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One Special Chevy: 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS

With its hairy LT1 engine, improved suspension, and uncluttered good looks the 1970 Camaro Z28 RS has been described as the most desirable Camaro ever produced. That statement may be subjective, but after taking a look at this one, we are confident you will agree. Find this low-mileage survivor here on eBay in Charlotte, North Carolina with bidding at $17,550 and 5 days left.

When it appeared in 1970 Chevy fans found that the 2nd generation Camaro was significantly different than the 1st generation car. Many observers saw more than a little of the Ferrari 250GT SWB in the Camaro’s clean, taught lines, and the Z28 package brought one of the best high performance engines ever made: the LT1, with 350 cubes, 11:1 compression, 360 HP, and 380 pound-ft of torque. Z28s also came equipped with improved suspension compared to 1st generation cars, and a 12-bolt rear axle to put the power down. The RS (‘Rally Sport’) package was mainly an appearance group, the most obvious part of which was the small split bumper at the front that flanked the new black grille with the Z28 badge. The split front bumper is often installed by owners of non-RS Camaros because of its visual appeal.

We think that if you are going to sell an important car this is the way to do it: more than 60 large, detailed photographs, including many underbody shots. These photos show an excellent driver-quality Z28 RS with few defects. The seller says the car is just out of a 32 year stay in a car collection and is rust free, with all original components including Cranberry Red paint. The only exception is the GM factory warranty replacement LT1 4-bolt main block that’s in the car. The car is not perfect and some of the photos show the relatively minor imperfections clearly. There is also some commentary that draws attention to dings and small issues that should be addressed. The description seems to be honest, and the seller even urges potential bidders to resist making up their mind about the car from the photos alone and to inspect the car themselves. It’s tough to fault a sales approach like that.

This Z28 is one of the most appealing musclecars we have seen in a while, and we predict that it will sell for good money if the reserve is not outrageous. If you ever wanted to own one of the best musclecars that America ever produced, you might want to consider this honestly presented 62k mile Camaro Z28 RS driver. Assuming that you take the seller’s advice and inspect the car yourself and find that the presentation is accurate, what would you be willing to pay for this Z28 RS?


  1. Steve

    Sweet, but the first gen has more cred for me. See the 1967 RS convertible for sale right now in San Diego Craigslist…

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  2. Steve


    Here it is. Not number matching, twice the money, but mucho more macho…

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  3. Jeff

    Very nice. Back in HS, the baddest motor-head at school had one, sweet sound from the solid-lifter motor. My 429CJ Torino was no match. I thought the 70′ LT1 was rated at 370hp (Chiltons), I know the hp dropped for 71/72.

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  4. Phil

    This my favorite year Camero. I would love to have one very nice job.

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  5. Tony

    Gorgeous. Definitely better looking than the 1G IMHO. And with that equipment combo a sweet ride. Not sure I’d agree with the seller that it’s “investment grade” tho. Personally I’d take this over a ’69 DZ. Maybe. LOL.

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  6. Rick Rothermel

    After many years working with these cars I recognize the shape of a rust bubble under that vinyl roof next to the drivers’ side rear window. Other than that a sweet car…

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  7. LKAJ

    I went and looked at this car. Decent driver but far from a survivor.

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  8. pranaam

    It’s list price is down 3K.

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  9. Jeff

    This is a decent “Tribute”. The split bumper Z and the fact of a LT1 makes any Chevy nut drool, but non-orig motor makes it a driver at best. 22K is fair. The 360hp rating still bugs me. Original rims though.

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  10. erikj

    to jeff— You are using the TERM Tribute incorrectly. That is a real z-28,rs and eventhough it has a factory replacement engine I would never call this camaro a tribute. Tributes moreless cars that my have STARTED life as a standard car and someone added the equipment and stickers to simulate
    a diferrent optioned car. This camaro is the real deal. Just had to say.

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  11. Mark W

    absolutely the most attractive muscle car ever to come out of Detroit. love it

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  12. LKAJ

    This car is not a tribute it is a real car. The CE block does not bother me, yea would be great to have the born with but most cars stated as such are restamped fakes.

    The car is worth around $22k as someone else posted. One could easily spend $10k correcting and fixing things on this car not including a paint job. The rust under the vinyl top needs to be fixed. Overall a nice driver.

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  13. Dolphin Member

    Bid to $25,505.88 on 18 bids but did not meet the reserve.

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  14. Jim

    No vinyl tops thankyou.
    The orginal motor would be nice.
    Other than that would have to see it in person before making decision.

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  15. RoselandPete

    I would never buy a car–new or used–without seeing it first.

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  16. Mark Nicholson

    In 1976, while in highschool, I owned a 1970 Z28. It was never considered a muscle car. It was, and is, a pony car. Muscle cars are 442’s, GS’s, GTO’s, and such.

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  17. EHide Behind

    Same engine in 70 Vette was ‘m.370 HP, Chevy claimed vetted had better exhaust for 10hp gain.
    REPLACEMENT BLOCK or replaced motor?
    The internals made this motor, not the block.
    Hard to keep in tune but throwing out Chev recommended tune up, more advance and distributor rewrk, carb jetting and new exhaust system closer to 410 HP on SUNOCO 260 104 OCTANE.
    Best handling of any previous d’s and with 373 or 355 gears 153MPH W S P Radar and $275 COuRT COST, late at night 2 lane country roads only small block vettes could stay up.
    $30K auto ,IMO, for those not flippin, but bringing back fun of driving and mastering, a punch ya back in sear real muscle car; One of four best all around of that era.
    NOT Ford Boss, Not Mopar big block. YES Cuda AAR, 71 TRANS AM 455 SD, 70 VETTE 370 HP.
    We ate every challenge from g y m k a n a, to road and track sports car events.
    A true Mans Driver Auto.
    With today’s brake, tire, suspension mods that include frame stiffening, ignition and 5 speed, ????¿¿¿¿☆

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