All Original: 1972 Ford LTD Convertible

A few weeks ago, I sat down and watched the second film from the “Dirty Harry” franchise, Magnum Force. In the movie, Harry Callahan (played by Clint Eastwood) drives a 1972 Ford LTD convertible in blue. As soon as I saw the car again in the film, I was once again smitten. This 1972 Ford LTD convertible is not only the same year as Callahan’s LTD, it is said to be 100% original. Find it here on eBay in Munday, Texas, with eight bids and a little over a day to go.

Introduced in 1971 to replace the XL convertible, the LTD convertible was available for only two years: 1971 and 1972. For 1972, the LTD’s front bumper now stretched across the lower section of the grille; a new rear bumper integrated the taillights, and the design of the trunk-lid was squared off. Due to decreased demand in the segment, however, 1972 was the final model year for the LTD convertible; overall, 4,234 LTD convertibles were built for the 1972 model year. Looking over the car, the car looks beautiful in red with a white convertible top (both of which are all original), and looks sharp with full hubcaps and steel wheels wrapped in thin whitewall tires. Dual exhausts look sharp, and I love the wrap-around rear bumper with the horizontal tail-lights. There are the normal “dings, dents, and scratches” on the car according to the seller, but I would clean the exterior up and buff it, leaving the cosmetics original.

Though a two-barrel 351 V8 was standard in the LTD, this LTD convertible is powered by the optional 400 V8. Rated at 172 horsepower and 298 lb-ft of torque, the 400 is no barn burner, but is perfect for top-down cruising in this LTD. Backed by a C6 three-speed automatic, the engine is mostly original and is said to run good according to the seller. I would swap out the generic battery for a more era-correct looking one, detail the engine and engine bay, and take this car on summer cruises.

Unfortunately for this beautiful cruiser, the interior is a bit of an Achilles heel. The seat bottom on the front driver’s side has some tears and rips in it, and might be beyond repair. The backseat is also a bit worn and dirty, and could use a bit detailing. Otherwise, the rest of the interior presents well, and has only minor fading. Roll-up windows are a nice plus, as is the air conditioning and the AM/FM radio. Overall, this LTD should be a nice bargain, and with some minor fixes and detailing will make for a reliable cruiser from spring to fall before being put away for the winter (unless you live in a warm state like Florida). What are your thoughts on this all-original LTD convertible?

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  1. Elrod

    We owned a very used 72 coupe with the 400 engine. We put 270k on it! It was the official prom car for 7 kids. It handled like a beached whale, but would lay rubber through 2nd gear right till the end. It never quit. We sold it and new owner drove it another 5 years. The AC always worked, and the interior was like a living room with 2 full size coaches. Best car we ever owned.

  2. F.A.G.

    Love it except for those tailpipes, please cut them back! 👍

    • Jack

      I don’t think those tailpipes are original.

  3. KevinR

    A good friend used to have this car’s twin. His had been repainted a brighter shade of red and was riding on some aftermarket alloy wheels with white lettered tires. It was a great deal of fun to cruise around, particularly in the Fall. Beware: it won’t fit in the standard garages at most houses.

  4. Boss351

    At least its not in the flooded part of Texas. I wish the seller provided us with more details such as the condition of the a/c and the white top. I would clean it up and drive it as is. The 400 engine and solid transmission should have a few more miles to go.

  5. Todd Fitch Staff

    We had one of these, convertible with black top and interior. My Mom hated driving it on the narrow steel bridges in PA with the steel grates and superstructure on both sites. She felt like she was wandering over the whole bridge. The doors on this car are about eight feet long and one time when I was about nine years old that giant door flew open as we went around a corner and I thought I was a goner.

  6. Rustytech Member

    My first boss had one exactly like this, same colors, same options. It was the first new car I ever got to drive as he would send me on errands with it. It was a thrill for a 19 year old who could only afford a $500 beater. This would make a fine summer cruiser with very little investment. Love it!

  7. Miguel

    It is interesting that the car is in Texas but it has no plates nor does it have the inspection stickers on the windshield.

    I wonder where the car is actually from.

  8. 86 Vette Convertible

    I wonder how many cars like this are sitting under water due to Hurricane Harvey?

    • Greg Member

      Sad thought, isn’t it.

  9. Tundratiger67

    According to the Marti Report, it was sold in St. Paul, MN, meaning it spent at least some time in a northern climate and, potentially, exposed to road chemicals. Obviously, the visible parts have been well preserved but I’d recommend inspecting the frame and underbelly before putting any money down.

  10. Greg Member

    Sold for $5100 bucks! Somebody got a bargain. Me, I’d rather have a GM from that year, like a Pontiac Grandville or Buick Cennturion (sp) with the 455 engine.

  11. Steve

    Don’t mean to correct you but Callahans car in the movie was a sedan. I had the exact car, color and all, as my first issued police car when I started my career. It was the fastest car I ever has in my 33 years. Had a 460 police interceptor with a C-6 trans. Could smoke the tires for 40+ yards from a stop.(longest I ever measured) Bad to the bone, until I blew the motor chasing a Hemi Road Runner

    • MrBlueOval57

      Speaking of corrections, the 72 police interceptor was a 429 , NOT a 460. The 429 was used until 1974 when it was replaced with the 460. Same 385 series block just more cubic inches.

    • KevinR

      Don’t mean to correct you Steve, but Callahan’s PERSONAL car in the movie was a convertible. There is a scene where he drives it into the parking facility where he lives. I always thought it was a strange choice for the Callahan character, but I suspect Ford got to dictate some of the product placement.

  12. Dennis

    I have owned both GM and Ford automobiles of this era…Including a 1972 Ford LTD with the 400 V-8, a 1973 Chevrolet Impala Custom, a 1975 Chevrolet Impala Custom, a 1974 Buick Le Sabre Convertible with 455, a 1975 Buick Lexus Convertible with the 455 V-8, a 1973 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, etc…
    All were very nice driving automobiles, and yes Greg I very much preferred my GM built automobiles, and still do Today…I did have one Ford, that was an awesome driver, a 1976 LTD Brougham four door Hardtop…every once in awhile, you will see one of these, on the reruns of Streets of San Francisco ☺️
    A great show to watch for seeing older cars. By the way, my overall favorite cars, of the 1970s were the Awesome 1973 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, and my beautiful 1974 Buick Lesabre Convertible with the bullet proof 455 V-8…I would sure love to find another one of those, especially the 1973 Coupe De Ville.
    Thanks for listening…

    • John coleman

      Ol joe mannix drove some really nice cars

    • Scottulsa

      I never could adjust to the industrywide body style changes in 1973. Those bumpers were out of control. I had a 1972 grand Ville that was great fun to drive with the 455 brand new off the showroom floor. Triple black.

  13. John

    Calahan’s personal car was a convert. He parked it in an underground garage in SF.

    His cop car was a blue sedan

  14. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    I had a blue 71 Galaxie convertible with factory bucket seats and console with handle-grip shifter, 351W engine that I drove the wheels off of between junior and senior year in high school. Even though it was only 7 years old at the time, the trunk had already rusted around the perimeter and the rear spring shackles were unable to support the rear axle. Loved that car with its huge white convertible top (power assist) and glass rear window. The best part of the car was it could accommodate three or more cheerleaders in the back when the marching band had to travel somewhere!

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  15. Frank McLaughlin

    Perfect car for a senior living in Florida .

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  16. ROBERT

    Iboght the car and am working on her.The car need work on the following carbuerator rearbrakes that I know of.There is a small hole in the gas tank and perhaps radiator .The A/C not working/Ilove the car and will be happy to invest a few dollars.

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    • scooby

      If the car wer mine it would get Bucket seats,Disc RearBrakes,Rear seat from a 96 Lincoln,vintage sound w/remote CD in trunk nothing embarasing but 150-200w 6x9s 1dash,2doors,2above armrests,2back window,THEN A Mild Build 429 w/Preditor Carburation,maybe a posatrac center diff. And smile,i have a 70 Custom 500, is how i no these things,watever you do PROTECT THAT DASH!! Ps my Door Pannels are 4’3″,i made my own. Thanks Scooby

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  17. robert edwards

    I bought the car and need a drivers side door even the pictures do not show the damage and I can not find a door help

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    • Kenny A.

      Try calling Jason at Desert Valley Auto Parts (DVAP) in Arizona. I’m sure he’s got a good rust-free used door or 2 or even more in his yard. Just hope you live close to Az. because shipping a complete door of that size and weight could cost a pretty penny by truck shipment but would be worth it in the long run for a super clean rust free door. Here’s the link to one he has right now. Good Luck.

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