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One Sad Pony: 1965 Mustang Fastback

1965 Mustang Fastback

This sad looking Mustang has definitely seen better days, but on the upside it’s a Fastback and who doesn’t love a ’65 Fastback? It also is a V8 car that’s matching numbers! The seller believes it has been parked out here for 40+ years, which would explain why the body is so riddled with rust. They even admit they aren’t sure it’s worth trying to fix this chassis up. I like their honesty and got a kick of their statement about taking a close look at the photos, “because believe me the car doesn’t get any better in person”. It really is a mess and restoring it would be a monumental task, but thankfully you can buy freshly manufactured Mustang bodies. While that’s an option, I think this one might just be a parts donor, but what do you think? Find it here on eBay in Hudson, New York with a current bid of $1k!


  1. BillB

    Your garden variety C-Code; 289 2V, 210 HP V8. A total restoration where you’ll never get your money back. A sad state, but a good project for a beginner welder to hone his skills, if it goes for $3K. But, unfortunately it looks like the reserve is higher than that.

  2. Brian R

    Not much salvageable. $1000 for the VIN and build tags and a engine to rebuild, and maybe some original glass for a concours car? The top could be cut off to make a coupe into a fastback.

  3. JW

    I must admire his honesty !!!

  4. MH

    Looks like junk to me

  5. grant

    Josh, it isn’t fair to break my heart like this before I’ve had coffee.

  6. That Guy

    On the plus side, you can return that soda bottle and get the ten cents deposit back.

  7. Dolphin Member

    Bidders beware: in the Ebay world if you make a bid that doesn’t meet the reserve the seller can lift the reserve, end the auction early, and then you own it—-in this case a car that was put onto a pallet because the owner was concerned it might fall apart.

  8. DolphinPorsche

    Those bits and a cheap mustang 6 will make an expensive fastback, I’ve seen bodies re-created as convertibles, roadsters, etc.

  9. Rando

    So with the VIN and such, one could buy a Dynacorn body and eventually have a “new” mustang, right? Just saying it COULD be done. And eventually that part of the story would be forgotten and it would be a survivor barn find? Or a pro touring? What have ya got to lose, right?

  10. Howard A Member

    Just when you think you’ve seen the roughest one, another comes along. I think THIS is the roughest one yet.

  11. Mike Williams

    That is sad, all that’s left is good for parts, some stainless and driveline parts.

  12. Prowler

    At least the seller realizes it’s not the jewel of the Nile and is being honest
    Doesn’t happen enough in the car world

  13. Adam Wright

    Only one town away, and I think I’ll pass. My fastback is coming out of the shop this month.

  14. Loco Mikado

    When the spring and shock towers are full of rust holes and the entire trunk pan is gone. it is a very few parts car.

    • grant

      Old Mustangs didn’t have trunk pans. The gas tank has been removed.

  15. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Wait – sad – say it isn’t so….just think of it this way – for up North this car was driven until the salt got to it and was unable to make another year.

    Now it’s vin/tags – like was said – will most likely find the way onto another built car….it’s what they were doing with the convert tags back in the 80’s….my dad ran many a Mustang coupe shell up North – full of door shells and the like…..

  16. Charles

    Go to eBay find all the Mustangs you want, any year, model and price! Why bother with this junker???

  17. skloon

    Only good as a parts and vin donor for a Dynacorn build- should probably be shipped in a dumpster

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