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One Owner 1980 Chevrolet Camaro


Almost a survivor (it’s been painted once), this 1980 Camaro reflects careful ownership. Garaged its entire life, it’s now waiting for a new owner in Parsippany, New Jersey, and is for sale here on eBay, where bidding is still low as I write and has not yet met the reserve.


Although I normally favor the earliest Camaro’s of this generation, this is a very clean design and I do like the wraparound rear window better than the plain panel of the earlier cars. The white paint and rally wheels set this one off nicely, although there is one trim ring missing (easily replaced).


You can just see the tan interior in this shot, and it’s definitely worth taking a closer look. The car has been repainted once, but it looks like it was a quality job.


Unfortunately, there is a little bit of light damage on the nose and lower front grille (at least I think that’s damage!). I suspect some local repair and paint blending along with a new lower grille would take care of things, though. It was very easy to find upper grilles on eBay, but the only lower ones I could find were specific to the Z28. Perhaps taking it apart and some glue could get it fixed well enough to be repainted?


This shot is the star of the show to me (minus the floor mats). Wow, isn’t that an inviting looking interior? Hard to believe the car is showing an indicated 94,879 miles! Someone really loved this Camaro, that’s obvious. I’m guessing this is vinyl, but doesn’t it look like leather? We are told the car has power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. I’m sure it would be more valuable if it were a more upscale variant, but I still think this is a nice car.


We’re not told anything about the powerplant, although according to this decoding guide, the K in the fifth digit of the VIN means it’s a 229 cubic inch V6. Ouch! Somehow I expected a V8. The seller mentions that the $7,500 bid in the last auction was a bit too low–I’m wondering if there expectations are a bit high. What do you think?



  1. dirtyharry

    Everything in the ad says it is a V-8, not a V-6. Looking at the engine bay, I only see 3 spark plug wires on the passenger side. 1980 was the first year Chevy used the 3.8 V-6, as I recall all prior models still used the in line six. If you see rust in the engine compartment what does the underside look like? I think it is a nice car, but it can’t be worth much more than 5-6k. The dashboard sure looks like it belongs to a “stripper” model.

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  2. Kincer Dave

    It’s a nice Camaro and I’d buy it for $3500 max, if you look at the bottom of the Ebay ad you’ll see that prior auction ended at $7500 and they say “Close but not close enough” or something like that. I think it’s a V6 too, only 3 plug wires as dirtyharry said and the fan shroud looks longer than V8 version to me.

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  3. Blyndgesser

    The 229 V6 may be a disappointment, but it’s also probably the only reason the car is in such good shape. It’s also a lot nicer than the straight six that preceded it.

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    • SamM

      I had a 250 straight 6 in my ’79. It was actually a very nice car to drive. I’m a ‘big engine’ kinda guy too

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    If it’s a 3.8 6 cylinder I’ll take that all day long over the smog 305 which these came with. Much better gas mileage and bulletproof motor that will outlive the car. Needs t-tops for that price but still to high. My mother had an 80 Berlinetta loaded black on grey interior, beautiful car, it was pretty quick to. T-Tops made the car.

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  5. Willte

    Good luck finding a lower grill for an 80-81. They’re made out of a rubber type of material that splits and crumbles over the years. I’ve been unable to locate the correct one for my 80 RS and have been looking for years. 78-79 model grills fit but the the grill openings are different, larger openings and less of them.
    And dirtyharry that dashboard looks the same as the one in my RS.

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  6. Rock On Member

    The first picture is the e-bay ad says it all. We used to call these secretary cars or hairdresser cars. You will be doomed to life in the slow lane with the V-6 and A/C. Not the car to buy if fuel economy is of great concern. I have owned half a dozen second generation Camaros. Never wanted on bad enough to buy a six cylinder.

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  7. Tim

    I believe I’d have to drop in a stock crate 350 for this one and get rid of the wimpy v6. This is maybe a 4K 5k car max not $7500. A Z/28 is probably the 7500.

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  8. Rabbit

    Drives me nuts when guys repaint cars…..then put the emblems back in the wrong place. They should be *below* the body line. That’s why we always took pics first.

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  9. OhU8one2

    A previous offer of $7500.00? Owner should have ran all the way to the bank with that one. Repainted,plus the V-6,broken lower front grille equals $5300.00. Now if it was a V-8,4speed. Now we’re talking. Besides I’m a Pontiac man. Nothing like good ol Poncho power.

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  10. RoughDiamond

    Agree with others on V6. Nice car though. Drive it a while ,especially on the interstate, and you’ll be saying to yourself I could’ve should’ve had a V8 which was not the way the V8 comercial stated it. Most likely has the Metric 200 auto. transmission as well.

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  11. stillrunners

    just can’t figure a “garage kept ” car – and from the north?…..needing paint ?

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  12. Prowler

    $7500 =well sold

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  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I for one am really glad to see a non-Z/28 early 80’s Camaro in great condition – these are a rarity as I’m sure most have been used up and crushed.

    My first new car was an ’81 nearly identical to this one except mine was black. It had the same color interior, the rear spoiler, rally wheels, automatic, and anemic 229. All show, no go, which was fine for me back then. I paid $7229 for it, I will never forget that price and it had to be special ordered to my specification.

    A car that I only have good memories of, thanks for posting.

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  14. Doug Towsley

    Uggh, Memories. I had a 77 Camaro I picked up cheap, did work to it and drove for about 5 years off an on. This one brings back memories! These COULD look kinda cool, and the brakes when optimized were good, and when suspension was optimized was a good design (Better bushings, better sway bars and subframe connectors) The front clips-Subframes for these are the foundations of MANY MANY hot rods. Good design. I have one on my 37 Pontiac coupe frame, I also am using a 1979 Camaro with the frame tied together as the rolling donor under my 39 Ratrod coupe.
    HOWEVER the Negatives. 1) Stock these were dogs (like any car from this era you had to hop them up, not hard to do) 2) These things were a tank. Heavy and clunky, as they age they squeak, creak and groan. The Doors on them always sag because the doors each weigh more than a Prius. 3) Back in the day there was so MANY of these its hard to imagine now them being rare or valuable. 4) Most law enforcement regarded these are drug dealer cars, people still have a negative perception of them.
    picture mullets, gold chains, and not what you want to see picking up your daughter for a date.
    When I had mine I got a LOT of attention from law enforcement, It was just a red flag of
    “Pull me over” These have to be REALLY nice to overcome the negatives. But interesting to see one in relatively nice shape.

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  15. Doug Towsley

    Just noticed the location for this car. New Jersey. Hmmmm… Well Ill say it.
    Certain vehicles do well in certain markets. I have a friend who had a motorcycle dealership in Yakima Washington. He wanted to broaden the offerings but many people pointed out, Harleys and dirt bikes for summer, Snow machines in winter. But a shop in LA, Bay Area, Seattle or New York, or other citys can offer a broader cross section.
    It is unlikely you will find much interest in a classic Sports car in Wyoming or New Mexico.
    But holy Mary and the orphans! I traveled thru the east coast and knew a lot of east coast guys when I was in the military and Jersey in the 80s? Picture Mullets, Members only jackets, tinted sunglasses and lots of gold chains. And Jersey girls with super big hair. IROCs and Camaros were the scene for teens to early 30s. I am betting,actually certain there would be some strong nostalgia for this car. Put some Bon Jovi, skid row, and other period music tapes in there. I bet the buyer on this one has the car staying within a small radius of that area.

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  16. Chebby

    The lady in the picture is exactly who I would imagine owning this car, she should hold on to it!

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