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Only Two Owners: 1968 Chevrolet C20 Pickup

For as many great trucks as we see flowing across our pages at Barn Finds, some stand out. This is one of those, here on craigslist, a 1968 Chevrolet C20 pickup, with only two owners and an asking price of $16,000. This truck is located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota but was originally from Montana. The seller says it’s never seen salted roads. We have the inimitable T.J. to thank for this gem! The C/K series launched in 1959 for the 1960 model year. The C-line denoted two-wheel drive; the C20 was the three-quarter-ton version, capable of towing several thousand more pounds, if properly equipped, than the C10 half-ton. This was the truck that Chevy used to redefine trucks, utilizing a purpose-built truck frame with a drop-center configuration (setting the body lower to the ground for easy access), but adorning the interior with creature comforts so the driver didn’t miss the family car very much.

This truck is equipped with the nearly bullet-proof 327 cu. in. V8 motor. The high revving 327 put out about 210 bhp when equipped with a two-barrel carburetor. Endless performance upgrades are available. This truck has a four-speed floor-shift manual. The seller bought the truck when the odometer read 78,000 miles; after nine years it stands at 90,000. The truck runs fine but smokes on start-up; the seller says he’s been told the valve seals and intake manifold gasket should be replaced. Looks like the generator might be new-ish. The seller reports that the brakes were “replaced” when he bought the truck; it appears that the master cylinder was part of that job.

The interior is just dandy given the age of this truck. The blanket cover on the seats isn’t surprising; the seller admits the gold vinyl has some tears. I use just such a cover on my 1974 farm truck – does wonders to prevent deterioration. The dash is uncracked. Even the white vinyl panels look respectable. The truck has its original jack and hubcaps, and it comes with two sets of wheels and tires.

The paint has seen better days but I would never repaint a truck like this; just wax it once a year and keep it covered. The chrome and grille are undamaged and the build tag remains in perfectly readable condition inside the glove box. Treated to an engine rebuild and perhaps new tires this truck would make a great “show on Sunday, drive on Monday” vehicle, with just the right amount of vintage wear. If I didn’t already have that good ole ’74 F250, I might jump on this one.


  1. Cadmanls Member

    Two words, Nice Truck.

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  2. Bud Lee

    I had one of these . That granny low 4 spd. will pull a stump . If you can get traction that is .

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  3. Jim

    It seems to me that the cars we used to see, look for, and buy we’re more desirable (to me) than the cars of today that we see, look for, and buy….which seems to be anything that has survived, been found in a barn, or just looks like it came from the past…now is somehow a collectible. Long beds used to be a no thank you, now it’s ok. A Maverick? A Pinto? A 4 door Nova? Below average and ordinary cars are now worth something….. before you might have to pay a salvage yard to take it or donate the clunker. If you ever see an old CHiP’s episode, all the cars in the background are now on the pages of Barn Finds.

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  4. Howard A Member

    I agree, nice truck, especially in Minnesota, and kudos to the seller. They went to Montana, got this at an estate sale for peanuts, dragged( or drove) it back to “Rustville, Mn”, and whammo, instant riches, selling in an area that has a high demand for this. I suppose that’s okay. It is a special item. Not as rare as you might think out here. I see a new one almost every other day, many not near as nice, but still chugging along. Do I miss my squarebody? You bet, but I simply can’t feed into this foolishness, and it was good riddance.
    Ton of aftermarket stuff for these, probably more than any other truck today, HOWEVER, a word of caution. I replaced the rubber shift boot, that was clearly 40 years old, with some aftermarket POS,( and got my CC compromised too, btw) looked like the original, when I was cleaning it out, I noticed the shift boot already was cracked and ready to tear. So, that’s the replacement CRAP that many restorations have today, since NOS is dwindling. You want your 5 ( or 6) figure restoration full of that junk,,well, by all means, have at it.

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  5. Michelle H Rand Staff

    I was at a gas station years ago in a bugeye sprite and the young attendant said he was restoring a car. I inquired as to the make and he replied 1980 Honda…. I almost choked but said, good for you!

    Different strokes for different folks, also – generations change!

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  6. Paul N

    nice, but not $16K nice

  7. John W Kriegshauser

    This 1968 C20 is a 50th Anniversary model. The gold and white 2 tone paint plus the gold and white 2 tone interior featuring the gold rubber floor mat as well. There are no badges to announce such a model. The package was available on all Fleetside pickups in long or short bed style and 1/2 ton to 1 ton models. I found about this particular model option back in 2008 when I ended up buying a C10 short bed 50th Anniversary model.

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    • roger coltrane

      you’re exactly right. John. I just bought a cst20 that also is a camper special.A little rough but all original one owner. you can check out the data tag on the glove box to confirm authenticty.I have seen several recently in the 30 k range

  8. K.B,Roadsend

    Mighty nice truck .
    I remember passing the Chevrolet agency in late 66 when the body style was changed and seeing these sitting next to to those very attractive 66s and thinking thats about the ugliest thing I have ever seen BUT the 68 really caught my eye ,,breaking up that slab side with the required clearance really helped the look and I have admired them ever since much more that the more popular 69 to 72
    Good thing I went over and read the advert I was gonna jump up and make a fool of myself (not at hard for me ) and point out those in the lead photo ARE 77 hubcaps and then I saw what the deal was with the two sets of wheels ..Looks so much better with its birthday suit but those later wheels look pretty good too My recollection is that the 16.5 tire were park of the camper package most of what we saw here was equipped with split ring or tubeless 16s and the occasional 17″ that I think was about the last year that was offered I think it was in 69 that a man I knew showed up from out of town with this same truck colour and all with a big tall camper on the first crew cab 4 door Chevrolet I ever saw I would yield to those more knowledgeable if GM had begun building those in house by then it is my thought that previous to that all I had seen was the rare 3 door crew cab ,like the Carryalls,andwere built by coach builders
    I imagine that truck would be worth a real fortune now !
    I must say I find it necessary to scold the writer Michelle H Brand and advise another look under the hood .whilst still a sorta new thing this and all 68 GM trucks were factory equipped with an ALTERNATOR not a GENERATOR …just picking on you ! I know we can’t expect a lot out of a Ford owner :-)

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  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    My dad had a ’68 Custom Camper 1/2 ton. It had the 327 but was an automatic. My friend’s dad also bought a new C-10 pickup in ’68. Colorwise it was identical to this. Actually this was a common color for the time. Good trucks overall. We thought that we really had something, before a local auctioneer bought one with a 396. I sure wouldn’t mind another one.

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