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One Owner 41K Mile 1969 Ford F-250

The flashbacks are rolling in like crazy on this one. Not the flashbacks from the band days, those are different and much weirder flashbacks. This amazing, one-owner, 41,752-mile 1969 Ford F-250 can be found here on eBay in Spokane, Washington. The current bid price is $8,900 and the reserve isn’t met yet! All of a sudden I’m 7 years old again, and not just mentally this time.

The only vehicle that my mom and dad ever bought new was a 1969 Ford F-250 Ranger Camper Special pickup and Winnebago pickup camper. They paid $8,000 for both if I remember right. I thought that this truck may be the same when I saw the toolbox behind the passenger door, but there’s no Ranger and/or Camper Special badging. Our truck was orange, which apparently was officially known as “Cordova” even though the salesman told us that it was called Copper. I’ve shown this pic before but this is it, and us, at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming in the early-70s. That’s me sitting down, I weigh about the same now.

The truck for sale here is one amazing piece, it looks almost like new in the photos and the seller has done an outstanding job of providing dozens and dozens of great photos showing every square inch of this beauty top to bottom. There are a couple of areas with some light rust showing but after 50 years it’s in amazing condition. We had our pickup Ziebarted when it was brand new and it literally rusted enough to have big gaping holes in it within a decade. Their warranty was a mere 5 years or 50,000 miles, good grief.

Other than the obvious wear to the driver’s side bench seat, this interior looks very nice. We also had AC and it came with that crazy black monstrosity on the passenger side and that weird little soft plastic, crooked-door glove box that never really fit right or shut completely since day-one, just like this one. It also dripped water on our feet when the AC was on, the mark of quality for sure. We also had dual gas tanks and I see a switch on this one for that feature, it was handy when gas was $0.30 a gallon and you were driving west into a headwind through either Dakota – North or South – it didn’t matter, they were both windy.

We also had a 360 cubic-inch V8 with 215 hp which wasn’t even close to being enough power for that giant, heavy camper and four people in the cab plowing into the wind at 70 mph. But, it worked great and it sounds like that’s the case with this beautiful two-tone F-250. The seller used both all-caps and no punctuation so it’s a little jarring to read the description but they went through the truck to make it a nice driver and it works great. Hagerty is at $10,000 for a #3 good condition ’69 F-250 with a 360 V8 and I’d bet that their reserve is around that number. Have any of you owned a fifth-generation Ford pickup?


  1. Chris Hahn

    Still have my dad’s 71 F250 Sport Custom, 30,000 actual miles. It was a farm truck so we hauled cattle and hogs in it so there is no bed left on it,sad but still part of my childhood memories too.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    We went through no less than (4) of this body style back in the day. Good trucks, all of them. Dad had a ’71 F250 Ranger XLT Camper Special that ran a 390 which had somewhat of an edge over the others. Some non-EPA approved tuneup tricks made them all decent performers, for a ranch truck. I’d actually pick one of them for a daily driver over the trucks you get today…

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    • Al

      This one looks in nice condition overall. Almost like my ’67 F100 Custom Cab just sold last week on Ebay for $9500 w/81k I bought from orig owner 4 yrs ago for $7500. Desired rangoon red up top & Wimbledon white lower. Had orig 352 w/3 on tree & elec OD. Was in This Old Truck mag as a feature truck around ’99.

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  3. RedBaran

    Four of you sat crammed together in the cab? Man, if I tried that with my wife and 2 kids today, pretty sure I’d go insane after the first 50 miles… Great write-up, and nice truck!

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    • Dave

      The four of us went to Cedar Point in my father’s new 67 F100 in the cab and a year later we went to Virginia Beach but I sat in the bed. Both of my parents smoked too. However did we manage to survive without Nanny government?

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      • Marshall

        I don’t want to be a nanny ninny, 😎 but you do realize that had there been an accident, you would not have had much chance of surviving in the bed, especially if it was a rollover.

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  4. Christy

    My fiancé has his dads 68 Ford that he bought new off the lot. Looks almost identical to the one pictured only has 55k original miles.

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  5. JoeMac Joe Mac

    Would probably bring well over $20k at the big auction houses with minor touch ups.

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  6. Wayne

    We had one traded in to the dealership with the same color combination, same dual tank setup and the jockey box (tool box) option. It was the camper special ( longer wheelbase? But still an 8′ bed?) with a 390 auto and A/C. It was as nicer than this truck. It also came with an equally nice same vintage “bumper pull” camp trailer. Everyone in the dealership drooled over it. The dealer principal decided to take it on a nostalgia camping trip with his wife. They came back early as it started to overheat just after the transmission started to slip. It went to the auction with the trailer and still turned a profit. It had 68,000 miles on it in 1986.

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  7. Jack Quantrill

    Remember Charles Bronson firing a shotgun at pursuers whilst bouncing around in the bed of one of these in the film ,” Mr. Majestyk “!

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Well remember that. One of my favorite movies.

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      • Dave

        Do you recall the Ford truck commercials that used footage from the film to show how tough the Twin I-Beam front suspension was?

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        I remember that well. I also thought what a rough ride Bronson had bouncing around in the bed.

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  8. Piros1

    I had two a 1969 F100 Ranger packaged with all the options available at that time. Swapped out the stock 390 for a built 428 SCJ. Loved the truck but loved my second one more a 1967 F250 4×4 high boy 352V8 4 speed custom cab plain Jane my dad bought new. Swapped out the stock 352 for the 428 in my 69 and sold 69. I still have the 67 with a second 428 built similar to the first. The drive train is still good but the old body is pretty much toast. I keep hoping to find a donor truck with a good cab to work with but I don’t want to destroy a nice truck like this. Maybe one day when I get my new shop finished I will put more effort into finding one.

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  9. CanuckCarGuy

    This beauty is very close to my ’71, but my secondary colour is Seafoam to accompany the Boxwood green with a 390 perched underhood. A pair of junior West Coast mirrors would make this old Bumpside perfect…and original.

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    • Piros1

      I didn’t catch the mirrors until you mentioned it. Definitely not OEM. You can see the mounting bolts for the Jr. West Coast at the top of the door.

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  10. TimM

    I had a 68 with a 6 cylinder and a three on the tree!! It was economical and fun to drive!! It was only 2 wheel drive but it went in the woods quite often for fire wood!! Besides changing the oil I don’t remember ever replacing anything but the breaks!! I could only imagine a truck like this with the 360!! It must be an animal!! To nice of a truck for fire wood though!!!

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  11. Marshall

    In December 1979, I bought a used 1969 Ford F250 camper special, with 4 on the floor ( with “compound low”) and 360 motor, for $1800. After a tuneup, PS pump replacement, and I forget what else, I sold it in the latter half of 1980 for $1250 and a used 20 horse Mercury outboard motor in trade. I bought it to haul around newspaper bundles, but the job did not work out. It turns out, nor did the truck work out either. Though it was fun to drive while I had it. I would fill the bed full of recyclables and then sell them, which was about the only time I drove that gas hog.

    Later, I put up the boat motor for sale for 50 bucks. I have never had so many messages left on my answering machine as I obviously underpriced that Merc. Oh well. C’est la vie.

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  12. mtshootist1

    I have a 71 Ford F250 with the original 360 engine, White, with the split rims, the story on this one, was I was looking to buy a house south of Livingston MT, and my wife and I went to look at a house that was owned by a park service employee, this old F250 with a mismatching Ford Ranger bed was sitting there with two flat tires. Anyway, just for kicks I got in it and the key was in it, and so I tried starting it, it fired right up, I have no idea how long it had been sitting. Anyway, we needed a house, so we made a deal with the realtor. I asked about the truck, if they would throw it in on the deal. The realtor asked if the owner didn’t want to throw it in if it would be a “deal buster”, the owner offered to give it to us, with the clear title, so we bought the house, and named the old Truck “Buster” , which was an appropriate name, no power steering, cracked dash, old NPS gate stickers on it, and a petroglyph handpainted on the side of the cab. Turned out that it had spent time at the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone, and I am the third NPS ranger to own it in a row. It is still running, although I need to replace the gaskets in the carb.

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  13. Jill

    I’m interested in the colors on this one. Do you happen to know? Looks a lot like what mine USED to be, lol. Mine is a 1969 F250 Taker Camper Special. Getting it painted soon and want to get out right. Is that boxwood green and light ivy yellow? Or something else? I have a VIN tag, but don’t think it’s original to the truck. Shows 2P, which is boxwood and light ivy yellow, but before I discovered that, I thought it was meadowlark yellow. Thanks for your help.

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