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One-Owner Project: 1967 Pontiac GTO

To many, the 1960s Pontiac GTO was THE muscle car movement. From obscurity in 1964, the car quickly broke GM sales expectations and became a separate series in 1966. After a styling refresh that year, the 1967 models were little changed except for the taillights. We’re told this ’67 “Goat” is a one-owner car that has a later engine and it appears to be missing parts. Located in the seller’s yard in Winder, Georgia, this Poncho is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $22,000. Our thanks to “patrick s” for this cool tip!

Pontiac execs thought they might sell 5,000 GTOs in 1964, the car’s first year. Instead, 32,500 rolled out the door and 1966’s numbers came close to 100,000. In 1967, demand was still strong at nearly 82,000 GTOs, including this one. A 400 cubic inch V8 was standard, up from 389 the year before. We’re told this Pontiac has a 400, but it’s from a GTO Judge which suggests its vintage is probably 1969. It’s paired with a Muncie 4-speed, but we don’t know if that’s original or a swap. A list of the missing engine parts would be helpful in understanding how much work will be needed under the hood.

This GTO may have been sitting outdoors for years, but it was likely canvas-covered for part of that time. The cover may have been pulled off for the photos. We suspect this was a black-over-blue paint job rather than vinyl over metal. The bucket seat interior may be complete, but we can’t tell how much work is needed or if any woodland creatures have called it home.

Demand for the GTO would continue after the heyday of the first generation of the auto. Enough so that 1971 would be the last year for the car as a separate model. It would be a LeMans option for 1972-73 and then shift to the compact Ventura (Chevy Nova platform) for 1974 before retiring. If this GTO hasn’t rusted away from the inside out, perhaps this can be a good project. But the cost of at least having the opportunity to restore it is not small.


  1. Avatar photo 19sixty5 Member

    I would suggest this is a vinyl top car based on the lines on the roof exactly where the seams would be. It is interesting as it has or comes with (as the seller describes) “judge 400 big block It has a Munsey rock 220 transmission.” It has the optional wood wheel, appears to be the OEM shifter with a walnut knob, console, what appears to be an un-cut dash. Original wheels included, Rally l, Rally ll or plain steel?
    The question is how much rust? There aren’t enough photo’s to ascertain it’s condition. 4:33 rear? Makes you wonder if this was an original HO car… Tyrol Blue, nice color. I have a soft spot for 67’s…

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    • Avatar photo Don Harris

      I have sent this person a e-mail, my brother sent him a e-mail and a friend of mine sent him a e-mail non of us received a response from who ever it is selling this GTO. Winder Ga. is about 55 miles from me.
      Another friend of mine sent them a e-mail, and said can I come and look at the GTO response was, yah man!!
      SNIFF, SNIFF something smells rotten.

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      • Avatar photo stillrunners Member

        I’d already driven there – how big a town is it ?

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      • Avatar photo Busy body

        A quick search revealed the following info for him: 770eightsixeightsevetyfiveninetyseven. As of February, it was current. Not sure if it remains current. Hopefully, the ad is real and it remains available. Good luck. Be sure to update us!

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  2. Avatar photo buy a GTO (turnin' it on, blowin' it out)

    As my dog says Ruff….

    Cut it to 10-13K and you’re at a decent price….

    Then spend another 25 and you’re at a price to get a better one but you can make this a hot rod of your own….

    Good Luck with Sale!

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  3. Avatar photo Bamapoppy

    I recently saw a ‘67 in a dark red (I don’t know the names of the colors from ‘67) but it was gorgeous. Everything about it was detailed, shiny, and ready to go right back into the enclosed trailer I’m sure it traveled in to the show. This one? For starters, I don’t call that an engine. It’s a block. And way more money needed to resurrect it from the dead. Cheers to the one who does it!

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    • Avatar photo John

      I absolutely love a 67 GTO. I had one in HS. Same blue, with a vinyl top. I think it’s crazy that the asking is $22k. Just proves that the Market is out of control. I helped bring back a 65 convertible in similar condition. All said and done, the owner had $70k in it, after giving ,$5k to haul it off the property.

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  4. Avatar photo Rod Lustila

    I’m sorry is this car $2200.00 or did he really say 22,000? Mebee I should get some glasses.

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    • Avatar photo Al camino

      I think these people should get glasses to see how bad these cars are!

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    • Avatar photo Faroutfreak

      With the heads off and pistons exposed to the elements ( Even with the hood closed and the canvas cover on, moisture would still get to the Engine ) I’d say either a complete rebuild, or source another motor, Shame to see a Judge motor in this condition. My 69 Judge actually burnt the tires off one night !

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      • Avatar photo $ where mouth is

        here we go again..
        $2000 ?!?.

        i swear some people on here are Kia share holders or simply hate American classic cars..

        the car appears to be original paint, which imo, is better than a repaint. its very straight, and bumpers havent even been bumped. For all the peanuts in this gallery that explode with negativity if the car doesnt have an antiquated 3rd pedal, this car is buckets and 4sp.
        Blue and black, the average mans favorite colors other than grey.

        So, aaagain, Barn Finds shares a quintessential barn find in exceptional condition but nay
        its junk, its only worth $2000.

        How much does a used Honda Civic sell for ??

        As a boy, my older friend/bad example had a 67 and i road shotgun to highschool in a 72.
        A 67 GTO was all i talked about for years.
        I still have a GTO badge belt buckle from my 16th birthday.
        These dayz id rather a 71 or 2; but a Bonneville wagon would be a dream come true.

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    • Avatar photo Marshall

      222,000 it looks like can of gas it ought fire right up..

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    • Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

      Apropos of what McAuliffe once said in another context , “ He’s Nuts!”

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    • Avatar photo Igo

      $2200? Good luck with that concept. These cars typically in this condition sell from right around the asking price given the condition this car is in. With a non matching block will hold it down slightly. I don’t know where you would even remotely think that this would sell for $2200. Your obviously not keen or savy to know the value of these cars to assume that $2200 is more inline. I own three 67’s one convertible and two hardtops and they didn’t sell anywhere close to $2200.

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  5. Avatar photo Davey Boy

    Huge fan of the 67 “Goat” but need a lot more pictures than provided. The motor (if you could call it that) looks like it may be just a boat anchor. The rear floorboards look like the metal and carpet have fused together and why is the shifter green? To bad prices are what they are. Hope this gets the love it deserves.

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  6. Avatar photo Saxby S. Chaplin 111

    He certainly didn’t do her any favors by keeping a tarp on it that long, They constantly rub and scratch on the body as evidenced by the hood , roof an Trunk lid!!! $4ooo.00 car at very best, Good luck!!

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    • Avatar photo Ken W

      They also trap moisture = rust.

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  7. Avatar photo Neil R Norris

    I had the privilege of being the caretaker of a beautiful 67 GTO … Sold it to the next caretaker. They deserve to be preserved. This one does indeed present some challenges.

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  8. Avatar photo Barzini Member

    I agree with previous comments that the Facebook ad lacks important information buyers want know, including the condition of the floors, sail panels and other common rust locations for GTOs. The data plate would answer the original color combination questions.

    Not every car needs a concourse restoration but it seems like you could run up a very large bill just getting the engine, fuel system and safety related parts back in running order.

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    • Avatar photo John

      I absolutely love a 67 GTO. I had one in HS. Same blue, with a vinyl top. I think it’s crazy that the asking is $22k. Just proves that the Market is out of control. I helped bring back a 65 convertible in similar condition. All said and done, the owner had $70k in it, after giving ,$5k to haul it off the property.

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  9. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    People of in the know call all 69 GTOs as Judges, highly doubtful that’s a judge block. This car is in questionable condition, rust may well be everywhere interior is toast block is probably an anchor, 2200 is about rite here, not 22000

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Jurgena Member

      Guarantee it’s not a Pontiac “big block”. They never made one!!

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    • Avatar photo 19sixty5 Member

      There is no “judge block”, it is the standard fare Ram Air lll engine available on the 1969 GTO, or for that matter, the Firebird. The Judge just happened to be equipped with the RA lll as the base engine, with only the RA lV optional. Other than having the the PHS to a Judge with a VIN, that is the only thing “judge” about the engines. That being said, the RA lll was a great engine… I have a 70 RA lll service replacement (SR code) engine in my 65 GTO, but dressed (mostly) to appear as a era-correct Tri-Power

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  10. Avatar photo william stephan

    $21,999.00 for the car and a buck for the white piston. That guys been apart for 30 years. “Billy Bob” started that restoration but never quite finished it. Love those jobs that begin with taking everything apart. “Im gonna finish her up one day…”

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  11. Avatar photo william stephan

    Munsey rock 220 transmission The true mark of some one thats “In the know”

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    • Avatar photo Richard Jones

      But but its a Judge BIG block not a small block in front of the Munsey rock 220 super duper transmission

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  12. Avatar photo Guy chiaro

    I sold a 1965 gto 389 tripper for 11000 back in 2006. This is ridiculous.

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  13. Avatar photo Bobby P Member

    I have to with everyone who said “we need more information”, about the rust issues here. Open the trunk lid, pull back the carpet, or get underneath, so we can see the floors. The engine block would need to checked for cracks before starting the rebuild ,and interior which looks like its all there,(maybe), can be redone, the seat frames and springs are all there, but again the springs may need to be replaced. The rear glass looks like something broke it at the left rear corner, which could lead to rust in the sail panel. The body panels look like they can be saved, depending on the inside of the panels. Front inner fenders look to be pretty good.. This could be a great project, but not starting off at $22,000. I love these 66,67 goats, this one should be a $5000.00 at best sell.

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  14. Avatar photo Greg

    Yeah !!! No 22,000.00

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  15. Avatar photo Napoleon Suarez

    GTO stands for Gas, Tires and Oil.

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    • Avatar photo John Oliveri

      Grand Tourismo Omaglato

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      • Avatar photo Lathebiosas

        Gran Turismo Omologato

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  16. Avatar photo Don

    No, it stands for GOD TOOK OVER

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  17. Avatar photo Virgil Durst Member

    Twenty – Two Thousand for this car Missing Half of it’s Engine. Russ, Are You Nut? Virgil in San Diego, Calif.

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  18. Avatar photo Richard Jones

    I’ve owned 2 67 GTOs, 1 was a HO that i bought for 1300 bucks in 1973 ,had 32,000 miles on it, black on black, 4 speed, ram air package, wood wheel, walnut knob,rear defroster, factory 8 track, reclining passenger bucket seat and head rests. My brother was afraid to race me with his 66, 427 corvette lol

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  19. Avatar photo Gary Pennington

    Way to much work and to many things missing for that much money 💰

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  20. Avatar photo 59poncho

    Gas is not worth 6 bucks a gallon either! People that think this is a $2000 car must have been in a cave the last 10 years. Agreed FB crappy add but he very well may not be a gearhead.
    I cannot stand FB but what I hate worse are jealous people bashing someone whose asking price is something they cannot afford.
    I have bought plenty of 67-69 Camaros yes and other sought after cars for less than a grand……………………….3 decades ago! Times have changed.
    Not easy I am sure selling something you’ve had so long. GLWTS!!!!!!

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  21. Avatar photo Rod Lustila


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    • Avatar photo Pete Bobbitt

      I think the 67 GTO is a sweet car I have the 67 Catalina convertible 80,000 miles has the original 400 big block that they were to put out in 68 but they had to prove it would run and put like so many out to release it in 68 so they dropped him in convertibles and a few hardtops it’s possible one could wind up in a GTO but I’m assuming you ran the numbers to find out it was a 69 I have an original 67 400 not sure if I want to sell it but always open offers haven’t started it in a few years now but I’m willing to bed if I poured some gas in the carburetor it would fire right up

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      • Avatar photo 19sixty5 Member

        Please don’t say big block… the 400 was introduced across the Pontiac line in 1967 to replace the 389. The 400 was the standard GTO engine in 1967, rated at 335 HP. Optional was the HO rated at 360 HP, and a 2 bbl was also optional.

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  22. Avatar photo Don

    Again, it makes no difference how much your asking for anything if you don’t answer the e-mail someone sends you, you can’t sell it. 3 e-mails sent to who ever this person is and none have been answered. I have sent 1 my brother sent 1 and a friend of mine sent 1 no response. And yes stillrunners Winder is a big town. Go poking around in back country and it might get a person shot.

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    • Avatar photo Richard Jones

      Probably a scam

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