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Only 142 Left? 1966 Ford 7 Litre 4-Speed Garage Find


Over the two years from 1966 to 1967, Ford produced a little over 12,000 “7-Litres.” Based on the full-size Galaxie but featuring special badging, either a 427 or 428 V8 and many special features, the 7-Litre was billed as the “Quietest Quick Car” or “Quickest Quiet Car.” This particular car is located in Sellersburg, Indiana, and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is just over $4,000 but the reserve hasn’t been met yet.f3

Somehow it looks even more sinister than usual in black primer and with the headlights out! The seller evidently intended this rare car as a long-term project, but has decided to sell for some reason. How rare? According to the very informative site 7liter.org, there were exactly 1,717 four speed 7 Litre hardtops produced in 1966. According to the auction listing, there are 142 that still exist (I’m not sure where that information came from). However you look at that, there aren’t many around!


Ah, that’s better! here are some of the new and used parts included withe the car. I’m not sure of the significance of the two different grilles? According to the seller, the car has been sitting in a garage since 1978 and is a numbers-matching car with little rust. The ad tells us that there is some rust in the driver’s side floor pan but that the car comes with a replacement. Also, there is some rust in the trunk, which happens to contain the original transmission, presumably pulled as it has a “bad gear.”


There’s a sandblasted and painted frame as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the car being auctioned, although it is available from the seller for “a little more money.” I’m not sure why it’s not included, or even why it would be necessary given that the seller says the frame is solid on the car. Go figure!


As you can see from this picture, the upholstery actually doesn’t look too bad, but that center console is going to need some work, and that’s one of the special pieces for the 7 Litre.


Here’s the heart of the 7 Litre! The 428 engine will undoubtedly need attention, and we have no idea how many miles were covered before the car was taken off the road. I know this is one “quick and quiet” car I’d love to drive! Would you?


  1. Cody

    This one checks all of the boxes for me. A big 60s hard top sleeper with a 4-speed, music to my ears. Added bonus for being the good looking year of Galaxie with the stacked headlights and the jet age touches in the styling. Awesome. I would definitely drive this.

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  2. angliagt

    One of my favorites! I always thought that big cars
    with 4 speeds were really cool.

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  3. Mike H. Mike H.

    It’s cool, but I’d still prefer the 1963 Galaxie 500 427-8V (R Code) with 425 hp (presumably gross).

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  4. Bruce

    I agree with Cody. This car has all of the right items. If this was closer I would be buying it.

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  5. Dan

    My neighbor had one he bought new, 4-speed….I tried for years to buy it, he never drove it and then finally one day moved away out of town…..never saw it again …maroon color….wanted it bad….and I’m a Chevy guy….

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  6. Blindmarc

    I left the D/FW area 15 years ago, but there was a 7 liter green 4 door that sat on cinder blocks about 2 blocks from my house. It still had hub caps on it and appeared to have been there for years.

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  7. mat

    First thing to go needs to be that single circuit master cylinder!
    With that much power you need to be sure you can stop.

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    • Rocco

      These cars had power disc brakes, standard equipment.

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      • mat

        It’s still a single master cylinder. one leak anywhere in the system
        and you had NO brakes!

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      • Rocco

        Just saying they should have capable stopping power with power disc. I think the suitable dual master cyl. would be the ’67 version of the 7 Litre.

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  8. David Skulstad

    My dad had a new ’66 Ford LTD w/390 engine that was nice. I had a “65 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD with a 352. The problem was the drum brakes would fade big time if you tried a panic stop from anything over 80mph and at 80 mph those cars were scary. The way the front end would float around because the air would lift the car off the suspension. Very bad. Add the numb power steering and at high speeds you had to be very careful. If I bought one, the first thing I would do would be to fix those two very bad traits.

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  9. DREW V.

    It’s gone now…

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  10. cj32769

    The grille on the car is correct for a 7ltr the other grille is from an LTD the standard
    grille for other Galaxie 500’s was a stamped aluminum or stainless grille without the twin bar look. @David S you think the fading brakes at 80 mph was scary my ’66 Galaxie had a bad headlight switch. The old Fords with the dimmer button in the floor had a problem with the headlight switch that would make them blink on and off at some of most unconvienient times like running 80 mph on a country road at night in deer country with the high beams on. If you turned them off and let the switch cool down you could run the lights for a while on low beam. That was my first automotive electrical troubleshooting project when I was 16 and not by choice because I was trying to date a girl 50 miles away and I had a midnight curfew.

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  11. James

    Anytime someone claims they know how many of a certain production car exists when they made hundreds or thousands of them have no credibility and look foolish. Did they look in every garage, barn, field and woods and count them all? Of course not.

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  12. RoughDiamond

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay Leno didn’t end up with this.

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  13. erikj

    I love that car and I,m not really into fords. But I,ve looked in spec books and very impressed with the hp these put out. That makes me love to have one. I always look-hard to find and this one I guess is gone at $4000+ great deal, not my time.

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  14. David Wilk Member

    If you want to buy one of these cars, try this site: http://www.7litre.org/forsale.html. Prices are not low, but these are desirable muscle cars.

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  15. Nick Maher

    That engine should probably have chrome valve covers and definitely have a chrome open element air cleaner to be correct.

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  16. Glen

    Just watched the video, awesome build. It would be nice to have the money for such a project.

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  17. stillrunners

    was nice……

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  18. Rick

    If it was not in Indiana I might wonder if is the one I had stolen from me in Davenport, Iowa back in 1973. The police never found that car.

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  19. Prowler

    I was 13 years old in 1969 and my older cousin had a friend that had a 7 litre Galaxie. Arrest me red black bucket seat interior and a 4 speed.
    One Saturday they were going to J.C.Penneys to get new tires and they said I could ride along in the backseat.
    First I remember getting there very fast
    A few minutes later he was picking out his new bias ply white lettered scat trac tires.
    My cousins buddy must have just got paid because at the last minute he also bought a set of cragar ss rims to have them mounted on.
    After about an hour of watching them smoke cigarettes they rolled the galaxy off the rack and into the parking lot.
    My 13 year old eyes could not believe the transformation of what a new set of mags and tires could do for a car…. it looked like it was going 120 MPH just sitting in the parking lot ….which incidentally was the speed we hit on the way home that day.
    For a big car that thing would fly…I just remember him speed shifting every chance he got
    I’m not even sure if he was using the clutch.
    From that day on I was a car guy….I think that speed buzz lasted about a week

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  20. Andrew Croft

    In high school there was a senior who got a ’67 convertible with a 428 and a 4 speed. It was dark blue with white top and interior. He had to replace the stock whitewall tires within the year. That car could smoke some rubber.

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  21. brad

    Jay Leno has one of these. He bought it as a tribute to his father, who bought one brand new. It’s a stunning car. Of course, he worked the “Leno magic” on the underpinnings, such as upgraded steering, suspension & brakes, but the car is beautiful. Go to his page and check out the car. He actually featured the car on his TV show several years ago. Of course, with his resources, no expense was spared.

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  22. angliagt

    I have a Jay Leno quote taped to my file cabinet –

    “It’s cheaper to have 35 cars and one woman,than one car and 35 women”

    Obviously from years ago.

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  23. Blindmarc

    I take the 35 cars. I’ve had my fill of the women.

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  24. Blindmarc

    This ones been relisted……

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