One Owner Woody! 1973 Dodge Monaco Station Wagon

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Back in the good old days, a maker’s flagship model was often available as a station wagon, such as this 1973 Dodge Monaco.  These things were large too, measuring about 19 feet in length and seating 6 passengers comfortably, plus a couple more if the buyer chose the jump seat, where the far back riders could watch their lives go by in the other direction.  If you miss the days of hauling your family on vacations in the proverbial wagon, you’re in luck, as this 1973 Dodge Monaco Station Wagon here on Craigslist is looking for a new safe spot to call home.  Its current residence is in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, and the asking price has been set at $19,900.  Barn Finds reader Pat L. brought this one to our attention, and we’d like to give him our thanks for the tip!

The seller proudly states that this is a one-owner vehicle, with not only the original window sticker and title from ’73 but also a complete set of service records throughout the years.  It’s not specifically stated that the paint is original, but it probably is, as the finish is mentioned to have been touched up over the years, and the faux wood is said to look great for being 50 years old with only some minor spider-webbing.  I always liked how Dodge only went halfway down the body with the paneling, but also extended it upwards slightly over the doors, a cool effect in my humble opinion.  The wagon is also stated to be rust-free, with no obvious corrosion showing anywhere outside.  I’d probably ask them to throw in the surfboard too.

The seller’s claim that the wagon has always been loved and cared for is also evident once you get inside, as just about all of the interior components are appearing as very nicely preserved.  They may not be quite perfect, but all the seats look pretty amazing to have been occupied for a half-century, plus the dash isn’t showing any cracking or much wear that I could spot either.  No problems to report with the door panels or carpeting, and more good news everything is stated to be functioning properly, even the hide-a-way headlights.

Dodge offered three engine choices for the Monaco Wagon in 1973, including a 360, 400, and even the 440 was still an option.  This one’s middle-of-the-road with a 400, which produced an advertised 185 horsepower from the factory.  Not many details are given about the drivetrain, but the vehicle is said to drive out great with mileage listed as 117k, so hopefully, there are many good miles left for the future owner.  While I’m really liking what’s before us here, the price being just a hundred dollars shy of $20k seems perhaps a bit high, but maybe some of our readers will tell us otherwise.  What’s a reasonable amount for this one to exchange hands?

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  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Wow, that is one sweet old wagon.

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    • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

      Beautiful wagon and I love the color, but I wouldn’t buy anything from Florida or was titled in Florida for the past 4 years.
      Ya’ll forget Ian?

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      • Chuck Dickinson

        Personally, I would never buy anything from FL PERIOD. Too much salt air and hidden (or not so hidden) rust. I was burned once on a FL car. Lesson learned.

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  2. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    The price is fair for the condition and mileage. The wagon is in great shape. How rare it is to find a Dodge like this. Even has cruise control! The tailgate would be fun at a ice cream stands. I done that with my daughter sitting on the tailgate eating ice cream. Memories you can’t forget. This could be a fun family wagon again for the next buyer. Good luck.. 🐻🇺🇸

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  3. Harry


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  4. MoparDoug

    Stunning! Always liked the way the covered headlights looked on these Monacos. And for Dodge to essentially put “racing stripes” in the woodgrain? Chrysler Corp. did some neat things back in the day.

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  5. Gary Haas

    This sure beats the boring/generic SUVs we have today, with a 440 no less!

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  6. Paulcug

    Wasn’t a mopar fan then except for a few but now can appreciate them. Does anybody remember the power steering in the mopars then? It was super easy almost like nothing was there.

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    • Frank

      One finger driving. I’ve owned over two hundred cars in my 60+ years, most of them Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge or some sort and nothing beats these old girls.

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  7. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I would say the summary dismissal of Florida cars is probably knee-jerk.

    I’m from Ohio, and of course you gotta look underneath when you buy an Ohio car, but I own a very original, nice ’67 Newport that was bought new in Ohio and isn’t rusty underneath at all. Dismiss all Ohio cars? Well, no.

    West Virginia: I own a very nice ’65 New Yorker that spent it’s whole life up there until 18 months ago, and it has no bondo, no patch panels, and the floor pan paint was as shiny as the fenders. Dismiss all West Virginia cars? Well, no.

    My ’63 Riviera is a Florida car all it’s life, and the underside is as clean as a whistle. We’ve been through a half-dozen hurricanes over the last 8 years here, but never came close to having any storm surge even remotely come out of the Bay and flood us here. So…..dismiss all Florida cars? I think not.

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  8. Pastor Ron

    I’m in love. Just what I’ve been looking for.

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    • Pastor Ron

      Of course. I wrote seller about it IMMEDIATELY. Of course, sold already. Figures.

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  9. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    Dismiss all Ohio cars? No. Rust is common on cars who go through snowy winters. There’s salt and all sorts of things to rust out a car. But many are in good condition, despite the snow.
    Dismiss all Virginia cars? No, pretty much for the same reasons as Ohio.
    Dismiss all Florida cars? YES!
    If you read my post properly, you will see I said, no Florida cars in the last 4 years. Sure you went through 8 hurricanes. But did your cars sit under salt water, flooding the engine, the interior, the frame, for days?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought. People forget so quickly. Ian devastated Florida. Many classic cars were underwater. There will be damage in places you can’t see. Until it’s too late.
    I’ll reiterate, I wouldn’t touch a Florida car that’s been titled in Florida within the last 4 years.
    If the car was titled and registered in Florida in 2023. Maybe. But not after Ian.

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    • Chris

      Like the doofus that left four Superbirds/Daytona’s there and the Hemi Superbird was in his front yard on its roof? No Florida cars for me.

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      • Gary Haas

        The owner of that Superbird had it on a lift inside his garage. The storm surge blew out his doors and swept it off that lift.

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  10. George Mattar

    As mentioned here, Florida cars are about the worst you can buy. Salt 365 days a year blowing all over them. Humidity like a sauna that just destroys metal. And the hurricanes every year. My best friend from college lives in Miami and bought a 69 GTO convertible from the original owner in 1989 that never left Miami. He drove it to PA to visit me and we drove it to a Carlisle event. If ever there was a rotted car, this was it. Tops of the quarter panels rotted, trunk lid gone, floors, rockers, everything. He kept it for a parts car.

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  11. Jasper

    Sharp wagon. Would be fire with a set of Mopar road wheels. The ‘70-‘71 fuselages are arguably the best looking but these Monacos definitely get a cool pass thru ‘73.

    Shame so many of these C bodies, usually nice ones, gave up their big blocks for “better” boy racer cars, then went to the derby. Not a B or E body muscle car, but fast in a get across the country way…with a bunch of your stuff.

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    • Gary

      Or for demo derby cars, damn shame. In our region the demo organizers outlawed the Imperials as no one could kill them!

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  12. Phil_the_frenchie

    I’ve exactly the same wagon (except i have 440ci, dual air, road wheels). And i’ve also the same rust in rear crossmember (ther’s a pic where you can see the rear left underside )! My Monaco is not from Florida but from West Virginia where it spent the first 40 years !

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  13. Chris

    I’m from WVa and can tell you the red clay kills cars. My gramps and brothers trucks rotted from the clay sticking to everything. I live in Charleston so mine don’t rust nearly as fast as theirs. I’ve also seen 50 year old cars there that look like new, top and bottom

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