Original 440 Six-Pack: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

While there are plenty of performance enthusiasts who will firmly focus their attention on any car with the mighty 426 Hemi under the hood, there are other alternatives for those who are looking for fast thrills. This 1970 Dodge Charger R/T is a perfect example because gracing its engine bay is its original 440 Six-Pack. This Dodge is a structurally sound, numbers-matching classic that is begging for a new owner to restore it. The owner has made the tough decision to part with the R/T, so he has listed it for sale here on eBay. It is located in Hicksville, New York, and while the bidding has made it to $36,100, the reserve is yet to be met.

This Charger is quite a car, and the paint and trim combination would have knocked your eyes out when it was new. The body wears Bright Red paint, while the White vinyl top and Black interior trim offer a startling contrast. The body wears its share of surface corrosion but little in the way of penetrating rust. This is the moment when you are probably expecting me to talk about the doom and gloom that lurks under this car, but there’s no need for pessimism. The buyer will need to replace the trunk pan, but the floors and frame rails are claimed to be structurally sound. That is a relief because we often see these classics with significant issues with the rails. I will sound one note of caution, though. There is an odd mark on the vinyl about halfway up the C-Pillar. There is a weld below the vinyl in that spot, so I’m wondering whether that might be a nasty surprise that will need to be addressed. The owner says that everything works as it should, including all lights and the distinctive hideaway headlights. The glass appears to be in excellent order, and all of the exterior trim is present.

Lurking under the hood is the numbers-matching 440ci V8. Bolted to the back of this is a 4-speed manual transmission that sends the 390hp to the Dana rear end. With that sort of power available to the driver, it should be no surprise that the Charger is a seriously fast car. How does a ¼-mile ET of 14.1 seconds sound? I agree. It sounds pretty good. The drivetrain is full of positive news because the owner has treated the engine to a rebuild, a new clutch has been installed, as have a new fuel tank and all new lines. The R/T runs and drives, and as you will hear, if you check out the video at the bottom of this article, that glorious 440 sounds perfect. But I hear you saying, “Hang on a minute. I thought that you said that this was a Six-Pack!” Fear not, because all is about to be revealed.

That’s what you were waiting for, wasn’t it? The owner installed a single carburetor to get the engine running correctly after its rebuild. The original Six-Pack carburetors, intake, and air cleaner are present and could be installed whenever it suits the buyer. I suspect that they would benefit from a rebuild, but once they have been refitted, the R/T would be a full numbers-matching classic that would be capable of scaring the daylights out of you when you bury the right boot.

The Dodge’s interior has its good and bad points, but it is generally well equipped and would need very little to return it to its best. The console has been removed, but it is sitting in the back seat. The driver’s seat is torn, and I would treat all of the seats to new covers and foam to make sure that they were comfortable and had a consistent color. The dash and pad look good, but the Rally gauges look like they could do with new lenses. While I had the seats out, I would also treat the interior to a new carpet set. I can’t spot any other visible faults, but my eyes keep getting drawn to the fantastic pistol grip shifter. I don’t think that any production shifter looks tougher and more purposeful than these do. I’d even hang one in my workshop wall as a piece of art.

As a project car, I would be kidding you if I tried to convince you that this 1970 Charger R/T was cheap. It isn’t, but I believe that the price can be justified. It is a treat to find a Charger project of this vintage that doesn’t have significant rust issues to address. The color and trim combination make it a standout from an appearance perspective, while the numbers-matching drivetrain matches or exceeds this classic’s good looks. Thoroughly and meticulously restored, this is a Mopar classic that can threaten a six-figure value. That is part of what explains the current bidding level. This is a stereotypical muscle car, and if the thought of owning such a vehicle appeals to you, maybe the time is right to consider joining the bidding frenzy on this one.


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  1. Classic Steel

    Hi !
    I just won the power ball and i bid highest bid plus 100k 😜

    Okay I didn’t win…. but for a mopar it has very much going for it.
    1. An engine
    2. Original 440 6 pack (nice abs) 😉
    3. 4 speed
    4. No tree growing thru roof

    I like it but do wonder on that Reserve?
    45? 50?

    Only time will tell what the market will bear 🐻👍👀

    Like 6
  2. Steve R

    I like it. Right drivetrain, good color combination, it’s hard to beat the appeal of a pistol grip shifter and a Dana 60 rear end. It’s too bad it will likely be restored to stock. This car would be much more interesting if finished in the manner suggested by the performance stickers on the firewall and the underside of the trunk lid.

    Steve R

    Like 10
    • Jimy

      Which colour are you talking about Steveo lol

      Like 3
    • Chuck

      Agreed. Seems to be an obsession to return everything to stock configuration.

      Like 1
  3. Raymond hofmeister

    Thats sad didn’t put original carbs back on that been better

  4. JW454

    This car looks like it could have been part of the “White Hat” promotion that was going on at the Dodge dealers about the time it was new. I remember going to the dealer a few blocks from my home in Kettering Ohio called DIxie Dodge. All the salesmen had on the white cowboy hats that were part of the promotion. Many of the cars on display had the white vinyl tops and white striping. If I was still building (rebuilding) cars, I’d probably return this one to it’s “as built” configuration with a few “day two” touches for comfort and safety.

    Like 15
    • Chris M.

      I believe the white hat special option was a ’68 option. Although you’re right about the marketing. My mother had a ’68 Polara white hat special that was burgundy, beautiful car.

    • E86A57

      Was Dixie Dodge where the Dayton Tire location is now? Just south of Dorothy Lane?

  5. Tony Primo

    This car is probably quicker now with the modern aluminum intake manifold and dual feed four barrel carburetor. The factory six pack is mostly eye candy.

    Like 7
    • Chris M.

      I have to disagree. The six pack, if in proper tune, was a formidable set up. It takes a good wrench to rebuild and tune them to work right. The 69 A12 cars were the best performers for that very reason.

      Like 19
      • Jack M.

        Engine Masters did a carburetor comparison on Westech’s dyno. It included both single 4 barrel carbs and 6 packs. The single 4 barrel won the test every time. The dyno doesn’t lie.

        Like 5
      • Steve R

        Was the test performed with the factory Six Pack Mopar intake and Holley carb set up? If not, what intake and carbs were used? Not all after market intakes were created equally.

        Steve R

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    • Bill

      Six pack was never offered on the 1969 Charger in any trim

      Like 2
      • Chris M.

        Correct you are Bill. Although that was never suggested in this discussion.

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  6. Eric

    Looks like a great car with a little tlc. That Kmart steering wheel needs to go.

    Like 1
  7. RobA

    This car didn’t have a console, so I’m not sure what that is in the back seat. There is no “C16” on the fender tag to denote the console, so this was an original floor shift.

    It always amazes me how many of these cars were red. Maybe the red ones just survived in higher numbers.

  8. Doc Member

    Well it’s proven that red cars get more traffic violation tickets.

    Like 3
  9. Mark

    Years back had a 68 Charger R/T that someone pulled the original driveline from. I replaced the 400 that was there with a 1970 Charger R/T 440 6 pac motor minus the six PAC (it was $200 more back in ‘82) and went with an aluminum intake and 750 double pumper, that thing flew (added Direct Connection electronic ignition conversion kit and headers). With the automatic transmission and a tank of 100 octane she’d break the tires loose between every shift 1-2 at 60, 2-3 at 90! The fastest I had the needle was 150 (I know in reality it was that fast on radar, but man it was so cool watching the needle go 110-120-130 effortlessly!).
    My mom took it to the grocery store after the engine swap and squealed the tires accidentally! She later told me the car accelerated very fast when she got on the highway compared to the other engine!
    This is one cool car I’ll buy it I win the lottery this Wednesday🤣🤣

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    • timothy herrod

      200 for the 6 pack sounds about right, my brother bought a 6 pack and carbs with linkage and no air cleaner for 250 in around 1984 that was off a 69 superbee

      Like 2
  10. Mark

    This reminds me of the green magnum slant 6, 3 on the tree 68 charger that was on barn finds last week!

  11. Mark

    The owner never addressed why 3/4 of the color is yellow, I have a good guess as to why!

    Like 2
    • Gus Fring

      Ummmmm…that’s primer, lol.

      Like 1
  12. timothy herrod

    200 for the 6 pack sounds about right, my brother bought a 6 pack and carbs with linkage and no air cleaner for 250 in around 1984 that was off a 69 superbee

    Like 1
  13. Tom

    Really cool car that will cost six figures to buy and restore.
    The first thing I would do is get rid of that God awful steering wheel!!

    Like 3
  14. Vince H

    How does a12.7 second stock Studebaker sound. Yes there a some that will beat the 440 Charger.

    Like 1
    • Mark

      Sounds like. Studebaker I never heard of.

      • Vince H

        A 64 R3 Studebaker Challenger does it. Check out Pure stock drags at Stanton MI

  15. Mark

    Love the stickers on the inside of the trunk lid!

    Like 1
  16. Mark

    You call seriously fast with a 14.1 sec quarter mile time? Very funny.

    • James

      14 second with no technology all raw power was pretty good for it’s times there were faster but not too many I’m thinking my dad had a 63 Dodge 330 with the 426 Max wedge from the factory drag strip ready he turned 13 all day long almost everything stock with open pipes and d o t Street slicks there is always infamous 10 second Nova 1970 I think with the 454 Big Block all motor no technology most cars in the 60s and 70s with minor modifications under the hood you could gain 1970 or actually lose a second or two pretty easily 14 + 1 could equate to a 12 or 13 second quarter mile again with no technology . all of that raw power ripping down the strip was one hell of a thrill

    • Gus Fring

      Yeah, but your 2015 Challenger will never be as cool.

      Like 2
      • Mark

        I don’t have a Challenger, I have a Viper and it is very cool.

  17. john hugh

    so much wrong here…never offered 6 pack charger,,,and that hacked up charger is way overpriced..

    Like 1
    • Andy

      440 six packs were offered in 1970 and 1971 Chargers John.

      Like 4
      • Gus Fring

        …and ’72.

    • Chris M.

      John this is a very rare option the ’70 Charger. Around 620+/- 1970 Chargers came with a 440-6.

      Like 3
    • Keith ward

      That’s not true. I had the exact car. Mine was yellow with black vinyl top and mine had a 410 Dana and if I’m not mistaken there were only only around 150 of them built that way in 1970

      Like 1
  18. vw.dodge

    Take another look, author. Plenty of rust through. And that weld on the C-pillar is a factory weld, vinyl top cars did not get the weld dressed down as nicely as hardtop models did.

    Like 2
  19. djgriffiths

    So why not make everything like new except the body? I like the look, that car tells a story… Just wish I knew what it was. I’m in on the bid for sure.

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