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One-Owner 1984 Dodge Shelby Charger

The Dodge Charger has had quite a few changes over the decades, from a fastback to a monster muscle car to a white-belt-and-shoes car to a small L-body and now they have four doors. I can’t think of any other car that has had so many total makeovers. This 1984 Dodge Shelby Charger is listed here on Hemmings in Titusville, Florida with an asking price of $4,500.

The new Chargers are nice and wicked fast in the right trim, yet they have four doors and that goes against the grain of quite a few Charger fanatics. It goes without saying that Chrysler’s L-body Dodge Omni 024 being turned into a Dodge Charger also doesn’t sit well with those same folks who know and love only Chargers up to maybe 1970 when the last of the second-generation cars came out. Then came the third-gen needle-nose Chargers and after that the Cordoba-Chargers. It’s been an interesting ride for the Charger nameplate for sure.

This particular car looks great in the photos and it’s a one-owner Charger which is usually a good thing. When a person buys a car new, especially an enthusiast car like this one, they tend to keep it in good condition both mechanically and cosmetically. The rear window louvers are great with so much glass back there and they may have helped to preserve the rear cargo area from the hot Florida sun over the decades. Speaking of that, they say that the hood and roof have been repainted but everything else is original.

The interior looks just as nice as the exterior does. I had a friend in high school who a few years after graduation bought a Shelby Charger like this and I was so jealous, as I was driving my beat up Dodge van. Actually, I think he had the opposite color scheme, blue with silver stripes. I’ve always wanted one and this looks like a really nice example.

The engine is Dodge’s 2.2L inline-four with 110 hp and 129 ft-lb of torque. It’s a far cry from the 146-hp turbo model that would debut a year later, but it looks clean and they say that it runs and drives great and it has a new timing belt and water pump and the tires are like new. Have any of you owned an L-body Charger?


  1. Sandy Claws

    Sooo much nicer then the 356 listed below at 1/4 of the present bid. Plus it is an American car, unlike the Porsche which has bad war memories associated with it from that companies unpaid for war crimes. Oh, I can feel that rubbery shift now.

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  2. Dippyd

    Take a look at the history of the Ford Thunderbird. It to has had many total make overs.

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    • Bryan

      Carrol Shelby reportedly loved these cars, had one and at 34 mpg on the high way it was an awesome handling car! Loved mine

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  3. Rosko

    Had one with the reverse color treatment. So pretty.

    I think this is a good example of the first design often being the best design – closest to the creator’s comcept. Adding the power bulge and reworked tailights that came the very next year ( I think) kinda took something away from the car by complicating it a bit. IMHO

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    • dweezilaz

      So many examples of that, Rosko:

      63-64 Fury
      65-66 Fury
      67-68 Fury
      65-66 Ambassador
      67-68 Ambassador
      62-63 Ford Galaxie
      67-68 Ford Galaxie
      79-80 Diplomat and LeBaron
      And many more

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  4. Stephen glhs0075

    I’ve owned 2 L Body Chargers. The 1987 Dodge Shelby Charger that got me hooked on these cars, and for the last 10 years a Shelby GLHS. The GLHS will be up for sale soon… after the day I die.

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    • BrianGlhs256

      I had 86 GLHS 75. Hopefully yours isn’t up for sale anytime soon!

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  5. Jay

    It is an Omni 024 with a better motor, wheels, paint, and flares.

    I beat the gears out of my 024……..just sayin’

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  6. Miguel

    I expected to see broken door handles.

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    • Sandy Claws

      I am with you brother, I feel your pain. Is the Mexican heat just as hard on those as the subzero upper Midwest weather is on them? You would have thought that Chrysler could have fixed that problem after a few years but perhaps it made the dealerships too giddy with delight. At our house, we quickly figured out how to fix them ourselves, though the dealer still made out big time selling us all the replacements. Otherwise, I enjoyed the Simca based cars I owned.

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  7. Lynn Dockey Member

    I don’t know about the 84’s but my 83 was the second worst POS I ever owned, the worst ever was my 80 TR-7.

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    • Elvin

      i had a 84 white sport turbo with black stripes was one of
      the best cars until I totaled it. i never got over losing that
      car and couldn’t find one like it anywhere. if i do find one
      in good condition it cost too much. i’d love to have another.

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  8. Del

    Chrysler has used the name Charger to sell a lot of junk since the 70s

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  9. W9BAG

    When these first came out, I was appalled that Dodge would stoop so low to call these Chargers. Talk about grasping at straws for a name. An affront to the brand.

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    • AMCFAN

      WTF, In 1979 Chrysler was almost out of the car business altogether. They built and modified what they had. They were as a company in the tank. Believe it or not maybe not to the Mopar or No car guys but this was a breath of fresh air in a time when fuel mileage was the name of the game and added performance to the 2.2 you have a Camaro killer. But lets beat up on it because it’s not a Road Runner or Superbird. Just drive your rusted out clicking six Aspen and go back under your rock….

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