Only 6,000 Miles? 1965 Pontiac Bonneville

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This Pontiac for sale here on craigslist in Houston, Texas is claimed to have only 6,000 miles. The owner says he has documentation to prove it. But, he doesn’t provide pictures or even much description in the ad. With an asking price of $5,000, if it’s actually a nice car it could almost be worth it. From what you can see, it looks complete and original. There’s no word on engine, accessories or anything. Power steering and air-conditioning, for example, would be nice features to know about.


All the seller provides is a couple of pictures of the interior and lots of questions. I wonder what you’d find if one got up close. At least the seats look pretty nice. If this is anything close to being as described, it could be a nice driver.


  1. Roseland Pete

    Too bad it wasn’t garage kept.

  2. Gary I

    If it has 6,000 miles why is it in the elements under a car port? At this point the low mileage may not be a positive factor if the condition is bad. Make a good driver I suppose.

  3. ydnar

    He needs to pay a detailer $100.00 and get it spiffed up. I bet that car would look great cleaned and polished. Get the extra parts out of it as well..

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Yes. If it only “needs some minor TLC to get running”, then why not pay someone a few hundred bucks to do that, and sell as a runner needing more work? I don’t get it.

      • Roseland Pete

        Based on my experience, I’m sure it’s going to take a lot more than just a few hundred bucks to get it roadworthy. Probably closer to $3k if you have a mechanic do a thorough job on it.

      • Jason Houston

        The seller is either an idiot or just lazy or both, is all I can imagine. It’s often difficult to remember, but craigslist is really a venue for any moron who has some old crap lying around his house or yard. It is not aimed at experienced car enthusiasts.

  4. Alan (Michigan)

    If it really has only 6K miles, it may have been sitting for 30, even 40+ years.
    Inside storage would have had to be well arranged to insure preservation, but outside? I envision a stuck engine, bad trans seals, flat-spotted wheel bearings, stuck brake cylinders, shot radiator and heater core, etc…..
    IOW, Not at all easy to recommission as a driver.
    Looking at the mediocre photos, I can’t tell if it even has a rear axle?
    There are 4 wheel covers inside, but one at least on the car. In the LR footwell, might those be fender skirts? Hard to tell.
    This listing goes back to the old standard complaint:
    If someone is going to list anything (car, firewood, whatever) and ask REAL money for it, then there should be many higher quality photos, highlighting the good and the bad. Is $5k the new 50 bucks? Sheesh.

    • Jason Houston

      I concur 100% with you.

  5. Howard A Member

    No way. It’s just the same old thing. I’m convinced that people that claim low mileage have no idea what a low mileage car looks like. And if it was, there would be many pictures to prove it. This car I’m sure has power steering,( very few didn’t) and the vent above the gauges shows it has a/c. A nice car, but no way 6K miles.

  6. Duffy Member

    Need better pictures to prove to me it has 6000 miles on it. Why would a Bonneville with 6000 miles on it be setting outside?

    • Jason Houston

      Because that’s where he parked it when the owner died/disappeared/went to jail/ran from the law/eloped/was arrested or god knows what else. Most outcomes for cars like this are not planned. Overall, to me it looks like it COULD be a 6000 orig. car, but I’d need to see a whole lot more to even entertain that idea. Otherwise, it’s just another heir or in-law blowing hot air over something he knows nothing about.

  7. Warren

    A condition to posting anything should a knowledge of basic photography. Without documentation I am betting on 106K.

    • Roseland Pete

      That happened to me once. I was looking at a Mark V that the seller claimed had 13k miles. The car had a factory sunroof with a sliding headliner that was tucked in so you could see the sky. I pulled out the retractable headliner and it was a completely different color than the rest of the headliner and interior. The guy flipping the car said that the previous owner was a smoker and I told him that nobody could smoke that much in 13k miles to completely change the color of the interior. 113k miles, sure–but not 13k miles.

  8. Glen

    I don’t get opening the hood, and not taking a picture of the engine. Did I miss a picture?

    • Jason Houston

      No, you didn’t. It’s the unmotivated seller who missed.

  9. Art M.

    Not sure the low mileage makes a difference. After sitting outside it may as well be 106K. I once owned a 72 GMC with 42K miles and it was a nightmare from exposure to the elements. I feel this car would be the same. It’s a more door anyway, which cuts its value significantly. Still, it could be made into a decent driver, but not at $5k. Just my opinion.

  10. Donnie

    If it only has 6k miles there should be a story saying why so few miles

  11. Mark

    Thanks all for your comments. I am the owner of this car. To answer all the questions on the 6k mi. YES! It is 6k mi. The pics of the car are when and where I found it under carport covered. It sat since 1980. Backstory owner was preacher who became ill at that time. He drove only on Sunday’s for church. Has last year inspection sticker as well as all the maintenance records from 65-80′ with mileage indicated. It is a 398 4 barrel carb. With AC.

    As far as interior I have since cleaned it all up, no cracks in dash. Also replace tires with white walls. I’ve done a lot more as well but won’t go into all the details. If you are interested in buying let me know. Need to sell and rid myself of a few projects. Thanks.

    • 64 bonneville

      mark, what other projects are you wanting to get rid of?

      • Mark

        I have also a 57 Ford Ranchero. Runs great. Minor body work. I’m selling all my projects to put towards finishing my 71 Chevelle

    • Jason Houston

      You cleaned it up after taking pictures, refuse to disclose any better pictures or details, yet you know for sure a weathered 4-door sitting out in the sun, wind, and winter elements for thirty years is priced accurately at $5 grand. Hmmm… And the sick, old preacher only drove it to church on Sunday. Somehow, that story has a very familiar ring to it… By any chance did the sickly old preacher live in Pasadena, California?

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Can you please chill out a little Jason? We appreciate heated discussion, but some of your comments have been down right rude lately.

    • Donnie

      Hi Mark I think you mint 389 not 398 v8 and I think it is a nice car

      • Mark

        Thank you. You are correct. Fat fingered it.

  12. Braktrcr

    My in-laws have a 64 Bonne 4 door, that I can’t get them to sell. They bought it new here in Vegas. Needs total restoration, but they just keep paying storage fees year in and year out.
    If this 65 is as clean as it seems it might be, I think it would be a good deal. Yes the gas tank and lines likely need work, among other things, but they were very nice cars. What can you buy for 5K? A Honda?

  13. ydnar

    The car is easily worth 5K, but a face to face inspection would be warranted. Need more pics since you cleaned it up. You are the salesman, why do I want to buy your car? That’s the mindset you need to get into. Best wishes. randy

    • Mark

      When I posted this on CL I wanted to see what interest I could get. Was not expecting to end up on this website. However your right so if anyone is really interested in buying I will have additional photos ready for them.

      • Marty Member

        Why aren’t the new photos in the ad? (Or posted here?)

  14. Zach

    Ive seen these cars sell for upwards of 30-40k, depending on condition of course. With the low miles that may make this car more rare. I would like to see more pics but definitely sounds like a great deal from an outsider looking in.

  15. Lee

    The problem I’ve found is— Those folks who acquire a car with a 5 diget speedometer seem to think that the miles showing -allow them to declare it as actual — and its our job to disprove it I don’t know if this car was located in Smartsville U S A but if it had those miles on it -Ol Mark wouldn’t be the only one to discover that the Dash wasn’t cracked —-/Lee

    • ydnar

      Hi Lee, I am not sure that I follow your train of thought. Live, or Memorex?

  16. Lee

    Ydnar –Sorry you missed the train —But yesterdays bad pictures used with 6K miles only insures Ol Marky Boy a door to BARN FINDS for exposure –Thats why he lives in Smartsville—This is LIVE

    • Jason Houston

      I am not sure that I follow that train of thought… Can you explain more?

      • ydnar

        Lee is suggesting Mark is using BF for free advertising.

        There are a lot of posts here that need to be reported.

      • Mark

        Just so you are aware I did not send this to BF the person who wrote this article found the post on CL. Until today I was not aware of this website. But regardless thank you for all of your comments. Negative or positive. After all everyone’s an expert. I would invite anyone in the Houston, TX area to come look at the car who is interested but please bring cash. I don’t take payments in negative comments.

        Like 1
  17. Glen

    I’m getting each comment to this car as a new email, how do I make it stop?

    • Jason Houston

      Uncheck the “notify me…” box below the response field.

      • Glen


  18. ydnar

    Too late for that, you have to go to manage your notifications.

    Uncheck the box Jason is speaking about when you first comment on a BF.

    • Jason Houston

      Thanks, Randy, for that update. Just yesterday, the box is now checked by default instead of me having to check it each time. At least they got their links in the emails fixed, or so it appears.

      BTW, this message only took 22 minutes to type…

  19. rusty

    Mark you don’t need to justify anything to anyone on here for I bet they are not going to buy the car anyway. You have a price set on it and all you need is one buyer and it sells or it doesn’t. It’s not an auction and they can pop over and see it..simple

    It seems not a lot of money even for USA prices but I am in another country where this would sell for double or three times the price. In this condition.

    Good luck and don’t let them get to the you on here.

    • Mark

      Thank you.

    • Woodie Man


      Didnt mean to click the “rat” button lol. Please ignore!!!!!

      I want to agree with Rusty’s comment to Mark the owner. In my humble opinion we all need to take a chill pill and not be so suspicious. Yes the old car hobby is rife with scammers and opportunists, but the Barn Find folks do a lot of work to bring these to us and especially if an owner chimes im we should give him the benefit of the doubt. Its very easy to be anonymous and critical. But the criticism is only valuable if it is fact based and not opinion based. IMHO.

      • Jason Houston

        With regard to cars from 1940-1972, I consider the ‘old timers’ here to be of the utmost experience and character when examining cars with wild claims. These people have owned, experienced and worked on these cars. They know their stuff better than the people who sold and serviced them when they were new. I think its sad when younger generations inherit these, but have no interest in them and just want the money they’re heard mint ones bring at B-J.

        And if all that serves to keep even one from individual from being cheated, then I see no harm, no foul. Sellers always have the option of researching what they have before going to print. And if they don’t go under the microscope here, they surely will somewhere else.

        Just MHO.

      • ydnar

        Yes, but you have to remember to have good “bedside manner” as it’s called when the Dr. tells you, you are gonna die. ;>)

  20. Vince Habel

    Where is the notify me? I am not getting the emails. I want them. I check it before I post.Says I am subscribed but don’t get them.

    • Jason Houston

      I get the same thing. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s gone. It’s the luck of the draw.

      Done in 12 minutes. Sheesh…

    • ydnar

      The box is checked by default now, so if you check it, you are actually unchecking it.

      • Jason Houston

        Right. Until next week, when it all falls apart again.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The comment notifications have been turned back off by default.

  21. Peter R

    Just below the words “Post Comment” there is a box which is already ticked with these words following it –

    Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Or subscribe without commenting

    if you don’t want to see/read the subsequent comments you need to remove the tick

    @Mark – did you try to get it to run or is there a lot of work to do before trying?

    • Mark

      I’ve drained all the fluids and had it gone thru to make sure it hand turns first and is not siezed up. While doing this I’ve made sure that I did not have any bent rods and the cylinders advanced properly. It is now at the stage for someone to complete and get running.

  22. Roseland Pete

    I see no problem with the seller getting free advertising on this site. These listings are fun and give us stuff to look at and talk about and maybe somebody will find the car of his dreams on here.

  23. Lee

    maybe we should box it up and send it to Rusty and Get his $15’000 check And when it hits that bump in the ocean the miles might click back to Zero / Lee

    • rusty

      I assume you mean cheque. Hee hee.

      Would that be in $ AU.

      sorry we only fly our purchases in to Australia, if not the sharks take a damn chunk out of the shipping containers and once onshore we have the crocs to contend with too so it’s Qantas all the way as they are good at avoiding the Roos (kangaroos) on the bloody airstrip. Luckily the airstrip is still red dust from the old wartime strip so it’s easier to slide around them.

      • Jason Houston

        That’s fascinating. If I get your drift, you’re saying there are clever, legal ways to avoid the greedy corrupt gov’t. thieves that want you to share your finds with them? That’s awesome! Keep it up. I love your spirit. Over here (US) we call it ”good ol’ Yankee ingenuity”!

  24. rusty

    Hee hee Jason

    no simply they are animals (criters)

    • Jason Houston

      OK, I see… it’s those pesky critters that wear suits and have their hands up everyone else’s shorts but their own. Hell, we have those here! And they are NASTY critters.

      • rusty

        hmmm…. dont know about that Jason but your “swinger” activity is of no interest on a car blog. Car keys are for car ignitions not for throwing into a bowl in the middle of the room. hee hee

  25. Larry

    With you more like 106K

  26. Larry

    More like 106K

  27. Gnrdude

    Mehhh For A car With Supposedly 6000 Miles On it it sure Looks rather Rough. I’m thinking it’s more like 60K Miles……….

  28. Joe

    With a proper in-person inspection figuring out whether it is 6000, 60000, or 106000 should be possible. From a distance the Lambrecht Chevrolet cars looked old and worn, like they had 100K miles, but it was clear from indicators such as original brake pedals with zero wear, dent free bodies, original clean filters, assembly line marks, no friction-wear interiors, no grease build-up on engine etc etc, that they were “new” 2 mile cars that sat unused exposed to the elements. Old and exposed to the elements creates one kind of wear and usage another.

  29. Warren

    LOL, wondering why my inbox was full with comments. :)

  30. Jason Houston



    Jan 17, 2016 at 7:55pm

    hmmm…. dont know about that Jason but your “swinger” activity is of no interest on a car blog. Car keys are for car ignitions not for throwing into a bowl in the middle of the room. hee hee


    With all due respect, I don’t get it. But that may be because I’m not always the sharpest crayon in the box…

    • rusty

      Dont worry Jason I am just joking around with you.. bouncing off each others comments.

      Jason the reply button usually goes missing after about 2 or 3 replies..I think its just to limit the run of replies on that reply. Usually 2 I think?

      • Jason Houston

        OK, I feel better. I’ve had so much trouble with this site in the last few weeks I don’t know what to expect next. Seems something’s always breaking. Can’t figure out if someone’s actually trying to fix it or it’s just a new ‘feature’.

  31. rusty

    Jason said “OK, I feel better. I’ve had so much trouble with this site in the last few weeks I don’t know what to expect next. Seems something’s always breaking. Can’t figure out if someone’s actually trying to fix it or it’s just a new ‘feature’.”

    Yes I had noticed a few things acting differently but nothing too bad, This reply things has been there from the beginning though. Usually the boys get onto issues quickly.

    Perhaps the boys who own this site are on holidays presently…guess skiing [good luck to them, I have never seen snow]…hee hee while I am experiencing a heat wave over here [we have another week or so of holiday period over here.. Havent seen the boys on here for a while…but then I dont read every thread.

    • Jason Houston

      Well, then, you must be in my favorite country for odd and impressive old Fords, Australia or New Zealand. I’m in dingy old LA where we ran out of great old cars two decades ago, and all we got left to drool over is 1995 Hondas and Datsuns! Be glad you are Down Under cuz you guys have got a lot of our cars to take care of now!

      • rusty

        Yes mate

        The fords here are interesting based on yank iron but factory changed to local aussie styling and conditions. In fact a friend just bought an early falcon 1964 XP model totally stock which I have impressed on him to keep it that way. It could be on the road in a weekends work.

  32. Jason Houston


    You gonna post a pic of the 64 Falcon?

    • rusty

      Sorry Jason missed your reply last night..we are generally asleep when you guys are awake ‘cept for a small period of time.

      Dont have a photos of it and I wouldnt like to paste one of someone elses car without permission. But heres a link

      His is a sedan…I personally love the coupes and vans but being a van guy prefer a highroof van which these did not come in..I used to drive a few later Falcon highroof vans till recently as everyday cars.

      You will notice how closely these look like your falcons though probably find grilles and trims different.

      Our first Falcon the Xk failed here in the suspension..they literally fell apart on Australian roads..and I am talking city roads..not just the outback..they had to be beefed up a lot but eventually by when the XP was development it handled Australia

      note I made a mistake calling it a 64 it had to be from march 65 to be an XP [not an expert on these]

      • Jason Houston

        Love your Falcons, esp. the ones that look like a mini ’63 Galaxie from the rear. Not so sure about the GM-ish grill on the ones with Comet front sheet metal, tho. And a good Turquoise; I assume that’s our Ming Green? Thanks for sharing, Rusty.

  33. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Jason and Rusty: There have been a few site issues this past week, but they were quickly addressed by me personally. No time or money for vacations when you run a blog! It’s funny how when one problem crops up, people imagine three more!

    • Jason Houston

      Sorry. I just go with the flow, or do as I see others doing. I’ve seen several people who feel they are under attack, as well as myself.

      Perhaps you could point up a few examples, for the benefit of everyone?

      Thank you for the advisement.

    • Jason Houston

      I am not computer savvy, so when there are no obvious instructions, and everything keeps bobbing and weaving, I’m at sea without a rudder when it comes to second-guessing when something’s busted and when it isn’t.

      Maybe if you could make a public announcement, and provide some suggestions, that would help a lot of us, rather than leaving everyone in the lurch to second-guess how to deal with it when something’s wrong.

      There’s never anything embarrassing about making a mistake. I’m still without a clue what’s causing the problems I keep tripping over…

      Thanks, Jesse, for all your help!

    • rusty

      ohh jesse I was hoping you were having a holiday. Mate come over here for a sunny and hot holiday period on the beach. All the vintage cars are out…although not as many as I would like to see.

      I’ve not been having troubles personally with the site mechanics but noticed a few other members on this thread have been having troubles making things seem different. Just trying to help Jason by explaining the reply button has always been limited to 2 or 3 replies.

  34. Peter R

    Hi Jesse – I was still having trouble with the comments section skipping letters or words as of last night – although it did not do so on this message – maybe it is fixed now. Thanks for the prompt attention –

    I agree with others that the “keep me posted” should be an option I am required to tick and not the other way around

  35. Jason Houston


    Jan 18, 2016 at 8:18am

    Can you please chill out a little Jason? We appreciate heated discussion, but some of your comments have been down right rude lately.


    Sorry, I just go with the flow and try to do as I see others doing.

    BTW, the dialog box is still broken and the scroll bars aren’t functioning.

    When I want to enter a comment, I need to first type it into a word document, then cut and paste it into your form, since the forms are taking anywhere from 5 – 7 minutes to respond to each keystroke.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      It works fine on our end. Have you tried clearing your cache? What browser are you using? BTW, my reply about your rude comments has nothing to do with you mentioning the site problems.

      • Jason Houston

        ‘ve done all thare are at lthers wed the sthe fields nt filling and the scroll bars are freezikng

        LIKE THIS

      • ydnar

        No problems here either, your PC probably got an STD from a previous search. ;>)

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        What browser are you using Jason?

  36. ydnar

    I’m still waiting for pics Mark.

    • Mark

      What is your email address I sent all new photos to barn find hoping they would post.

  37. DENIS

    Whew, tough crowd, I say, tough crowd. Yes, there are some shysters/flippers, and there are those who just don’t know any better. Nothing wrong with having an educated opinion but lately we seem to be in the “attack” mode…just sayin’…

    • Jason Houston

      Well, after all, it does say, ‘SPEAK YOUR MIND”…

  38. rusty

    hee hee Jason it does in deed.. But maybe it should say Mind your Speak..hee hee

    Since this thread I have gotten to know you and enjoyed our exchange and I now think of you as an internet friend.. And as you have taken a bit of flak here I hope you dont mind me giving a bit of a natter about this site and what seems to have happened lately [as you may have missed the real friendly site it started off as].

    What I am about to say doesnt just apply to you its a general feeling this site has become so applies to all of us. The guys running this do a great job but it must get harder when its often so negative.

    In the early days of this site [an exciting find] there was a few of us who deserted another well known site because it got too angry and very few posters seemed to have a good word to say about anything. I left that site as I try to be positive about the listings but most of their listings ended up being arguments [I am sure not what the blog owners intended] and importantly I just love to learn new stuff, I often join a conversation just to hear the stories and advice, I usually only add something if I have knowledge on a subject or I sometimes stick up for an owner when I thjnk they are being hard done by as Mark was on here [He seems just a regular Joe wanting to sell his car locally [craigslist is for local sales], no more pics needed as you turn up and have a look..simple.]

    Around 6 months ago [before you got on here] things started changing on here, people started getting more angry and aggressive about listings, the mood was changing and to be honest I was starting to loose interest just before xmas. But sometimes really different things got listed [not cars ,much to the dismay of some people but that kept me sticking here]. I can also see how you thought the anger was the norm.

    When you came you jumped in with all legs running and at first I thought you were a Troll , then just thought you were very angry, then every now and then you had great wisdom and knowledge which left my mind open enough to exchange thoughts on this thread with you..I am glad I did as I believe you have a lot to offer in knowledge and stories.

    Sure if you think something is a rip off or wrong say so but keep in mind too that we all perceive things differently so maybe present it as information not as an attack. I bet you have great car stories and trust me everyone loves reading stories and knowledge. [ the fact you know so much about our Aussie fords shows this knowledge].

    Thanks to meeting you I am going to hang around now rather than jumping ship [unfortunately I notice quite a few early posters names are gone]. Ok people may perceive me as a do gooder..but to be honest the anger turns away a lot of people who could contribute interesting knowledge and stories..until all you have on here are angry people fighting other angry people and no readers…hee hee

    copies of this speach can be obtained from the foyer…hee hee

    • Jason Houston

      Boy, you’re a breath of spring! Wow…

      Thank you for your kind comments and better understanding of how and when the ship began veering off course. You’ve put everything in a clear and transparent light, and I appreciate your taking that time and providing an educated analysis.

      No, I’m not sure what their goal is. ‘Speak Your Piece’ not-so-subtly suggests a confrontation, and perhaps that’s how the hostility is born. Perhaps if it said something benign, like, ‘Your Thoughts, Please” or something else more pedestrian, it wouldn’t sound so aggressive.

      We’ve also been dealt of lot of negative fodder lately by way of all these cars for sale with questionable mileage claims. How could anyone talk positively about something like that, which ultimately hurts all of us?

      Another war I’ve been watching for decades is the old guard versus the kids.
      The old guard wants to keep antique cars as restored antiques, not hotrods. But these baby boomers are dying off every day and their cars have been MIA for decades. The younger generations never experienced cars before 1985 and have no clue what a genuinely restored car is, compared to a hotrod. All they’ve ever been exposed to is movies, TV media and buff magazines promoting hotrods and plastic model kits that do likewise, without ever touching on what it is to actually restore a car or why. So, can you blame them for aping that image and using street slang instead of correct terms? Of course not.

      Hey, if you ever get to California, you need to check in. We have a steak restaurant chain called Outback. I went there when it first opened and it was great. Now, you’ll probably know better than I how authentic it is, but we’ll go there and see how well we can part out a coupla steaks, K? Oh, and talk a whole lot about cars.

      “Cheers!” from Kalifurnee.

      PS: BTW, yes, I am planning a book on my experiences with cars. No target date yet, but it’s titled, “The Lancaster Tow Chain Massacre”, and contains hundreds of experiences and things I’ve done with cars. (Did you know I once acted as a human tow chain between two 1964 Fords?)

      • rusty

        hee hee Jason……… human tow chain…
        now I knew there was some stories to be told.

        Yes we have the Outback Steakhouse too. But guess what it is actually an American company. Its big in Sydney with quite a few stores which I frequented till we moved interstate a few months ago [but did bring a small collection of my cars with me fortunately]. Its a pretty good deal but I wouldnt say the food is necessarily Aussie. Id call it modern Aussie/American. But its not a bad place as I think we have no other steak house “chains” in Sydney now other than Hogs Breath Cafe?. Real Aussie chains dont seem to make it long here.

        I think Jesse if your reading this would you consider Jasons idea “Your Thoughts, Please” instead of “Speak Your Mind” a good alternative, non provocative but still asking someones opinion good or bad.? [if it can be changed]

        I think when I joined it was early days? Far less threads running and Jesse and the boys had more time to interject into threads as part of the conversation and i think just that prescence kept it perhaps friendlier but not stiffling honest debate. But its harder for them now the site is getting larger.

        California would be exciting to visit..I figure too you have maybe the closest weather to Sydney too? Always would have loved to seen the American car scene..many Aussies lust for American cars and all the other countries cars you guys have which never came to other countries [i am into micro cars too which you got heaps of]….America truley is a car lovers Paradise but alas I have never flown and probably never will. Health & too set in my ways now. hee hee.

        Re the old guard…funny all my old guard car club mates are dieing off now so I know what you are saying..In the 80’s I was actually a youngin in many of my vintage car clubs I was involved with..many of the members were generally 10 or more so 20 years older than me.. and the only other youngins in those vintage car clubs were generally the kids of the older even in the 1980’s vintage clubs younger members were hard to find. Ironically the Morris Minor club were all my age because those were cars still being used everyday. I guess too if someone can use a car everyday it will be a younger crowd till that car gets too old.

        I am into original cars but do see a place and respect for those who take a car the restorers didnt want because it was too far gone and turn it into a car again. Even in my Morry days for everyday use I would improve the car with better brakes and gearbox / motor from the BMC parts bin [bolt in / bolt out no harm done]. Once I finished with it I put it back to original and put those improved parts in my next morry say when I need a van or ute for work not a sedan. There is room for everyone here, perhaps sometimes we have to pass on a thread if its too hard to bare something one may not accept. Or perhaps some positive thoughts on a thread may divert someone from modifiying to restoring if one believes a car should be done another way.

        darn another of my bloody long replies..its one thing I try not to do…hee hee

  39. ydnar

    I got a load of pics today, and I’ll say the interior is in great shape, the carpet and seats look new, the trunk looks great. There are bits missing from under the hood.

  40. Mark

    Glad you like. The interior is all original other than carpet that I replaced. The original carpet was not salvageable however I also wanted to make sure thier was no rust in the floor boards. Thier wasn’t any!!! I have all parts for under hood. All original parts. I took them off to start going through the night engine and make sure the engine will turn. Also replacing old gaskets, wires seals etc. but I have everything.

  41. Jason Houston


    Hog’s Breath Cafe? Sounds like something you’d see in Las Vegas. In Mesa, Arizona, there’s a biker bar called “What The Hell?” and over on the Colorado River there’s a really nasty place called “The Burnt Bun”. Seems like pigs and hogs are becoming great names for places that sell pork-based entrees.

    Well, don’t get your hopes up for seeing a lot of old cars in the US. Most pre-1975 cars have gone underground – that is, shoved into barns and garages, sold, gone overseas, sequestered in museums, or dumped on craigslist and eBay by indifferent family heirs. Southern California especially is 99% devoid of anything older than 1990, no thanks to aggressive efforts by politicians, scrap metal processors, the DMV and car dealer’s’ lobbies. Yeah, and we got heaps of foreign cars here too. (Too many.) However, I know of two great places to see old American cars. One place is called Australia and the other is called New Zealand. Check them out some time!

    Hey, Rusty, don’t apologize. I don’t fly either. Most people don’t survive one plane crash, I’ve lived through TWO, and I know when to stop.

    Back in the 70’s the 1950’s cars were just getting a foothold with the younger generations, while the older generations poo-poo’ed anything built after WWII as “late model tin cans”! How times have changed…

  42. rusty

    Its amazing…when our dollar was worth more than the US there was a glut of US cars coming into here. Not only the professional flippers/businesses who advertised in the car magazines but “everyday Joe” flippers too were buying 3 cars at a go and selling off the extras to pay for their holidays. Not to mention a lot of other cars from USA such as MG’s, europeans and such.

    We now have more USA LHD originals in here than the older USA RHD conversions that had existed here from the old days.

    But now our dollar is now back to its normal 70% under the greenback and guess what many of these cars are up for sale. Good for those wanting one as there has never been so many available especially as LHD is allowed here now. So I get your point we stole your toys.

    Ironically travelling around the Aussie country roads no longer finds you cars on peoples properties like it did in the 70’s…fortunately we dont have the laws you talk about where a government can force you to crush your car [yet] but 5 to 10 years ago the Chinese metal scrap drive cleaned out many projects in the bush.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      What has not been mentioned here yet (I don’t think…) is the famed “Cash for clunkers” program which was used as a government-sponsored way to influence people into buying new cars during the bailout of the car industry, real estate swandive, and financial beat-down not that many years ago.
      CFC was certainly responsible for destroying many “collectible” cars of various vintages…. I read of a Maserati, and a Bentley which were scrapped. Imagine all of the great engines which were turned into boat anchors, and the decent bodies which were crushed.
      That year was the cause of a scarcity of good used parts, to the benefit of new/replacement manufacturers, as well as the OEM’s.

      • Jason Houston

        You should have seen what California did with that program. Took every car that was paid for, gave the poor, nice, honest, suffering NEW CAR DEALERS the $5 grand, they discounted the new POS by that amount and the poor owner, who started out with a perfectly good car that was all paid for, ended up with a new car loan and a hundred recall headaches to live with. Can’t beat the great brains in California!

        It was even better before that. Anyone who had an old car sitting around could haul it to San Pedro (where the scrap mills are) and sell it for $1,500. Savvy flippers began lining up ahead of the entrance, intercepting collector cars owned by little old ladies and buying them for $1,500. Eventually, the state got a court order banning anyone from parking there and intercepting cars. Talk about California’s greed and obsession!

        One clever flipper I knew figured out a way to be invisible, and one day he caught a tow truck approaching with a white 1960 Edsel convertible. It was a car I had known since the early 70’s and the lady had died and it sat abandoned in her side yard for several years until her house was sold, and the new owners gave it away for hauling it off. This guy talked the tow truck driver out of it for a few bucks over whatever they were paying and sold it a short time later for $13,000.

        That’s how we lost our car hobby in LA.

      • rusty

        Hi Alan, yes i had heard about it and have always dreaded if it came here..but ironically I reckon the Chinese Scrap drive probably got rid of as many here.

        At the time a good mate of mine had 30 tons of picked over classic cars/parts from his business, time to retire he thought..well somehow the greedy scrappers ended up diddling him on the final price and once gone he got a lot less than the estimate supplied. Time to get out he probably thought, have that big cleanup, Ironically he started collecting again ..hee hee..its always in the blood, good on him.

        Dont trust em boys. Another vintage car business I know a little later did the same when they moved location and decided to cash in a lot of cars..and I am sure he said he didnt get his fair estimate at the end of truck after truck taking his load out to scrap.

        As Jason mentioned the Edsel Convertible glad someone got in and saved a few…for the powers to be care nothing about the past if it furthers their agenda.

  43. Jason Houston

    Fascinating, Rusty. Didn’t they require LHD cars be converted to RHD and metric speedos at one time? And now that’s been repealed?

    Is that the same in New Zealand, too?

    It’s too bad the shipping costs are so bad, or some of these cars could migrate home.

    The Chinese metal drive hit here about five years ago. All the wrecking yards out in the deserts that used to hang on to their pre-1990 cars finally got that huge cash injection they were drooling for, as they were worth as much complete as they could get by parting them out. So, VIOLA! “SORRY, NOTHING OLDER THAN 1990”

  44. rusty

    I think presently LHD is ok in most aussie used to be only on club plates I think and before that what you said sounds correct. [but I am not up on the requirement so dont take it as correct until someone else can chime in as our states do have different rules like your states]

    all I know is people have no need to convert into RHD which is good for The USA guys if they want to bring any home..keep in mind our dollar is low again. I wouldnt be surprised if some do return. The RHD conversion cost here is horrific.

  45. Jason Houston

    RHD cars in the US are nearly non-existent. I once saw a 1950 Ford with RHD, but couldn’t tell if it was factory or mickey-moused, and I saw a tiny print ad for a new 1965 XL convertible in Canada with RHD. Supposedly, someone had a Gunmetal Gray 1957 Thunderbird at an auction with RHD. It looked factory, but I read later Ford never built any with RHD. Still, I would love to drive one even once.

  46. rusty

    We did have a number of US cars assembled here as RHD thru various manufacturers such as Ford with some Mustangs, AMI with Ramblers , 60’s Chevs and Pontiac Parisiennes but all in low numbers. I am not knowledgeable on all these RHD yanky cars so correct me if am wrong fellow Aussies.

    Though the First Falcons were built here as our own car so were destined to be a full on RHD drive production run unlike those I just mentioned.

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