Only 8,466 miles? 1970 C10 Step Side

The classic and iconic Chevrolet C10 is a truck that everyone has seen, and everyone seems to have a story about. You often see these trucks in varying styles and set ups. You will see them in original condition, and you will see them as a farm truck, race truck, or a 4×4 mud truck. If you can name it, the Chevrolet C10 has done it. Clean and classy, this 1970 Step Side is a real beauty. With a claimed 8,466 miles, this could be a once in a life time opportunity. This C10 is offered at $35,000, and the seller “doesn’t need to sell”, so we assume the price is firm. Find it here on ebay out of Canaan, Connecticut. Thanks to reader PS Photog for the awesome submission!

Taking a peek inside reveals a very clean, and nearly mint interior. A floor mat has been added to aid in maintaining the flooring, and there is a very slight amount of wear on the driver side of the seat. Otherwise there is little that we can nitpick on this one. This is a V8 truck, with a floor mounted 4 speed, but we are unsure of what exact power plant graces this Chevrolet.

Beautiful and radiant, this truck is gorgeous. The paint and body look phenomenal, with no apparent damage. Looking this truck over compels you to believe that this is a low mileage Chevy. Looking closer shows that there really isn’t even any road damage from rock chips or bugs. The tailgate and bed look great looking to have only ever hauled air. Looking this truck over from every available angle shows only beauty, and dare we say, perfection.

A beautiful example of the iconic Chevrolet C10, this is an opportunity that will not arise very often. Is this the C10 of your dreams?


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  1. Seth J

    Beautiful Truck. I would build it into a GM version of the Lil’ Red Express or just maintain it.

  2. Todd Zuercher

    Beautiful rig indeed! Shouldn’t a 4wd be a K10 though?

    • JamestownMike

      Yes, it’s a K10 (4wd). A C10 is a 2wd.

  3. grant

    I don’t buy the mileage claims, aside from the pie in the sky price. There’s surface rust on the door sills where the paint is worn off, the pedals look like they’ve some wear, and at 8k miles, the drivers seat bolster shouldn’t show any wear at all. This is a well maintained, repainted truck.

    • racer99

      Yup, have to agree. Also notice that dash paint color is different than exterior and inside door paint color — guess that was too much trouble to repaint it with the rest of the truck for a measly $35K. Nice $10k truck. I’m still surprised at some of the sketchy ads that are placed with minimal details and pictures yet with full blown collectable pricing — maybe we should just call it the “Barrett-Jackson” syndrome.

  4. Nate Member

    Todd, correct those locking hubs and transfer case shifter don’t belong in a truck with c10 emblems on the fenders. Must not be original, and why would an 8500 mile truck have those ugly (I think) 80s rims slapped on?? Looks like it has 8500 miles on a recent resto maybe…

  5. Woodie Man

    That’s a a head scratcher, 4 wheel drive C-10? is there such a beast? Something about the paint …..just doesnt look like a factory application I dont know. I hate to be an internet whiner but I dont know…somethings up…or we’ve collectively just forgotten what an original truck looks like.

    But pretty nonetheless. What could you use it for?

  6. Bob S

    I like the truck. Ad is full of lies though.

  7. Andrew

    Brake pedal to worn out for 8k miles

  8. greenmonster1918

    I know where there is an exact C10 truck 4X4 and color. But in rough shape. But I can vouch for seeing another C10 4 X 4 same color so it is correct. As for the price keep dreaming, he or she does not want to sell,,,

  9. Byron Spencer

    Way too many “to good to be true”vehicles.maybe it’s time the site got more picky about what goes on it.the milage is baloney and the price is absurd.decent resto tho.they spent more than they wanted and are trying to make a big part of it back.they will be keeping this for a long time.

    • JamestownMike

      Your spot on! I agree!

    • smackypete

      Yes. Change this site name from “Barn Finds” to “Old overpriced cars we find on eBay”

    • Larry K

      I disagree. This is how folks like me learn about this sort of thing.

  10. Jay E.

    “doesn’t need to sell” yet they are selling. That is pretty funny.

    • DAN


  11. dj

    The chrome has worn off the aftermarket sill plate. My 71 has close to 100k on it and it’s factory sill plate is not worn like that one.

  12. newport pagnell

    @Todd Zuercher
    I believe the “K”badging (4×4) designation was available as a ’70 model but wasn’t badged “K” until late ’70 into ’71. If it has it’s SPID decal on the glove box door,that would help authenticate it. Great info on all things GM here:

    • jcs

      I don’t think so. The material you provided clearly shows that 4×4 are designated as K series, the 4×2 is designated as C series and these info sheets are dated Aug, 1969.

      • newport pagnell

        I do. Look at this vid of an unrestored survivor (@4:35) you’ll see C10(350)) emblems and “4 wheel drive” under the side marker light. I’ve never seen K badging on ’70s. Not saying its not a K series,need to see the VIN for proof.

  13. mp

    Looks more like 108k than 8k, the odom doesn’t register higher than 99999k.

    • Claus Graf

      That is why in 7,000 miles my 1989 Blazer K5 is going to be a “new” truck!

      • Alan

        Cool! Way to go! Then enjoy it cuz you made it what you wanted . Gee, do ya have 35,000 in it?

  14. newport pagnell

    I believe this has a 307ci engine(350 would have been under the C10 badge) and the emblems under the front marker lights are “4 Wheel Drive”. I also think these wheels and hubs were available in ’70. KE10704

    Like 1
  15. JamestownMike

    I think the odometer has turned over at least once. However 108k IS low mileage for a 1970 model! Odometer isn’t capable of displaying 100k+, so buyer beware. No way, no how is it worth $35k…….good luck!


    $35k for a pickup truck? I’m sorry but what planet is this guy getting prices from.

  17. Fred W.

    I do car appraisals for Auto Appraise dot com and once was sent to a dealer to evaluate a high quality restomodded ’71 C10 with a crate 400 and 4 speed trans. Had never driven anything like it before and was blown away by the un- trucklike feeling it had, only one I ever wished I owned. For the first time I gushed on the appraisal form. The difference between it and this one? It was WORTH 35K.

  18. M/K

    Looks like somebody has put a nice 2 wheel drive body on a 4×4 frame an running gear, i’vs done it alot.

  19. Martin Sparkes

    People go on ebay and look at what is being asked for similar trucks, and think they will win the lottery. But in reality those trucks rarely sell, and this one certainly won’t. No underbody photos, no engine compartment photos, no SPID, wrong model designation, no desirable options… about this… “I bet I can sell your truck for you for big bucks!” “OK, go ahead and try. I’ll give you a cut.”

  20. Joe T

    Remember back in the 80s when a co-worker made a C-10 into a 4×4 by cutting the front frame from a Blazer and welding it to the cut C-10 frame. I don’t think I would have trusted it off road. That seemed to be a common thing back then in that area of South Carolina. At one time I owned a “cut and shut” VW Rabbit pickup (Golf Caddy outside the US). Bought it because it was cheap but didn’t keep it long. Wouldn’t consider buying something cobbled together like that again.

  21. Rustytech Member

    Wow lots of interest here. Love the late 60’s early 70’s Chevy’s, love the step sides, and especially 4×4’s. There are some issues here though that have already been pointed out. This is a nicely cared for old truck, but for $35k I’ll hold onto my money. Could buy a decent muscle car for that kind of money. Wish sellers would learn to be more honest with their advertising, do they think nobodies going to notice flaws like we have all found here?

  22. Tyler

    The C10 badges are correct on the truck, the VIN would start with a K, KE for a V8, KS for an inline six. Only the Blazer got the K fender badger. Ironically, it said K5 whether is was a 4wd or 2wd, go figure.

    Also, from the factory, the paint between the dash pad & windshield was dash pad color, but flat, to prevent glare. That is one of the most overlooked details in a restoration.

    The red dials on the locking hubs are correct for 69-70, they went blue in 71, 60-68 used a metal Spicer dial. The wheels are late 70-80’s truck rally’s. K10’s of this generation were available with steel wheels. Curiously, 16.5″ wheels were available on the half ton models. They are hard to find these days & command big prices. Until 69, hubcaps were not available on 4wd models.

    With that pointed out, the seat cover is not original nor is the rubber floor mount. And if I remember correctly, the cargo light on the back of the cab was not available till 71.

    Like 69 Z/28’s, there are more fake short bed 67-72 4wd’s today than were ever originally built. I would really love to see the SPID on this truck.

    • racer99

      It also appears that the bottom sill plate is the lighter shade of blue and the lighter shade is also on the bottom of the dash — both of those (I think) should be body colored. Still a nice truck, just not $35K nice.

  23. Tyler

    Oh, & the 4 wheel drive emblems under the front marker lights were not on all K10 trucks. I’ve actually seen more without the emblem than with it.

  24. Mark PRND

    I don’t believe anyone with mileage on old vehicles..

    5 digit odometer and after 99,999 they go back to 0..

    My Dad and Uncle owned a car lot back in the day and a 1968 car had 100,000 miles by 1973….

    My Dad has a 223,000 mile 1970 Cuda 440 6 barrel,and the car always looked like new..Interior is mint,only the drivers seat needed repair..He repainted the car because of a minor accident..

    I owned many cars and owned a 71 Charger RT that had rolled over 1 time with the original owner and I drove it 89,000 miles and watched it roll over to 00000..It had 45,000 on the odometer when I bought it,the car was perfect condition it looked like a 45,000 mile car,but it wasn’t and he was honest..

    8,000 miles on this truck lol..Try 108,000..

  25. JoeyB

    If you look closely the mirror arms should be chrome however the arms are painted the blue body color, that is definitely not correct.

    • Tyler

      On this style mirror, the arms were never chrome from the factory. The arms were always body color while the mirror head was either body color or white. The only factory installed chrome mirrors from 67-70 were the West Coast style or the 3 & 4 arm towing mirrors.

      Starting in 71, these were replaced by the smaller sport mirrors which were chrome.

  26. Howard A Member

    Lot of sharp folks here. I believe I read, there were C10 4×4 trucks, and late ’70 for ’71 went with the K. Regardless, sure is a nice truck. Probably the nicest truck to come through here in quite a while. While the price clearly puts the kabosh on a sale from this here crowd ( me included) it is a very nice truck.

  27. Jack

    From what I can tell in the pictures the front bumper appears to be white and the back bumper appears to be gray, do any of you guys know if that is supposed to be that way?

  28. Tyler

    Prior to 73, unless the truck was specifically ordered with a rear step bumper or sport bumper from the factory, most were added by the dealer, usually with the dealers name & city embossed into the steel. That’s why you see so many variations.

    My aunt bought a C10 new in 1968. It never got a rear bumper till I got it from her in 1995.

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