Original 409: 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS

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Practicality can never be underestimated when assessing whether a classic car can fulfill a potential owner’s ongoing needs. If the enthusiast has a growing family, a vehicle that comfortably seats five people could be an ideal choice. When it is an original and unmolested classic like this 1963 Impala SS with its numbers-matching 409ci V8 under the hood, some people won’t be able to hand over their cash fast enough. If you fall into that category, you will find the Impala listed here on Craigslist in La Habra, California. The seller set their price at $65,000, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Pat L. for spotting this stunning survivor.

There is so much to absorb with this Impala that it is almost impossible to know where to start. The seller states that it features an older repaint in its original Ermine White, and apart from an update to wider wheels and matching hubcaps, it is as it left the factory. If the new owner craves total originality, the standard hubcaps are included to achieve a factory-fresh appearance. The panels are as straight as an arrow, but many will find the fact the Impala has spent its life in a dry climate reassuring. The seller says that it is not only rust-free, but it has no prior repair history. The paint shines winningly, and if there are defects, they are too minor to show in the supplied photos. The trim and chrome are in good order for a survivor, while the car retains all of its original and spotless factory tinted glass. This Impala commences proceedings promisingly for potential buyers unwilling or unable to perform any panel or paint restoration.

The positive news continues when we focus on this classic’s interior. I wouldn’t call it perfect, but its condition is mighty impressive for an unrestored vehicle of this vintage. The upholstered surfaces have avoided wear and physical damage, with the back seat looking like it has hardly been used. Rubber mats have done their best to preserve the carpet, while the dash, pad, and console are excellent. For those who like their luxury touches, the original owner ticked some boxes to increase this Chevy’s ongoing desirability. They selected air conditioning, although the compressor requires a rebuild. The new owner also receives a factory tach, a tilt wheel, and a factory AM/FM radio.

Buyers in 1963 faced a wide variety of engines to power their new Impala, and the drivetrain combination in this car makes it something special. Its engine bay houses a 409ci V8, while the remaining components include a two-speed Powerglide transmission, a Posi rear end, power steering, and power brakes. There were more potent combinations available within the Impala range, but with an impressive 340hp available under the driver’s right foot, a ¼-mile ET of 15.7 seconds is hardly shabby for any car weighing 3,730 lbs. If the driver is brave enough, the V8 won’t run out of breath until the needle hits 127mph. There is a lot to absorb with this classic, starting with the fact that it is a numbers-matching survivor. The seller recently performed significant maintenance to ensure it is mechanically sound. They say it has a genuine 29,000 miles on its odometer, but they don’t mention supporting evidence. It is a turnkey classic, with the seller stating they would drive it anywhere. How come I can feel a “fly in and drive it home” scenario developing with this gem? If the buyer selects that option, the journey should be pretty pleasant.

At $65,000, buying this 1963 Impala SS represents a significant investment for its new owner. Its originality, lack of current or previous rust problems, and its desirable list of options make it tempting. If we throw the 409 into the mix, the temptation may prove impossible to resist. Values are climbing at around the market average, which could make it a fantastic long-term investment. However, some classics deserve to attain family heirloom status, and this one fits that mold. If you are searching for an ongoing legacy, maybe this Impala answers the $65,000 question.

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  1. Melton Mooney

    I always liked the little sport shifter setup in these cars.

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    • Stan

      Yes very cool shifter 😎 Melton. This is a nice cruiser. Of course the fire 🔥 breathing 409 options had 400 and 425 hp on tap, but this one seems well suited to the lo-po 409, 2 spd Glyde transmission and the friendly 3.36 ring and pinion ⚙️

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      • Jay

        I agree with your supposition of a lo po engine, probably a 340 hp 409 because of the Air Conditioning, I know they didn’t factory Air Condition the 409 425 hp. Not sure about AC on the 400 hp. I own two 409’s a SS 63 425 hp and a 65 Belair 409 400 hp both do not have AC.

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  2. tommy c

    Loved my 63 SS, only had a 283 but with the Powerglide “soup spoon” shifter in the console.

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  3. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    I prefer cars posted on eBay over Craigslist. . I can save/bid and follow along just like a real tire kicker. :)

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  4. Hammer

    Mopar guy myself . But this car is a sweet ride! Clean and sleeping.

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  5. John Jasper

    I had one exactly like this in my younger years.

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  6. CarbobMember

    No third pedal so I’m not interested. Nice car though. I’m trying really hard not to be surprised by asking prices anymore. I have to admit that if money was no object, I’d be more inclined to dust off the old checkbook. LOL.

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  7. ACZ

    WOW!! Just, WOW!!

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  8. Gray Wolf

    The drivers seat has a big split in the back rest side. Should be able to fit a new panel insert. But once you start, what will the rest of the stitching do??

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  9. John L.

    The wide wheels appear to be station wagon rims. GM station wagons of that era used wider rims.

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  10. Bass Player Mike Bass Player MikeMember

    Oh to fly in, pick this beauty up and take a nice leisurely drive up the Pacific Coast Highway home to Vancouver…. What a time that’d be!

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  11. 64 Bonneville

    Not sure about the original mileage claim. Spotted a few things that make me wonder as to the mileage claim. rust on hoses for the power steering pump for starters and didn’t notice brackets in box with “rebuildable” A/C compressor. suppose it could be true mileage. Not trying to run the car down, would like to have it even with an automatic transmission. Why was car repainted? Just some questions i would want to ask seller if I were to buy it.

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  12. Dennis Bailey

    These hard tops hinted at convertible lines and I loved my ‘63 SS Impala with the 327 and and a three in the tree that I converted to four. I changed the original cracked maroon to white so this car really makes me miss her. But what a boat in the ess turns winding the Hiway 41 canyon from Morro Bay to Atascadero. Sold by my dad while I was in the Peace Corps and when I returned in 1984 used the money to buy ‘66 Datsun 1600 roadster. Much better on the curves, and no neck pain when I put my foot to the floor!

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  13. Angel G.

    For the money asked.. I think Both Sets of wheel caps should come with the car. JMO.

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