One Repaint, All Stock: 1967 Chevy Camaro

“Unaltered” is a word used somewhat freely anymore, especially as it pertains to survivor cars. Sometimes it’s true, but most of the time, it tends to be exaggeration. In the case of this very clean and very stock 1967 Camaro Deluxe that is claimed to be a genuine two family-owned car with zero alterations, I think it’s safe to say the use of the word is appropriate. Find it here on eBay with a $28,500 Buy-It-Now. 

Bought new in California, the Camaro stayed with its first owner until 1980. It then went to his nephew, who owned it for the next 36 years. Built new in Los Angeles, it hasn’t strayed from the West Coast until now, as the seller is located in Arizona. Besides one repaint in the original color, the seller says this ’67 remains true to its roots and features original body panels, chrome bumpers and glass, with the exception of the windshield. The Chevy does have 92,000 miles, so it was driven.

The interior is probably the highlight of the car. I have a hard time believing it’s even original, but the seller claims it is. The Camaro comes with the optional Strato-Bench seat featuring a center armrest and the Deluxe interior trimmings. Heck, it even has a fold-down rear seat, which I can’t imagine was a common option back in 1967. All gauges work and buttons function as intended. And look at those carpets – they are mint! The power features it does have are sensible, with power brakes and steering on board.

And the other part of the story is just how dry this Camaro is. That West Coast living apparently didn’t take place near the ocean, as the body panels are straight and true and the undercarriage is dry, dry, dry. The matching 327 is said to run sweetly and doesn’t smoke, and the seller has updated the exhaust system with factory “style” tranvers mufflers; however, I’d want to know if he spent the money for OEM parts before plunking down close to $30K. What do you think – is this survivor Camaro worth every penny?

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  1. John H from CT

    Color me skeptical, but that interior and engine cannot be untouched. This car may be matching #s and original sheet metal, but it’s highly improbable that it’s all original.

    • racer99

      John, have to agree. A 50 year old car with 90k+ with engine paint that looks like it was done yesterday and seats, door panels, pedals, etc., without any wear or fade would make me a skeptic as well. Nice car? Absolutely, Survivor? Don’t think so. Will still probably bring $20K+.

      • Brad

        It’s possible. I own a 105,000 mile documented survivor that looks better than this one and it’s 50% orig paint and pretty much 100% everything else.

    • Aaron

      Id have to say no way its to clean the saying if looks to good to be true i live in yucca valley california and my 77 camaro is all original. Im 3rd gen of my family to own since new and its not without some blemishes

  2. Richard Roosa

    How about the column shifter. That wasn’t a common site on a Camaro

  3. Scot Carr

    ~ I want to believe. Sure looks fine. And with the bench seat and fold-down rear. If it were only a six cylinder, stick.

  4. Greg

    327 with a column shift is cool in these camaros

  5. SS-UK

    Love it…. Just a nice usable car.

  6. Jeff V

    For that kinda money, I’ll still take the orange ’67 I posted on the ’67 RS/SS427 recent post!

    • redwagon

      Jeff V, that’s a good question. compare the bin prices, this one for 28k or the nickey clone for 37k? tough choice. I think I would rather this one and take the left over 9k and blow it on a summer road trip!

  7. Barzini

    While I like the factory rally wheels, it’s nice to see one with hubcaps for a change. And that’s a clean and dry underside. Nice car.

  8. JW

    Skeptical or not it sure is a sweet ride, the 327 / auto on the column / bench seat / fold down seat / hubcaps make this one unusual Camaro. I like it !!!

  9. bob S

    What a fantastic Bottom!

  10. Blyndgesser

    How nice it is NOT to see an unsightly aftermarket shifter on the tunnel, for once.

  11. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Can some one explain what the factory style transvers muffler (not pictured) is ? Thanks, Mike.

    • Bingo

      The original exhaust system on Camaros and Novas had a single muffler with dual tailpipes. The muffler sat directly behind the rear differential, sitting perpendicular, or transverse, to the frame of the car. An unusual way to orient a muffler at the time.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Thanks Bingo and dm ! That makes perfect sense.

    • dm

      The transverse muffler was behind and parallel to the differential in front of the gas tank with an inlet and outlet on each side.

    • 68 custom

      I just about guarantee this car with the 210 HP 327 left the factory with single exhaust setup, this one has had dual exhaust with glass packs added later.

  12. Mike Super Sport

    Nice car. I’m with others – no way engine hasn’t been painted. Underside of car looks pressure washed.

  13. Jason

    I had one just like this aside from the bench in the 90’s. 327, 2bbl & powerglide is a great combo for a nice cruiser.

  14. Joe M

    This is a nice time capsule, but it wouldn’t be for me, I couldn’t stop myself from taking it on a road trip, and all the value would go out the window. To be honest, the back seat would be full of fast food wrappers, and how did that get there dings and dents.. Kudos to the owners for keeping it this nice for so long…

  15. Bruce

    It looks great. Could be a survivir. Jesse saw my 63 Vette over the weekend. It is a true survivor. Original paint, interior and numbers matching. 67k miles.

    • Steve

      She’s Beautiful Bruce! Reaching for my drool bucket. :)

  16. jimjim

    I love the look of this. Finally a Camaro that hasn’t been turned into a fake z-28 or ss.

  17. Larry

    WOW! I love this Camaro. First gen cars in this condition are few and far between. 28.5 is a big number, but in this condition I bet he’ll get it. The underside looks bone dry and rust free. It’s great to see a column shifted bench seat car. In a sea of restored and restomod Camaro’s, this is the one I’d run to. To the next lucky owner: PLEASE keep it just as it is.

  18. charlie

    Wife’s ’69 Camaro had an impeccable interior after 14 years, 160,000 miles, and 3 kids. GM made some tough vinyl in the late ’60’s. (everything below the belt line rusted out, nothing left to weld anything to). So that interior could well be the original.

  19. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Fold down back seat was an option – and wasn’t the bench with fold down arm rest – or was that only on a Mustang ?

    • 68 custom

      yes. bench seat and shifter on the column are pretty rare options though the column shift may have been standard? more so with the deluxe interior.

  20. Clay Byant

    I had the first Camaro in my home town and this is a dead ringer except for the bench seat. Had the 210 horse 327 with a great top end and made my fair share of high speed runs from Colorado to Nebraska.(at night) Price new…$2967 but I got the deal at $2550. Incidentally, I had a 396/325hp 69 Pace car with no center console and a column shift. At a national Camaro meet I was told it more then likely was a camera car for a track and the tripod sat in the middle.

  21. George

    the engine was repainted; the color is not quite right and the smog pump bracket was black powder coat, not orange.

  22. Brad Member

    When I was in high school, my next door neighbor bought a ’67 for his first car. During the obligatory interior detailing secession, I was spiffing up the back seat, and noticed a latch next to the seat back, not unlike one that you would find on a station wagon. Although I had never heard of a fold down seat back in a car, I pulled the latch and folded down the seat back. My friend just about dropped his teeth ! A really nice feature. The featured car is incredible ! It’s hard to believe that the interior is all original; it’s perfect !

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