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Original Big Block! 1968 Dodge Charger Project

Dodge introduced the Charger in 1966 as a pseudo-personal-luxury car. Not quite on the level of Buick’s Riviera or Cadillac’s Eldorado, but more on par with the Mercury Cougar and AMC Marlin. The second generation, debuting with this car in 1968, is the generation everyone knows and loves due in no small part to some good ol’ boys and the famous Daytona. The second generation was less luxo-barge and more pony/muscle car. This example comes well-optioned and in a good condition to restore. You can find it here on eBay.

Under the hood, the car was originally optioned with a Chrysler 383 big block. It’s difficult to tell if it came with a two-barrel or a four-barrel carburetor, but you’d be making somewhere in the ballpark of 330 horsepower, give or take a few. This car also was optioned with the automatic, but it’s difficult to tell which automatic. Not that it matters, if you bid on this car, it will likely need to be addressed and/or replaced, and you could always put in a proper three-pedal.

Inside, the seller provides a couple of images. It looks relatively complete, in that all the parts are physically present within the vehicle, but whether or not they’re actually attached to where they’re supposed to be attached is kinda a crapshoot. And beyond that, it looks like it needs some replacement bits, specifically around the dashboard area.

The seller mentions it has all the typical B-body rust, and maybe someone wants to chime in with more specifically what that means, but looking at the image they provide of the trunk could definitely provide some clues. It’s a factory yellow car, and I love yellow cars, but you’d never be able to tell looking at the bare metal below the trunk mat. Regardless, because of those good ol’ boys mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is an artificial shortage of second-generation Chargers. The star car was a 1969 model, but they took some ‘68s, like this one, and just added a grille bar–turning them into ‘69s. And then completely destroyed them. Seriously, if you haven’t seen the show, the star car does like half a dozen two-story jumps per episode, which is why this specific Charger is as expensive as it is. But still, if you ever wanted a chance to own something that’s become so uniquely expressive of southern American car culture, the opportunity is now presenting itself unto you, dear reader.


  1. Avatar photo Bluetec320 Member

    After the beating I just took on the last Charger article, I think I’ll pass on a General Lee comment on this one! But then again, it really would be a good candidate, lol 😆

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      I’d be surprised if he really cared about the flag itself, I think he uses it as a away to stir up trouble and position himself as a “good” and righteous person.

      For that asking price, I’d find something else. There are many desirable 60’s and early-70’s cars available that are a far better value. Plus Detroit has been cranking out a long list of performance cars for the last 30+ years, many of which can be found for a fraction of this cars purchase price for those willing to put in the effort to find one.

      Steve R

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  2. Avatar photo cold340t

    Just SAY NO! NO G.Lee crap copies! STOP DESTROYING CHARGERS! AGAIN, JUST SAY NO! OWNED 4 68 Chargers myself when they were affordable in the 80’s. Love them. Restore, Restomod or keep Original!

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  3. Avatar photo Curt Lemay

    Pretty rough now, but once a pretty car. I guess it could be again, but that is going to take some bank.

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  4. Avatar photo mike b

    Once running it should be faster than original since it obviously weighs less.

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  5. Avatar photo MH


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  6. Avatar photo Robert White

    Burnt Toast, pass, man.


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  7. Avatar photo RobA

    This car had the two barrel carburetor, as designated by the G in the 5th digit of the VIN.

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  8. Avatar photo 433jeff

    Wow look at the price on this rig, yesterdays running 426 wedge 4 speed looks a whole lot better now, damn the tinworm.

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  9. Avatar photo Djjerme

    This would be a fun one to weld a full cage, stick a manual in and just go have some fun on the track or a hill climb maybe?

    So rough, who cares what happens to it, just go have fun with it..

    I will say, the 68 front end really does get the vote for meanest looking of the popular muscle cars of the era.

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  10. Avatar photo MJF

    Calling this a project car is an understatement

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  11. Avatar photo Boney

    I owned a 73 challenger in Early ’80s paid $400
    Blue w white vinyl top

    Someone l let drive took out a row of parked cars w it

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  12. Avatar photo George Birth

    This is a classic case of more money than brains!

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  13. Avatar photo Quadcam

    Just need the see through motor kit to go along with the see through Charger body.

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  14. Avatar photo t-bone BOB

    Jun 12, 2021
    US $23,500.00

    Item location:
    Little Rock, Arkansas,

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  15. Avatar photo george mattar

    i just put a new kitchen in our house for less than this heap sold. Increased value of our home by $40,000 easy. More money than brains. I love 68 Chargers, but why is it these cars are among the worst condition wise on this site. Yeah, Road Runners and other Mopars rot, but Chargers have been rotted out since the mid 70s. Rust is one thing but to let a beautiful car get to this point is just ridiculous. The old, gonna fix it up one day is such a BS term. Now some idiot with deep pockets is going to try and fix this Titanic.

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  16. Avatar photo Kevin

    Once again, ding dongs on e-bay bid stuff to the moon,but at 23,500 it went unsold,…shocking!,lol it will take 23,500 in metal work to fix this,my advice,part it out,this sat way,way,too long,another sad tale,or graveyard cars special.

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