One Year Only: 1967 Chevrolet SS427

There are 13 people out there who love this 1967 Chevrolet SS427 enough that they have made the commitment to bid on the car. Since the listing opened at $2,500, it has pushed on to $31,300, and the reserve hasn’t been met. This mighty car is located in Saint Rose, Louisiana, and is listed for sale here on eBay if you want to get in on the action.

What a car. In any form, the SS427 is an imposing vehicle with presence in abundance. Make it a triple-black car, and you get an idea of just what Darth Vader might choose to drive if he was into muscle cars. This car wears most of its original black paint, and it does show a few very minor marks and chips. The hood is currently in primer due to hail damage, but the rest of the car looks to be pretty decent, while the original black vinyl top could best be described as immaculate. The owner says that the car is completely rust-free, and the supplied photos seem to back this claim.

So, when is an Impala SS427 not an Impala SS427? The 1967 model year is the answer because, in that year, Chevrolet made the decision to market the SS427 as a completely separate car….if “market” is the right word. This was a model that received precious little promotion and was one of Chevrolet’s great secrets. What you got when you ordered the SS427 was the 385hp L36 version of the 427ci V8. Anyway, our feature car was originally ordered by a young doctor with a passion for drag racing. It came equipped with the L36 engine, 4-speed manual transmission, and 3.73 Posi rear end. Things went well on the strips for a few months, and then the big block went bang. The car was returned to the original dealership, where a replacement “CE” engine was fitted with the original heads, intake, carburetor, and other peripherals, and then dropped back into the car. The doctor went on his merry way for a while and then gave the car to his wife. At that point, the rear end was changed for one with a more appropriate ratio for street duty. It also appears that the transmission has been changed at some point, but the owner isn’t clear on this part of the story. So, this is one of around 2,100 cars built in 1967 (precise estimates vary slightly), but while many of the engine peripherals are original, it isn’t a numbers-matching car. I also note that the SS427 has been fitted with aftermarket headers, which is another deviation from original. The owner refers to the car as an “almost” survivor, mainly due to the mechanical changes. It does appear that he holds a fair amount of documentation for the car, including two Build Sheets, the original Proof of Purchase, and other paperwork. There is an aside to the story of the SS427. What was an even greater secret in this saga is the fact that even though it wasn’t “officially” available, any person in the know could hand over an additional $542.45, and they would find the L36 replaced with an L72 engine, with all of its glorious 425hp. These cars are true unicorns because while it is known that 11 of these production motors were built in 1967, only one car has ever surfaced that was fitted with the L72.

The interior of the Chevrolet is neat, but it isn’t perfect. The driver’s seat has a couple of seam separations and a small tear, and I would be looking for a good upholsterer in a bid to fix this before I considered replacing the cover. The rest of the interior looks like it has survived well, with little wear of any great consequence.

This is quite a car. it is a crying shame that it isn’t a numbers-matching car, but such are the potential hazards of sending a road car down the ¼ mile on a regular basis. I would only be speculating about what the reserve would be the owner has set, so does anyone want to have a guess? Does anyone want to have a bid?


  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    It is a good looking car but with basically all the drivetrain replaced, takes a lot away from it IMO. They were rare in the day (having only seen a couple of new ones back then) and even more so today. It’s a bit pricey IMO but I’m sure someone will have fun with it.

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  2. Will Fox

    If I were in the market for a `67 SS427 such as this, I expect to pay big for it. But in that price I expect numbers matching and nothing changed over the years like this car has had. Mind you, 427’s don’t fall out of trees but if you are serious about one of these and are patient, it will pay off.
    Don’t get me wrong–this car is a beauty! And I’m sure it fits the bill for some collector. but speaking for myself, I would hold out & see what comes available. I just might surprise myself wonderfully.

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    • 36 Packard

      I understand it is a rare car and all of that, but it really isn’t good for much except what the doctor bought it for to begin with. And then, in a drag, would the extra weight be a help or burden? A small Chevy would have the advantage in power to weigh ratio but maybe not in traction. What do you guys think? Did big Chevys do okay on the track?

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      • Jim Palmer

        I would love this car for sure, but without numbers matching I think it has hit it’s cap. You really only have the stories to tell. If it falls through and it can be had for 30k, it’s mine.

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      • JP

        I had a red one & nothing could touch it! Never thought it would be worth this kind of money today. A real earthshaker! Loved it & wish that I kept it.But never would pay this price today.

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  3. TimM

    I have a 67 caprice with the 396 and a 3 speed automatic!! It’s one of my favorite cars!! It is long and the buckets make you feel like your sitting in your living room!! This car is a stunning machine!! I’ve never seen one in black but the color makes the car in my opinion!!!

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  4. Jim

    This car is great… I mean, it’s “supernatural!”

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    • Steven E Prange

      Needs 2 more doors.

      • Wubbie

        No, it is just fine the ay it is.

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  5. Del


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  6. Gaspumpchas

    beautiful SS- I’d run the snot out of it as is. Stunning stance and the Cragars really set it off. Up to 35 large, reserve not met. Like Will said, guess if you want something like this you will have to pay. Good luck to the new owner. I’m really partial to the 67. And I’m a ford guy…Love em all!!!


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    • PatrickM

      Bidding up to $36,100.00, now. Will be interesting to see how high it goes. but, alas, it is really way out of my range. Love it. Thanks BF.

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  7. Beaver

    This is a NICE car but if it was mind I would up grade it to the L72 spects or better I mean it is NOT a # matching car I might even put in AC afterall it is a car for fun not to put back on the 1/4 mile again just think how much fun you could have just going to car shows with this thing!!

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  8. geezerglide85

    Back in ’76 when I was working a gas station I remember a retired school teacher that had a ’62 Impala 2dr ht in pretty nice shape. She came in one day with a new car her nephew bought for her, a ’67 Impala SS 427. BUT someone had swapped in a 283 and powerglide. I think this car was actually worse than the ’62. I wonder how many others met this fate of losing their drive train for another project. I missed buying the ’62 for a $100 bucks.

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    • Johnny Joseph

      They should have been shot!

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      • Steve S

        I agree with mountainwoodie the ce dealer replacement block doesn’t hurt the value of the car. That is the correct way to change block back then from blowing the engine from drag racing. That’s why they made them ce replacement blocks that didn’t have any numbers on them but had a different markings that showed that they are the correct replacement block.

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  9. Matt steele

    I think its beautiful, brother had one.. not SS but hey ..I drive junk

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  10. CCFisher

    if that factory L72 is the one featured in Hemmings Muscle Machines a few years ago, the article indicated that there is no hard evidence that it was factory-built.

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  11. Tim Bland

    FYI – the SS427 was also available in 1968

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    • Ron

      And 1969, one shown at the end of this write up…

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  12. Mountainwoodie

    At the risk of being heretical, the fact that this was raced 1/4 mile at a time and as a result blew the original block, and subsequently had a CE block installed ADDS to the value in an odd way. As long as the story can be supported by documentation, if had 30 plus large to blow, this would be a darn useful car to blow it on. Darnit!

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    • Johnny Joseph

      Absolutely 100% correct! For the people out there who know what they are looking at, and appreciate the rarity of the 67 427 AND triple black AND a four speed, they will pay $50,000+ and feel like they ripped it! These are the continuation of the 62 ‘Bubble Top 409’s, and the other quarter milers that dominated the drag strips from ALL of the American car companies: Ford, Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler, Pontiac, and any others I may have forgotten. Before the GTO came along in 64, the 1/4 milers were ALL big cars, remember people? Look it up if you don’t know it.

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  13. Eddie Nash

    I had a brother in law who had this car with the formal roofline. 427 4 speed light metallic blue with the black vinyl roof. His brother took out the 427 and put in a 425hp 396. I always felt funny about that move. This car was a daily driver for years then the 396 died, No money for the young couple to fix it so it was traded off for some mundane now forgotten “family” car.

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  14. JOHN Member

    I like it! I’d do nothing more than add rally wheels and redlines, repaint the hood and just drive it. Very cool car indeed.

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  15. Patrick Farmer

    Whoo Who, Boy Howdy! Man alive, let me get my straight leg jeans, white socks and penny loafers. Let’s drive by the convent and scare Sister Mary Catherine. Then drive over to Bob’s Broil-a-Burger and get a a couple cheese burgers and corn dogs and maybe a frito pie.

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  16. Uncle Hulka

    Back in the early 80’s I had a ’67 Impala Convertible with 396/325 hp and M20. I had more fun in that car than nearly any car I’ve owned. It’s one of the ones I really wish I had back again. All I have left from it (besides some fantastic memories) is the AM/FM Multiplex stereo I removed to install an AM/FM 8-track.

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    • Larry Member

      Uncle Hulka

      Wouldn’t you like to know what is sitting in my storage shed. Yes, you guessed it-1967 Impala SS 396 Convertible but she is the automatic version

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    • Utes

      Uncle Hulka!….Don’t suppose you’d like someone to relieve you of that AM/FM Multiplex stereo? is interested!

    • Utesman

      Uncle Hulka,……

      Have you a mind to sell your Multiplex Stereo?
      Tom, @ 414-448-0130, or

      Thank you.

  17. Mike Auldridge

    I had this same type of car many years ago! It was red, a convertible, and automatic transmission, but still lots of similarities. Bought it in about 1984 (went out to “look at cars” with a friend, I told my wife. Three hours later, I came home it it). As we had a 4-year-old at the time, she was NOT pleased !! Bought it at $3200, sold it about 2 years later for the same amount; boy, have times changed!!
    I still remember the dealer sticker on the trunk: Dicky Justice Chevrolet, in Wartburg, TN. Those were the days

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  18. Morley Brown Member

    The SS427 was available in 67, 68 and 69. There was not a L72 version in 67, but there where in 68 and 69. This is a different car than the Super Sport version of the same cars. They can be very expensive. I drove a 1967 Caprice with a L36 and a wide ratio Muncie four speed. It would eat 340 Darts and Swingers. Really fast and comfortable. Great cars.

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  19. Brian

    Don’t recall the SS on grille in 67 looks like a badge from a later model year ? Or on the horn button

  20. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    1966 was the first year for the 427 in the SS Impala… my buddy who had a convertible one along with a 1969 427 SS Impala convert like my 1969 427 Impala convert…..

    Not sure where y’allsa get yer info…………

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  21. Troy s

    Only L72 big body Chevy I am sure of is the Baldwin/Motion street racers special Biscayne. Maybe that was a ’68, don’t remember.
    Thought they had a 425/427 Impala in ’66? So what, right? This car here is strikingly bad to the bone!!!
    I’m glad it has headers on it, maybe a few more go fast goodies are in order..,.when it comes to real machines like this they must be driven, really driven to be appreciated. Heck, even 3.73’s are kinda tame on a car like this for drag racing.
    Wish the slightly altered state of this ride kept the price down lower, must be driven hard one gear at a time…it’s doctor recommended!

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  22. Morley Brown Member

    There is no L72 cars in 1967. In 1966 they were available and again in 1968 and 1969. . However the SS427 was a special car built i 1967, 1968 and in 1969–all where 427, four speeds or automaticEven in these cars, no 67 L72. These are not a Impala Super Sport. There is a club called the SS427 . These guys no more about these cars than Corvette guys know about Corvettes.

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    • Lynn Dockey Member

      Any word on how many biscaynes where made with the L72. I know of at least one survivor

  23. sluggo

    I have a disturbing admission, In my current older years,, I can see how this is a cool car and super rare. (What a beast) But to be fully honest, As a hormonal teen and early 20s in the late 70s and early 80s,,,Me and pretty much everyone I knew thought big cars like this were lame. We would have been after it for the drivetrain to stick in something interesting like a 60s or early 70s Chevelle, Nova, Camaro or,,, for the more affluent,, a Corvette.

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    • r s

      In the 1970’s I owned a 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT 440. I was going to rebuild it and most of the ‘experts’ said ‘put an RV cam in it, you need it in a car that heavy.’ But I got the chart showing the shipping weight of all the Mopars from 1971 and the SFGT was about 150 pounds over a GTX. It was a big car and heavier, but it was hardly a New Yorker station wagon. I built the engine with a street hemi cam.

      Oh, and when it was done, on a punch in 1st gear, it would smoke the L60’s – it also had a 4.56 rear and a 4 speed when I got done. Project Pluto. I sold it 34 years ago when I took a job transfer to a different part of the country, but I know for a fact that the car still exists. If I had the money I’d be seriously looking for it.

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  24. W9BAG

    Darn nice ride. The perfect color combination, engine, and tranny. I wonder if there was one ever made with all available accessories ? Lucky next owner !!

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  25. Lynn Dockey Member

    Sounds like Chevy marketing did to these cars exactly the same as the other Chevy SS. The one that came from the land down under.

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  26. Scott Black

    If i had the scratch, I’d buy, who cares about numbers matching unless you’re a Chrysler guy

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  27. Mark A.

    What chassis is this? If um not mistaken, this is a mid size GM platform. The pictures don’t do this car any justis at all. The appearance seems streched and distorted.

    • Troy s

      @ mark a, full size car here, same as the Impala. There was a 400 cubic inch limit on mid sized GM’s until ’70 anyways.

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  28. Mark R.

    I have only seen one of these. It was an all original, numbers matching beauty.

  29. Larry Member

    Mine is not the SS 427, but I do have a 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS 396 Convertible

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    • Trey

      You own an Impala SS with a 396, not an SS 396.

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    When our local Chevy dealership moved to a new location they left behind a 67 68 Chevy caprice with a 427. At least that is what the fender tag said. Don’t know anything more about the car though I was curious as to it’s story. I’m not sure what year this was nor do I recall ever noticing the car being driven on the street after that. May have had blown engine and went to junk yard.
    What a shame if that’s what happened to it.

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    One additional comment on this feature S S I seriously doubt the entire rear end was changed rather maybe just the gears were changed. Although if the mechanic didn’t know how to set-up the gears properly I could see changing the entire rear end as being easier and maybe cost effective. If pinion depth (for instance) is not correct premature gear ware and noise would ensue along with customer complaints. So I guess replacing the entire rear may have happened. By then it was just a used car numbers matching was not the big deal it is today.

  32. William Illsley

    I bought one in 1968 returning from Viet Nam with 4,000 miles on it. Sold it when I went back to Viet Nam in 1969-70. When I came back in 70 I bought SS 454 Chevelle. Wish I kept both.
    I’ve made other mistakes in life….still do! Ha!

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  33. Utes

    Ordered my ’69 SS396 Chevelle convertible in the spring of ’69 @ the Freedom Hill PX in DaNang. Allegedly it still is alive in Antigo, WIsc. It was a 4-speed, bench seat, 350hp/396. Still have ALL the paperwork! 5 months remained in the Corps on Oct. 1, served @ CLNC, 28542.
    Sunoco/260 was 37.9/gallon in Jacksonville, N.C., filled the tank for $6.25!
    M21 & 3.73s got the job done…Dusk Blue/black vinyl bench/Black ragtop.

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