the dealership garage than mine. My son wrecked it,,THANK GOD !!

  11. Oil Slick

    It’s not a wide track but any of these you buy need work. I know I have a 79 Golden Eagle from Cali. 12 k no

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