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Original 400/4-Speed: 1969 Pontiac GTO

Some classics earn the right to be called muscle cars, while others are pretenders to the crown. Few will dispute the right of the Pontiac GTO to be part of the group, with many enthusiasts considering the GTO to be the father of the muscle car sector. This 1969 model is in excellent condition, with no apparent needs or shortcomings. Its original drivetrain accentuates its desirability, providing performance that satisfied most owners. Its next journey could be a new home, with the seller listing the Pontiac here on Craigslist in Merrick, New York. We always appreciate the input of our readers, so I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder T.J. for spotting a classic that could be yours for $36,500.

Pontiac followed the prevailing market trend when it introduced its Second Generation GTO in 1968, abandoning Coke-bottle styling for a more curvaceous look. The new model was slightly smaller than its predecessor, although overall weight climbed marginally. The seller has listed the car on behalf of a friend, describing it as a tidy driver. That assessment seems fair, with its Limelight Green paint exhibiting no flaws beyond minor chips and nicks. The panels are straight, and the only apparent rust is surface corrosion visible in the underside shots. With no evidence of steel penetration, this GTO is rock-solid. The car features the standard color-coded “Endura” front bumper, with the first owner adding the optional concealed headlights. The doors work as they should, with the same true of the lights and wipers. The American Racing Torq Thrust wheels are a later addition that are period correct. Those preferring a more stock appearance should have no trouble locating original wheels to recapture the car’s factory look.

Many enthusiasts will welcome the news this GTO is a numbers-matching classic. Lifting the hood reveals the original 400ci V8 and four-speed manual transmission, with power assistance for the steering and brakes lightening the driver’s load. The V8 produces 350hp and 455 ft/lbs of torque, allowing this classic to cover the ¼-mile in 14.3 seconds. Those seeking more under their right foot could opt for a Ram Air option, but the performance of this car is still considered reasonably respectable by modern standards. The seller makes no outrageous claims about this GTO, describing it as “honest.” The engine bay presents well for a vehicle of this vintage, with no signs of long-term fluid leaks or other problems. It appears this Pontiac is a turnkey proposition where the new owner could fly in and drive it home.

Although the GTO’s interior may not be luxurious by modern standards, the bucket seats, console, and iconic hood tach should make life aboard this classic pretty pleasant. There’s a lot to like and very little to criticize. The Green vinyl-upholstered surfaces are spotless, and the carpet is equally impressive. The seller doesn’t mention a retrim, but the lack of visible wear makes the idea plausible. The dash and pad are excellent, with only deterioration on the glovebox door preventing a perfect score. The only aftermarket addition is a radio/cassette player. I would hesitate to describe the interior as being in showroom condition, but it shouldn’t attract any negative comments at a Cars & Coffee.

Enthusiasts seeking a pristine 1969 Pontiac GTO must pay for the privilege, with prices around $70,000 pretty typical. This car isn’t perfect, but it is a tidy classic that promises excellent performance and a relaxed ownership experience. Values have fallen during the past year, but the situation has stabilized. That makes the seller’s price realistic, but is that enough for you to pursue it further?


  1. Avatar photo JCA Member

    Nicely optioned Goat in a perfect period correct colors. Reminds me of Mike Brady’s living room lol. Seems like a fair price on a car that should only appreciate over time

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  2. Avatar photo Davey Boy

    Reminds me of my 1970 Lemans sport. My car was exactly like this one in every way except for it was an automatic and it had Keystone Raiders 50s and 60s on it. Had the exact same colors of green inside and out. Really makes me miss my car. Shame I don’t have that kind of money to buy something like this.

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  3. Avatar photo Big_Fun Member

    The cowl tag says it had a dark green vinyl top when it was new. I don’t mind that is doesn’t have it now…

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  4. Avatar photo Ed

    Looks like a very nice unmolested GTO. The buyer should be very happy.

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  5. Avatar photo HoA Member

    take 2,,,still got problems, but was asked to stay on.
    Oh, it’s that wonderful TV auction time again( cue spritely tune), this time from , oh, who cares, but what is clear, is the ’69 GTO, 4 speed is by far the biggest draw. If you can believe the hype, most sell for an alleged $50-$70gs. Those cars, however, have chrome brake cylinders and such, this car falls short of auction condition, but to the rest of us, what a cool car. It’s no wonder lo these 55 years later, the popularity. Heck, if this car doesn’t give you goose bumps, well, nothing will.
    Point being, if you were to take ONE American car for future generations to want, this would be it.

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  6. Avatar photo George Mattar

    I bought a rotted out 69 GTO in Limelight Green, the color this is now in 1997.. Paid $1,700. Had visions of restoring it. But divorce, a job change, etc. got in the way. The seller had remorse and bought it back in 2000. He painted it red. Before that I owned a 1970 GTO in Palisade Green, that is now for sale at Volo Auto Museum for $73,000. Oh what could have been.

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  7. Avatar photo Nelson C

    My brother’s car was a RA-IV 4-speed in the dark green with a black notchback bench seat. Other than these wheels and am-fm it was all business. No power steering to slow you down. Man, that car would run. I could really watch the scenery pass while riding along (when Mom let me).

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    • Avatar photo Faroutfreak

      Seeing this makes me miss my ” Judge ” even more. While not a Judge, if the Economy was better, and the prices to even survive sky high. I’d be Flying to NY, with $ 36,500 in my hands!

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      • Avatar photo Chris

        You have lived my friend to be behind a wheel of a judge……just one is a dream come true….enjoy the memory

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    • Avatar photo Alwhite00


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      • Avatar photo Nelson C

        Yes. The bench seat with fold down center armrest is a notchback bench. Much easier to use one word.

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    • Avatar photo Al

      Same story here, my bro was 20 in May ’69 (I was 10) & had an RA IV 4sp in Maroon w/ Cragar S/S I recall. Took me for a few rides despite mom not ‘happy’ but I sure was! A guy bought it a yr later in May ’71 with fiance present, was so happy they invited my folks to their wedding the following month. Then dad read in the paper a few weeks later, he hit a bridge overpass on I-95 I believe in Milford or West Haven,CT. & died on the scene, sadly.
      The year before, bro had a ’66 389 tri, 4sp, my 1st ‘fast’ ride in! Recall a 63-67 style Vette pulling up along side him, the guy reving it up & bro said to me ‘Look at that’. I was like ‘wow’ cool car! Then said ‘when the light turns green, you’ll see it out the back window,lol’, he was right! They both spun tires but he smoked the Vette down US-1 to the next light, about 1/3 mile I recognized yrs later. Fun memories.

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  8. Avatar photo CCFisher

    I see an Acura NSX in the background. Nice neighborhood.

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    • Avatar photo sixone

      Long Island. This is how it is.

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  9. Avatar photo Toypartman

    I had a 69 GTO when I graduated High School in 78. The only thing I didn’t like about the car was the front seat backs and that metal Pontiac emblem. In the summer that emblem would brand your back if you didn’t cover it with a T-shirt. I had a lotta fun in that car! I sold it when Hi-Test was .75 cents a gallon, bought my Dad’s 164 Volvo 4-speed instead.

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  10. Avatar photo Timothy Vose

    Yes, I like this car. Is everything I’d like. GM 400, 4 speed. Is that a small dent in the rear quarter panel by the bumper? Doesn’t matter I’d still drive it!

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    • Avatar photo 69W31

      Pontiac 400.

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  11. Avatar photo Dan

    For the price of restoring that ’69 listed yesterday, you can have the finished product here, matching numbers and all. Looks fairly priced.

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  12. Avatar photo sixone

    Totally worth the money. Non effed with original.

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  13. Avatar photo Oldschoolmuscle

    Not to far from me im in Suffolk county this is Nassau county. If i had the cash i would be there tomorrow..

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  14. Avatar photo Frog

    Don’t expect this to last long. I would soda blast the under carriage and use a good quality undercoating. Also happy to see some much better and worthy cars crossing the desks of the authors than the swamp vehicle (pardon the pun) eye sores.

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  15. Avatar photo stillrunners Member

    Looks like a good deal if it’s for real – buyer should check it and then have some fun !

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  16. Avatar photo Scott T.

    I’ve owned three GTOs in my lifetime and love the car. My current ride is an orbit orange GTO four speed with a ra3 motor. It’s a 1970 restored car and it’s beautiful. These are some of Americas finest. I gave my daughter my 2910 Camaro SS and use the goat as my daily driver. If you see a orange judge on the road give me a wave .

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