Original 327 V8: 1963 Impala SS

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Chevrolet added the Super Sport or SS option to the Impala beginning in 1961. While engine choices were pretty much left to the buyer, the SS came with special body and interior trim, power steering, power brakes, full SS wheel covers, bucket seats and a console for the floor shifter. By the time 1963 came along, the Impala SS was a series of its own, including the seller’s mostly original car. We’re told that this SS has been stored indoors for the last 30 years and has its original 327 V-8 in running condition. It’s located in Lineville, Iowa and is offered here on eBay where the bids have gotten to $10,200. But the reserve is still waiting to be met.

The third generation of the Chevy Impala ran from 1961-64. Of the four model years, I always thought the ’63 was the most attractive, with its rectilinear styling, and the SS was especially attractive with the engine-turned aluminum rear taillight panel surrounded by chrome. The SS now had an optional factory tachometer built into the dashboard. The SS was growing in popularity with buyers and Chevy sold more than 150,000 of them that year alone, including both coupes and convertibles. The seller’s ’63 Impala SS would be one of those cars and the odometer reflects just 10,000 miles, which could be real since it hibernated for three decades. But 110,000 is certainly more plausible.

Details provided by the seller are rather detailed and quite a few photos are supplied. The body and chrome are original, but the car has received a repaint in the past, which we assume was in the factory colors. But the paint is far from perfect, especially in the back half. You’ll find an assortment of small dents and dings throughout the car, both body panels as well as trim work. Rust seems to be a problem in the rear quarter panels, especially the passenger side. The glass is pretty good, but there are some small rock chips in the windshield.

Once inside the car, you’ll find a decent 57-year-old interior. The front seats are showing some wear with at least one visible crack. The rear seat is much better, likely due to lighter use. The dashboard looks pretty good, especially sporting those factory A/C vents. The carpeting is old and faded, so a new set should be installed. The headliner is in good shape, although it has a small case of the droops in the back. We’re told there is one small crack in the instrument panel glass. The power window motors all work, but the seller suggests they be serviced before being use a lot.

The original 327 V-8 with 4-barrel carburetor runs and the 3-speed manual transmission shifts as it should, according to the seller. So it apparently drives, but I wouldn’t go far without a thorough inspection. The brakes apparently are non-existent, so that may be the first thing the buyer should attend to. The A/C and the horn do not work, but everything else does. The car comes with only two of its original SS wheel covers. If you’d like to check out the car in running order, click here.

These cars are easily worth $40,000 if in near flawless condition. This might be one, however, to fix up just enough to be presentable and use it as an occasional driver or for local car shows. Not every car from the good old days has to be perfect.

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  1. RoughDiamond

    I believe this ’63 “SS” is equipped with an automatic transmission.

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    • PatMMember

      Yes, its a 2 speed power glide. Nice car. it would be a fun cruiser.

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      • Robert White

        It’s actually a two speed cast iron Power Glide!

        there, fixed it!


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      • ACZ

        Not a cast iron ‘glide. 63 had aluminum Powerglides.

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    • Tommy C

      I had one years ago, in 1976 when it was just a used car. paid $80 for it, 283 with a four barrel and the “soup spoon” shifted 2 speed power glide. Great car with power windows but no air.

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  2. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Is there anything worse than faded wide whites? The ’63 Chev was such a popular car, many equipped just like this. Even the aluminum license plate holders in the bumpers are straight. Many times, people mistakenly used the bumper jack on those. Geared mostly for that single uncle that had a good job and still lived at home.( like my uncle, but he had Pontiacs) As a kid, I think this was the last Chevy Dinah Shore promoted in her “See the USA, in your Chevrolet”, campaign, as her show sponsored by Chevy ended in ’63. It was a catchy jingle, and that woman helped sell a lot of Chevy’s. Great find.

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  3. GMoparman

    Those Wide whitewalls are AWFUL. Nice car, though.

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  4. jokacz

    Wasn’t 1961 the last year for wide whitewalls? I’m pretty sure Ford and GM stopped using them.

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    • Will Fox

      The entire auto industry went to narrower whitewalls by `62. Those on this Chevy look better on a `58 Chevy; not a `63. By spring of `61, cars like the Impala SS and the Corvair and others were offering narrow-band whitewalls.
      I still say the best-looking Impala of these years was the `61. Simpler trim, nice colors, beautiful lines.

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      • Man girl

        I love the 61’s!!

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  5. Jerry

    64 was the year that Impala SS was a separate model. Up until 64 the SS was an option and not a separate model.

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  6. Robert White

    Tri-Sodium Phosphate for the whitewalls. They won’t be yellow after that is applied with hot water mix.

    Whitewalls were cool back in 63.


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  7. Dunk

    Hate the color. Probably parked it on a field and couldn’t see it.

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  8. Maestro1

    Chevrolet couldn’t build enough of these. I was in California at the time, and
    customers were screaming for this model. They drew a crowd in parking lots.
    This is example is a nice one it seems. I have no room. Someone jump on it.

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  9. Chuck Dickinson

    A couple of corrections: In the opening paragraph, when describing the equipment on the original 61 SS, bucket seats are mentioned. The 61 SS DID NOT HAVE bucket seats. Chevy didn’t offer them until 62. 61 SSs have the standard Impala interior. Also, this 63 would’ve had the ALUMINUM PG, not the cast-iron. The aluminum PG came out in 62 on 327s, while the 283s still used the cast-iron units. In 63, the cast-iron PG, I believe, was retired.

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  10. Gene

    Gene: I had two when I was young both SS one like this and a White conv. Both had the Diamond stamped Stainless steel around tail lights
    Looks like this one wants another chance on the streets again.

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  11. John Runkle

    Had a red version of this car one year old in August, 1964. It made a pretty brunette fall for me! Traded the SS for a GTO in 1965, still loving the girl.

    John R. in Boise

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  12. Cliff

    My brother and I each had one in high school. They were both 63 impala SS convertibles. Only difference was the colors. Mine was powder blue his was tan. It was around 1970. Mine cost $750 brothers was bought
    at Chevrolet dealers wholesale lot. (Do not remember the $ it was not much)

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  13. C Benz

    Had a 1963 Chevrolet convertible SS that was my high school car lite blue. My brother also had a 1963 Chevrolet SS convertible his was red in color. Both had 327 with powerglide transmition Only difference besides color was mine had a windshield washer his did not.

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