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105th One Built: 1970 Datsun 240Z

This Datsun 240Z, VIN HLS30-000105, is the 105 th car to come off the line, and it did so in late 1969. It just went up for auction here on eBay and has already garnered 49 bids to $15,000… more»

Porsche 918 Crashed At 92 Miles On Copart

The Porsche boards and blogs are lighting up about what many people consider to be the highest of the high tech special Porsches—a 918 Spider Hybrid. This low-mile supercar is going for a song—so far—bid to only $114K. That’s… more»

1971 Datsun 240Z: Looks Good But Needs Work

This 240Z has just gone up on craigslist in Kent, Washington at a very decent price. It has been in storage for at least 3 years and needs more work than appears at first glance, but it does look… more»

1959 Morgan +4 With Promises

This ’59 Morgan Plus 4 has been stored since 1982, but it looks like it has avoided the kind of damage and degradation that has happened to a lot of poorly stored cars that we’ve seen lately. It isn’t… more»

Garage Find ’66 Corvette Big Block

Although we prefer to feature cars offered for sale by owners, we know that there are some good finds on offer from resellers, and with this car appears to be one of those. It’s a garage find ’66 Corvette… more»

German American Hot Rod Project!

If we haven’t had enough interesting discussion and varying opinions about what a proper performance car should be with the recent 1974 Mustang Cobra II V8 here on Barn Finds then this entry should provide additional food for thought…. more»

1967 Fiat-Alfa Romeo Ghia 1500GT…Wait What?

Two famous Italian car makers names together for one vehicle. You might be asking yourself when Fiat and Alfa come together to build a car. These two car makers were close competitors for most of the last century, including… more»

Is This 1964 Datsun Fairlady For You?

Japanese sports cars are hot right now, especially the rare Toyota 2000GT. Perfect ones sell for about $1 million these days. Much more affordable are the Datsun Roadsters, which were made in far greater numbers than the 2000GT, so… more»

Will Someone Help This Desperate German?

I can remember the first time I paid serious attention to a BMW. It was in the late 1970’s, shortly after I moved to a new city where there was a BMW dealer that had just started up in… more»

A “Barn Find” Yardfull

This is a good news/bad news story. Sound familiar? There are a lot of them on Barn Finds: interesting car, cheap price, needs a little work, or has a lot of useful parts. But is it worth taking on… more»

Change of Pace: 1963 Triumph TR4

With the cars we’ve seen on Barn Finds that have significant rust, and the discussions about the pros and cons about taking on such projects, it might be good to look at a barn find car that doesn’t look… more»

Rare Cat: Mk 1 Sunbeam Tiger Project Car

Today’s cars are expected to be good right out of the box, with looks, performance, and reliability, all at a reasonable price. Years ago it wasn’t easy to get that combination, especially with sports cars. I don’t know about… more»

Red 1981 DeLorean DMC12 with Only 981 Miles

Cars always seem more interesting when there are stories that go along with them, and does this car have stories! The seller bought this DeLorean recently from the original owner, a 90-year old friend of his, who bought it… more»

1960 Porsche 356B – The Last Barn Find Roadster?

“Barn find” Porsche 356s prices have shot up recently, and poor condition doesn’t seem to be holding them back. This 356B Roadster has already been bid to $85K and the reserve hasn’t been met. Sometimes it seems like people… more»

Pony Project: 1965 Mustang Fastback

One of the most important cars that Ford has produced in the modern era is the Mustang. It came out in 1964 and set sales records from the beginning. Most of my buddies at the time wanted one, and… more»

Stored Since ’78: 1961 Nash Metropolitan

Editor Note: This writeup comes from one of our longtime contributors who goes by the screen name “Dolphin”. If you have been following this site for long then you know that his comments are always insightful. We thank him… more»