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Only Two Owners: 1975 Ford F-150 XLT SuperCab

Though Ford’s series of light-duty pickup trucks, the F-Series, had been around since 1948, the F-100 was upgraded to the F-150 in 1975. That increased the basic truck’s payload capacity and the F-150 has dominated industry truck sales ever since. This ’75 F-150 in XLT trim is a two-owner vehicle that’s in great cosmetic and mechanical condition (the engine and transmission have both been rebuilt). Located in Mineola, Texas, this extra-large daily driver is available here on craigslist for $25,000. Our thanks go to T.J. for yet another grand tip!

Try as they might, Chevrolet and Dodge have seldom been able to oust Ford from the #1 sales spot. In 1973, Ford introduced its new “dentside” styling to the F-Series (evident in the photos). That would help carry the F-Series platform through 1979 (basically the same underneath since 1965). Along with the upgrade to the F-150, Ford’s new extended cab, aka “SuperCab”, debuted, providing limited seating capability behind the front bench with two jump seats. These trucks tended to rust out less than their predecessors thanks to a switch to zinc-coated primer and steel.

The seller has owned this beefier F-150 for nearly 10 years, having purchased it from the son of the original owner. It’s been a daily driver that’s seen 105,000 miles with the engine rebuilt at 79,000 and the transmission at 88,000. A big 460 cubic inch V8 is under the hood, supported by a C6 automatic. Besides refreshing the drivetrain, the seller has also redone the brakes, front suspension, steering, and fuel system during his/her ownership period.

Remarkable is that the paint is said to be original (with little to no rust) and the interior looks like it came out of the factory. They’re a testament to the company’s motto “Ford tough” for enduring daily life for nearly 50 years without too many battle scars. With the extended wheelbase and cab, this truck has plenty of room to haul stuff (and people, though to a lesser extent). Considering what new trucks cost these days, is this Ford worthy of its asking price?


  1. scrapyard john

    Considering what new trucks cost these days, is this Ford worthy of its asking price? I’d say no. It’s cool and all, but for less than $25k, you can probably get a late 90’s or early 2000’s rig that will be more reliable and more capable. Or, you could probably buy a 2013 or so F150 with low miles that will run circles around this old girl with the AC on returning better fuel mileage. It certainly won’t stand out in a crowd as much, though.

    As for Ford being the best seller year in and year out, that is often not the case when you combine the GM brands GMC and Chevrolet. When combined, they outsell Ford at times, but.. since the GM’s are separate entities like they are (even though they’re both GM and are the same thing other than slight cosmetic differences), the F series is technically the “best selling”. I always take that statement with a grain of salt. I’m not overly brand loyal, but tend to lean GM, I suppose because I’m more used to tinkering with them and a 350 was basically the same as any other 350 and an ls truck motor was basically the same as any other ls truck motor, whereas Ford tends to be a little more complicated (from my experience). All bets are off on the current models with the turbocharging and start stop systems and cylinder shutdown tech – they’re all insanely complex now and I wouldn’t want to wrench on any of them, personally. Just use them up and throw them away. I suppose that’s where this one has the new stuff beat. It can be rebuilt indefinitely. And it’s more fun to look at.

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    • 4Qts

      Clearly you’re a Bow Tie Fan and that’s okay – no judgement here. But don’t try to claim one outsells the other by combining (2) Brands under the same roof to (1) Brand which stands alone. In my experience, Ford typically has the better Power Train while Chevys have the better Suspensions and 4WD.

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      • scrapyard john

        Well, they are already two brands (GMC and Chevrolet) under the same GM roof….whereas Ford only has the one brand (F series) under the Ford roof. Think about it this way. Does Ford outsell Chevy each year? Yes. Does Ford outsell GMC each year? Yes. Does Ford sell more F series trucks than GM sells comparable trucks each year? Not every year, no. I get your point also. I’m not brand loyal to the point that it really bothers me either way. The last new truck I bought was actually a 2013 F150 because I liked it better than what GM was offering at the time.

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  2. Nelson C

    Good looking truck for someone seeking a little nostalgia. Big engine and transmission should tow most anything just as long as you can stop it. This recalls to mind the first one I ever saw with the super cab. I was in scouts with a kid who’s dad got one in ’74. I seem to believe it was a Ranger 2wd long box with a V8, 3-speed and air. I remember riding in the back of that cramped cab. With the bench seat you have a nice place to put your stuff.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I realize this is just my opinion, but an XLT-trimmed F-150 in good condition like this deserves something more attractive than plain white wheels. Even the factory wheel covers would improve its looks (but maybe these are larger wheels). Otherwise a nice dentside.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I used several of these dentside Fords through the 80s and 90s for my remodeling business. I would say they are probably the best pickup trucks ever built.

    In 2003 I bought an F-150 new, and still run it today, it has 192K miles on it, just about 9600/miles per year. It is also one of the best pickup trucks ever built. Fortunately, it isn’t “over contented” so I have been able to do all the work on the truck myself (shout out to youtube in some cases). When the ABS failed, I deleted it and plumbed the thing like a regular old–school pickup.

    When that 2003 finally croaks, I have every intention of finding another dentside to replace it. The subject truck is almost exactly what I’d buy. I know I can’t afford some 50K computerized glam-truck all the posers drive, so I’ll just buy an old, real truck, and go back to the egg.

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  5. John T MacKay

    I bought a 1976 Ford F150 which was the very same colour as tis truck. Mine had a 300 cubic inch 6 cylinder with three on the tree. I drove that truck for 16 years and accumulated just over 189,000 miles. I parked it as the roof rotted out. I removed the 300 cid, gave it new ring, bearings, camshaft and gaskets, kept the original pistons, dropped it into a 1977 F150 standard cab and drove hat truck with the 1976 engine another 250,000 miles. the 300 never let me down, gave 26 miles per gallon and would start at 40 below zero in Canada. Recently I drove my daughters new F150, which I found harsher ride and worrying shifting pattern with the automatic.. having been a Ford dealer technician for 15 years, I have not encounter a better engine than the 300 six. When I visit my old dealer, I see a lot of partial engines laying on the floor waiting for replacement under warranty. I never had to repair any 300 but a lot of the rest. I restore older Ford trucks and will soon have a new 1983 F150 with a upgraded 300 with three on the tree. this truck is getting everything replaced which may or has worn out..

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    • BigDaddyBonz

      I agree with you John. The 300 was one of the toughest motors ever built. My Brother had a mid 70s F-150 with the big 6. He beat the snot outta that truck and it never missed a beat. That engine took it all and more.

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    • Randy Updyke

      I have to agree my two brothers and I had many,many ,many trucks and broncos with the 300 engine. Never ,ever had any issues with those Motors. I traveled coast to coast a few time in trucks from 1984 to 1989 that had both 4-speed and 5-speed standard transmissions. All 4×4 ,with cap tops on and provisions. I would get around 21 mpg average. Not bad.
      And I might add that my brothers and I hauled with them like they were 3/4 tons. Sold firewood and mulch. Often times stacked up almost roof high. Ya, they squatted but had so much power. I hauled scrap metal also. I wish they would have kept that engine around forever!!

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  6. Bryan

    Does the seat, arm rest next to the window and floor look like a truck with 105K miles on it?

    And, can we all agree that Detroit stop building trucks in the 90’s

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