One Owner Garage Find: 1968 AMC AMX

1968 AMC AMX 390

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Just yesterday, Jamie featured a 1969 AMX project with the 390 that looks to be a nice solid start. At $9k, it isn’t cheap though. That one might seem like a decent project, but I think I found one that might actually be a better buy! This ’68 also features a 390 V8 and gold paint, plus it has the Go-Pack, one previous owner, just 69k original miles and is in a much nicer shape! It’s being offered here on eBay in Santa Ana, California with bidding at $6,600. If bidding doesn’t go crazy, you could get a survivor that just needs to be cleaned up to be a driver.

1968 AMX Interior

I’ve always thought an AMX with the 390 would be a blast to have! Of course, I would want mine with a 4 speed, but I could live with this auto equipped car. I really like the other options this car is equipped with and it sure would make it an enjoyable car to cruise in. And think, you could hit the drag strip in comfort, with the A/C cranked up and your favorite radio station blaring right up until you make your pass!

AMC AMX 390 Go Pack V8

The seller claims to have the engine running, but off of a gas can as the fuel tank needs to be cleaned out. The brakes will need work and I’m sure there will be other small issues that will need to be addressed to make this one a driver, but it sounds like it could be a driver with minimal work. It looks like the exterior and interior will clean up really well. There doesn’t appear to be any rust, but like usual I would recommend getting underneath and checking the underside out carefully.

1968 AMX 390

While these cars aren’t as desirable as a big block Mustangs or Camaros, it’s hard to beat all the bang for your buck you get with one. Even if this one gets bid up over the $9k asking of the other, it still would look like a better buy to me! There is something to be said about a shiny muscle car with all the bells and whistles. So are you a fan of the AMX or would you still rather spend the extra to get a Mustang or a Camaro?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. PhxBarbie

    Never been a fan of AMX’s but I do agree with you, for the money you’re probably getting a great deal on a clean Cali car.

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  2. JW

    If the bidding doesn’t go crazy near the end of auction this is a much better deal than the other one featured. Great Find !!!

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  3. Scotty G

    Even at the current bid of $10,100, this seems like a bargain to me. The automatic is a bit of a bummer, but to see AC in an AMX has to be rare, doesn’t it? I can’t remember seeing an AMX with air-conditioning before. Maybe cars with automatics were more likely to have AC than those with manual transmission did? More of a cruiser than a racer? Someone will know.. I sure like this car, and especially like it with the wheel covers, but I like unusual vehicles and this is certainly not a car that you’d see every day. I would take this car over any Camaro or Mustang in similar spec / trim.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Scotty G, you’re pretty much right on there. Most of the A/C cars were automatics, although you will sometimes come across a 4-speed equipped A/C model, but they are harder to find. I’ve owned (3) of the breed; one each of the 68, 69, and 70, and the 69 was a 4-speed A/C car that I should have never parted with. Even with the antiquated suspensions these were great cars to drive, both fast and slow, and one day I’ll have another.

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  4. Kevin

    It doesn’t look like the original Redlines are on it still either.

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  5. Barzini

    I’d rather spend the extra money and get that blue 1967 GTO that’s parked next to the AMX but there is no indication as to whether it’s for sale too.

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  6. Paulbz31996

    Ended….mmm, either someone got a great deal which means we may see this machine again soon running and a lot cleaner at auction or maybe the barninds attention caused the seller realize that this car is worth a lot more than what they were originally thinking it was worth? Cleaned up and running is would it make it $18K?

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  7. Paul R.

    If it only was a 4 speed!

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  8. Rick

    I like this car, especially the optional a/c, even has posi !!!! and as much as I wish it was a 4 speed, I’d be fine with the automatic. Nice color ext & int too, and the original black Cali plates really make it for me. Was at least $10-20K ahead of the other gold one on BF in terms of value and condition IMHO. Don’t think I’ve even seen a gold one in real life (then 2 in two days on BF, go figure) and not seen very many AMXs ever. Just as cool as a Camaro or Mustang, with the added plus of relative exclusivity

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    • Wayne S.K.

      “Relative exclusivity.” I like that Rick, being an educated man myself… ;)

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    I have been beating up on the AMX’s listed for sale lately and for good reason. however different story this IS a very nice car and is well bought.

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  10. RON

    One of my all time favorite and desired cars. My first new car was a much needed economical Rambler American 2dr with hang on air bought new in 68 and I have dreamed and drooled ever since over the gold one in the showroom while I waited for my American to be serviced. Still don’t have one but the Rambler was the single best car dollar for dollar I have ever owned. Comparitively to most I see today, this seems reasonable

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    eBay states that the listing was ended because of an “Error”. Very strange

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  12. John H. in CT

    Someday soon folks are going to wake up and recognize how seriously undervalued 390 go paks are relative to their performance. Outstanding value for those who are slways crying that everything is over valued. These cars are likely the last chance at buying muscle at a reasonable price….and no, I don’t own one or have one for sale.

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