Original And Complete: 1929 Model A Pickup

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The owner of this old truck has had a lot of work done to make it driveable, including new tires, rebuilt brakes, steering, fuel, electrical and cooling systems. This was all done by a reputable shop specializing in cars like these. Nothing is rusted through. It looks complete, original and well sorted, although there’s always a few more things needing attention. There is a box of parts to fix some of these things. It looks much like it might have looked on the streets of San Diego in the 1930’s.


Inside the cab looks very serviceable. There are some cracks in the steering wheel and the plating is pitted on the instrument cluster, but it appears to be quite usable. A replated instrutment cluster is included if you’d like to replace it.


In the little shown of the bed it looks serviceable. The new owner is not likely to be hauling much, so it’s mostly for looks.

1929 Ford Model A Truck

This looks like it could be a fun driver. The mechanical brakes work OK, but they are tricky to adjust correctly for most folks, so conversion to “juice” brakes might be an option. This pickup is listed on Craigslist in Oceanside, California for $19,500. That’s really high for this truck in this condition. There are many nice older restorations being sold for $10,000 to $15,000. Perhaps if someone is looking for original and patina they might bay a bit more. There are also running trucks like these with a few issues sold for as little as $7,000. The owner has no doubt spent a lot of money on this and hasn’t resigned himself to the loss. Whatever the price, wouldn’t this make a nice driver? They are really not worth restoring beyond perhaps a little bodywork and paint. What would you do with this? I look forward to reading your comments.

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  1. Van

    Just fill the bed with whisky barrels.
    “Mr Haneys Bootleg Whiskey”

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  2. JW

    I love any make of old trucks but $19,500 seems a little steep IMHO.

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  3. JW454

    I agree David,

    About the 7~8K range would be a fair price. This truck is fairly complete but it still needs a lot of work and dollars to make it nice. I’m not a fan of the “Leave’em rusty and worn out looking” movement so, it’s just a good starting point for a complete restore project.

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  4. Gerry

    Bought one just like this in 1955 for $15.00.

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  5. Matt Tritt

    Right-on, Gerry. It’d sell in a minute for 8 grand these days, but everybody seems to think that what they own is worth a lot, and what anyone else owns isn’t. The flipper creedo.

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  6. Todd Sloan

    7 to 10k tops. And I love Model A pickups. I passed on a nicer one in Portland for $7500, but no title, but a little lawyers time that could be solved.

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  7. Scott

    Even if it was a roadster pickup in that condition it’s a stretch at $8,000. It would be a great Sunday driver or parade car but the value just isn’t there for anything else.

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  8. Rod Davis

    Having driven my ’30 for 27 years since it’s full show quality restoration in 1989…did the show circuit for a few years but tired of the “daily grind” of driving long distances on an OEM Model A. Hence the current fully inserted H&H engine, the ’39 synchro box and the 12v conversion…it’s a charm to drive. With the bigger 550 tires (third set) it cruises at a decent 60/65 mph and never overheats. Perhaps because the gasoline must aid in the cooling…it only gets 17mpg on a good day. All that said, I would have a very difficult time finding a buyer for anywhere near $20k even though my A is in fantastic condition compared to this ’29. AND, my little 1930 was a completely rust free Los Angeles built (Jan. 13, 1930) “one owner” when I bought it.

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  9. drr

    Sounds like he has that much invested in it, since he didn’t do the work himself. I’m sure there is someone out there that will pay the price, just not me or anyone I know. Wish the flippers would stay back a few hundred yards and give those that really want the cars a chance to buy them. Or drive it awhile and get your money’s worth out of it in fun and then sell it on, but probably still for some loss.

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  10. Edgar Hatchel

    Price is way too high the owner can keep it for that kind of money.

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    • Scott

      Edgar is a 100% right, you can keep it, that’s a I really don’t want to sale it price. Internet has really hurt barn finds and the classic car market as a whole, people do your homework as a buyer we know what these cars are worth. Hit a few computer keys & don’t waste everybody’s time, we’re not looking to rob anybody just a fair price.

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  11. CB

    $19,500 is a bit ambitious. If you go on the Model A Ford Club website you will find comparable A’s priced much lower.

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  12. Scott

    I gave $6500.00 for a model a roadster pu that took more elbow grease than a ton of $, I put another $1500.00 into it to make it a decent driver and still wouldn’t get that out of it.

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