One-Owner Pickup: 1988 Ford F-150

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Classic Pickups typically enjoy a sense of presence courtesy of their physical size. However, the impact is heightened when someone orders their new purchase in a shade like the Black found on this 1988 Ford F-150. It is a one-owner gem the seller has listed on behalf of his elderly father. It has minor flaws and imperfections, but none justify restoration. Therefore it is a turnkey classic deserving a close look.

The seller confirms that his father is this Eighth Generation F-150’s sole owner. He ordered the Pickup in Code 1C Black, allowing the vehicle to make a bold visual statement. They admit it received a professional repaint approximately eight years ago following an unfortunate incident. The owner didn’t set the parking brake correctly, and the Ford rolled down a hill and struck a tree. Damage was limited to the hood, grille, and front bumper. However, it represented the ideal opportunity for a cosmetic refresh to achieve a factory look. It has accumulated a few paint imperfections since, but the presentation remains impressive enough to make a repeat unnecessary. The panels are as straight as an arrow, and the Pickup’s garage-kept history allowed it to remain rust-free. The trim and glass are immaculate, and the chrome wheels beautifully contrast the gleaming paint.

Ford introduced fuel injection as an option on its 5.0-liter engine in the F-150 in 1985, making the feature standard on all vehicles ordered with that motor in 1986. That is the powerplant chosen by this classic’s owner. He teamed it with a four-speed manual transmission and power assistance for the steering and brakes. This Pickup might be a relatively heavy beast, but maneuvering it should be child’s play. The V8 generates 188hp and 270 ft/lbs of torque, which is enough to haul a full load or make effective use of the tow hitch. The owner predominantly used this F-150 for weekend outings, meticulously maintaining it to ensure it remained mechanically healthy. The seller confirms it runs and drives perfectly, allowing the winning bidder to slip behind the wheel and drive it home.

Manufacturers introduced Pickups as tough and reliable workhorses, but they evolved considerably over the decades. This F-150 is no exception, with its new owner receiving air conditioning, power windows, power locks, cruise control, an AM/FM radio/cassette player, and plush cloth trim. The seller confirms they recently recharged the A/C, and it blows ice-cold. It is worth noting that this interior has never been professionally cleaned or detailed, making its presentation particularly noteworthy. There is slight wear on the seat’s outer edge, but no evidence that it is about to develop holes or other problems. The remaining Red cloth and vinyl are immaculate, and the carpet is spotless. The dash and pad appear perfect, and I can’t spot any aftermarket additions.

The seller listed this one-owner 1988 Ford F-150 here on eBay in Canton, Georgia. It has generated strong interest, with nineteen bids pushing the price to $14,200. The good news for Barn Finds readers is that it has passed the reserve, meaning a new home is only a few days away. There is still the opportunity to join the bidding war on this classic, and I would understand if you do. I wish those who do good luck in their quest to become its second owner.

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Very nice truck. I don’t think there is anything I would want to change. Even has, for me, the preferred manual transmission. I’m not surprised at the solid bidding.

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    • robert gressard

      had a 89. blue with blue interior, she was decent. it was an auto insteadd, once tried the manuel (on a low mile truck) and it was sloppy and mushy like peas. mine was brand new but it still had allll sorts o creaks and rattles just after a couple hundread – ful myles. boght a 92 lincoln “town-sized” (haha) towncar after the truck. lasted around 180,000 miles till’ i sold it in around ’02-03′. sold it to a younger fellow, dunno what happenned after i sold it. probably crushed by that dam clunker car programm. anywayss its time for me to drink my coffee (i drink a dark breww,), eat my pastrie and sleep. wh

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  2. Joe Haska

    The price depending on where it ends up is good. I love P/Us and I like this one, I just don’t want 4WD.

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  3. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    This is one nice truck. The color choice of black with a red cloth interior, and red carpets really stand out. The fact that the original owner ordered a short bed with a 302 and the heavy duty 4 speed instead of the newly available 5 speed is interesting. The 4 speed is definitely a truck transmission with a granny low first gear. This truck just stands out to me, someone is getting a really great truck here, and I hope they keep it the way it is, original rims and all.

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  4. Terrry

    I like this. I generally prefer these 2wd trucks to the 4wd because I wouldn’t go off-roading in any pickup of this vintage, not because they couldn’t do it (they can) but I want to keep the truck as nice as possible. And this one has the shorter bed which to me is more attractive. Bids are strong on this for good reason.

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    • Faroutfreak

      I’ll never understand some people today , They run out and pay $ 70,000 to $100,000 for a New 4X4 , that will never see the Sand, Snow, Mud, or off road. What a waste of $$$

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  5. z1rider

    The wheel trim rings are chrome (or stainless) but the wheels are a light gray paint.

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  6. CarbobMember

    Nice, nice, nice. I could almost be tempted to thin my herd and make this my daily. Being retired, I don’t drive a whole bunch anymore. I am also a manual transmission proponent. But I must admit that the reality is that they are fine on the open road but they wear on you somewhat in stop and go traffic. I agree that with an automatic; the bidding and the final price would probably be a bit more robust. But I do like this one a lot. Grandpa had good taste and it is a shame he can no longer drive it. It’s quite an accomplishment to keep a truck in this condition for 36 years. GLWTS.

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  7. Steve

    I’m surprised that it’s a 4 speed stick. I bought a 91 150 Short Bed 5.0 4×4 new and it was a 5 speed stick. Other than that and the color, mine was two tone red it was pretty much the same truck. Is this one really a four speed?

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  8. mike davis

    this could be peak Ford 150; not too big, good proportions, nice simple design, low tech (serviceable) but modern enough. price is kinda high for what it is but compared to what’s available now and those prices this is cheap.

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  9. Stan

    I think the standards will bring even more value Cimmarron. This Ford looks to be absolutely ideal for anybody who wants a simple, sturdy 4wd.

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  10. Steve R

    Sold for a high bid of $15,622.

    Steve R

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