One Repaint from New: 1992 Ford Mustang GT

While I have made it no secret that I love notchback body Fox platform Mustangs, clean hatches are sometimes just as eye-catching. Perhaps even more so, given it seems the bulk of them have been modified or abused in some way. That’s possibly why the notches are so appealing – so many of them have ended up in the hands of collectors that they rarely show up in bad shape, while the same cannot always be said for their third-door siblings. This 1992 Ford Mustang GT has clearly been loved, with a gorgeous exterior featuring one repaint and an interior in equally clean condition. It’s listed here on eBay with bidding just over $10K and the reserve unmet.

It’s interesting: we featured a notchback Mustang GT with lower miles and a Paxton supercharger, and that one is selling for similar money at the moment with no reserve. I feel confident stating that the notchback is the more collectible of the two cars, especially considering the interior color and the presence of mostly original paint. This hatchback body GT is quite clean as well, but mileage is listed as being 100K and the interior is gray cloth, an interior seating surface we see far more frequently in the legions of Fox platform Mustangs that come up for sale. However, does the stock condition give this one an edge?

I tend to think no, unless you’re going to speculate that the example with the supercharger was somehow abused more than this one. To me, the supercharger is a great way to either enjoy the enhanced performance in a standard-looking body, or you can strip it out and sell it to recoup some of the purchase price. This example is completely stock under the hood, save for some ignition wires that may be aftermarket. The seller doesn’t provide any insights into the Mustang’s maintenance history, but given how easy and cheap these are to live with, I wouldn’t be too concerned over the lack of detail.

The interior is in better condition that the mileage would suggest, and while I would question whether it had been redone, the seller claims it is original. Other photos show an equally-clean cargo bay. Thankfully, it does sport the preferred manual transmission, which will always make it desirable to enthusiasts regardless of hatch or notch configuration. I’ve always wondered if other enthusiasts see as big of a difference in desirability between the two body styles as I do, so which would you choose? If you’re eyeing this example, you’ll need to find a way to get to Tylertown, Mississippi to pick it up.

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  1. Troy

    Personally, and from personal experience I favor the hatchback like this, only in LX trim. I just do. One thing though are the little shocks that hold up the heavy hatch, they tend to fail over time and ka-pow, will come crashing down on your head or worse. Don’t ask me how I know this.
    The notchback seemed boring to me at the time, kinda bland, like the CHP pursuit cars back then. The GT like this one looked overdone, especially in the back, but the hatch gave it more of a sporty appearance. Not Z28/TransAm sporty but good enough. Had it not been for their healthy performance, an almost cult like following, and the aftermarket that grew from it later these Fox Mustangs would have succumbed to front wheel drive status as was so often rumored. So happy that never materialized.

    • Erik

      Exactly. The notchback was the one you bought if you could swing the extra for the hatchback. Yes, it was a little lighter, but that weight was removed from the one place you didn’t want it removed. A bit stiffer? Maybe, but none of them were particularly stiff anyway, and anyone serious to make one go fast or handle well would hit the aftermarket anyway to fix it, whether hatch or notchback. Plus, in most years, the hatch got the GT seats.
      Nope, the hatch is the one to have.

  2. Erik

    Damn, Apple autocorrect.

    The notchback was the one you bought when you COULDN’T swing the extra for the hatch.

  3. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Made it to $10,100 but didn’t meet Reserve.

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