Open Road Ready: 1973 Starcraft Starcruiser

This 1973 Starcraft Suncruiser is a total trip, yet another example of an obscure motorhome made in the heyday of the Dodge-powered motorhome yachts that used to storm the Earth. I’ve not seen one, ever, from what I can recall, especially one that wears such epic ’70s colors and comes with a shockingly clean interior. The recipe was the same from one motorhome to another, but finding one that isn’t completely trashed is the real trick. This one looks like an awfully nice example that isn’t going for much money at the moment, as it’s listed here on eBay at no reserve with bidding just under $12,000 at the moment.

Nearly every motorhome from this era was a gigantic brick hurtling through the wind, but the upside of that engineering was a cavernous interior that you could truly live in for months at a time. The paint scheme on this one is just right for the era in which it was made, and I love the gigantic Starcraft lettering across the rear gate. I’ve read the Starcruisers were the first motorhome built out of a one-piece fiberglass shell, and as Bangshift notes, the original construction utilized “…steel box tubing….which means means no water damage, no rotting wood, no nothing.” The seller notes just typical age-related blemishes on the exterior, and that the tires are new.

The interior is fantastic on this vintage R/V, and certainly reinforces the assertion that water infiltration wasn’t an issue on the Starcraft models. The wood paneling is in fantastic condition, as are the countertops, cooking areas, flooring, and other interior finished spaces. The photos are a bit light on the sleeping quarters, but I would assume from the overall condition on display here that there’s not much to worry about. Pictures do show some cosmetic damage near a roof-mounted vent panel, and it may be water or just dirt. Either way, it’s the only thing I spotted that could be cause for concern. The seller notes some of the light fixtures and interior trim need attention, and that the generator could use a tune-up.

The Starcraft sometimes came with the venerable 440, but in this case, it uses a 392 International V8 backed by a 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission. It’s said to run smoothly down the road, and the braking system was just recently refreshed. Rooftop mounted AC blows ice cold, and the seller notes the refrigerator and toilet have both been replaced. Overall, this seems like a vintage R/V that never went down the slippery slope of deferred maintenance and being lived in by hobos, but rather somehow escaped the ’70s as a well-loved example that has only needed minor – but meaningful – refreshing to remain a road-going vessel. Find another one!

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  1. Turbo

    I was prepared to hate it, but it actually is a pretty cool rig and, being a motor home owner, I can honesty say that it’s not really a bad deal if it has been maintained and upgraded as well as it looks. These are money pits and there is always something to work on, even with a relatively new one. Leaks are the cause of much misery in the RV world. If this is truly a one piece fiberglass body in good condition that would be a huge plus.

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  2. Madbrit

    Construction is much the same as the Apollo series of motorhomes. We had 34ft Apollo, it was like a time capsule complete with green shag carpet, central vacuum and the rake to deal with that carpet. Ours had a 440 and Torqueflite. Also, like this one, it had the fake rear grills as if it was pretending to be a diesel pusher. Used ours for many a trip and in the end sold it on when we converted a semi truck to our new motorhome to pull the stacker trailer.

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    • Madbrit

      On checking out the Ebay page, I note that it has had some serious water leaks, causing a lot of damage to the internal walls and ceilings. An inspection of the roof would be a real necessity with winter approaching.

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  3. Dusty Stalz

    Contrary to what the author says this thing has some serious roof leaks that have made their way down the walls. You’d need to replace a lot of panelling after getting the roof sealed again.

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  4. Mike Lacy

    I owned a 1970 Starcraft – a bit smaller and had the bulletproof 318/727 combo. It’s still floating around Huntington Beach somewhere…
    Bought from the original owners son and was original down to the working 8-track in the overhead.

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  5. Wayne

    392 International engine. Those and gas stations are like dogs and power poles. They can’t go passed one without stopping.

  6. Wayne

    Sorry, past not passed.

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  7. PatrickM

    This sold before I even had a chance to see the pics and details. Oh, well.

    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      You can still view those, just click on the “See original listing” link.

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  8. Tex

    I HAVE A 1973 STARCRAFT Bought it from a neighbor for 500.00 he took it away from his 80 year old dad because ” He bumped ” tings with had reciepts for 12000.00 worth of new upgrades fridge heat air t v stove everthing Mine is on a Dodge M400 Chassis 413 c u T F it now has a chassis mount Mitchel overdrive G M 454 T B inj Same firing order as mopar super easy swap put Budd tubeless rims and am updating inside

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