Original C1: 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

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It might be a base model, but this 1962 Corvette seems like the car to get if you’ve been looking for a C1 that you can drive. It’s highly original, although the seller did have the engine rebuilt and it needs the consumables replaced. Since it isn’t a showpiece, you could just do what’s necessary to get it back on the road and drive it the way it was meant to be. While it’s currently in Stillwater, Oklahoma it still retains it’s original California black plates, which is a cool feature that helps authenticate the seller’s story. So, if this seems like the kind of Corvette that you’d love to have, you can find it here on eBay.

The engine is out of the car, so the seller didn’t include any photos of the engine bay. It’s said to be the base 250 horsepower 327 V8 and that it has been built to original specs, with the exception of having hardened valve seats installed. They also had the Powerglide rebuilt at the same time, so both are out of the car and will need to be reinstalled. Hopefully, the seller has receipts to show exactly what work was done.

Given the condition of the interior and paint, there’s no doubt in my mind that this Corvette really is a survivor. It was clearly cared for but used and enjoyed. The interior could use a good cleaning, some conditioning, and possibly a little restoration work, but could be used as is. You will likely want to get the split seam in the driver’s seat repaired before using it too much, but an upholstery shop should be able to fix it easily enough.

To get this Corvette back on the road won’t take much more than reinstalling the engine and sorting the brakes, but making it a nice driver will require more work. This really is the kind of car to buy if you want something to fix up and drive. In the end, you will have a survivor you can drive, show off and enjoy. So, what would you do with this C1? Would you just do what it takes to get it going again or would you go ahead and give it a full restoration?

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  1. Anthony in RI

    That serial number makes it the 255th 62 Corvette off the line in ST Louis…

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  2. Stillrunners

    Wasn’t this a featured car before ? Maybe when the last owner had it ?

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  3. ccrvtt

    This car is rough and there’s “some assembly required”. To the seller’s credit he’s not hiding anything and had the good taste to install period-correct narrow whitewalls instead of wide whites. The asking price is probably close to the market and that’s what’s going to kick this car into the total restoration bracket, out of the reach of a driver-budget owner.

    The NCRS has done a wonderful job of preserving concours examples. One can only hope this car gets into the survivor/driver class that they had the foresight to establish. Nice find.

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  4. OhU8one2

    I would just get it road worthy. And drive it just like it is. I used to have a 64 GTO hardtop in about the same condition. That car got more attention than I could be the friendly owner because everybody had a story to tell. It would take me a half hour just to get gas. But the Goat was aquamarine in color, both inside and out. So I’m sure that got me noticed just pulling in to the gas pump. I sure miss that car. Lot’s of memories. It belonged to a friend of mine in high school. So I rode around Phoenix alot.

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  5. ruxvette

    I agree with ccrvtt…the asking price is close to the market value. I would get it running and keep the mechanicals current (maybe a new soft top) while driving the car sparingly. Hopefully in 10 years you will have made a good investment.
    To fix the wonky trunk lid, remove the Route 66 luggage rack, repair the rear corner, repaint, rechrome, and redo the interior makes it a labor of love.
    It will draw admiring glances as is.

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  6. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I like it as is. It takes me back to when this is just how you would see these around town. I agree on a new soft top for cruising on those cold Wisconsin nights. I like the rack, adds to the period looks of the car. Maybe go to the thrift store for an old leather suitcase to strap on the rack. I hope the new owner gets some Route 66 time!

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  7. geomechs geomechsMember

    My favorite Corvette! I’d love to take on a project like this but it’s beyond my budget. But I can still wish…

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  8. cornet_4_life

    amazing! i have always loved these cars. the reason, well the look better that the stingray. i know some people will hate me for that but still. i really would love to row through the gears and do a burnout. MERICA

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  9. Andy

    “No accidents ever” then the pics show the left rear that got crunched somehow. Not a tough fix though…

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  10. Mountainwoodie

    At the risk of sounding querulous, given the amount of money the seller probably spent on the rebuilds, short of not having the money or the health to do so, why would anyone not finish the job and reinstall the ‘train before you try and sell it?

    That said nothing I like better than a car with a little wear and mostly original. I don’t consider rebuilding the drive train to harm its originality. But that’s just me.

    Very pretty car…..and you get the black plates! I wish I could bring it back to Cali!

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  11. John Taylor

    Are they really worth over $60,000 because by the time you restore it the car will owe you that, plus not forgetting you need to fit the hardened inserts to the
    heads. Interesting because it is not a concourse car after all.

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  12. Hotroddaddy

    Where are Martin Miller and George MaHarris when you need them?

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    • Mountainwoodie

      In the back seat of Adam 12? :)

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    • CaCarDude

      Buzz Murdock and Todd Stiles. I met Martin Milner in person back in about 2004 at our State fair, got his autograph and chatted a few minutes, a very nice class act he was.
      This year Corvette is a real head turner and one I would be proud to own and drive daily.

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  13. Little_Cars Saul

    Marty Milner, not Miller. Adam 12 and Route 66. Loved ’em both!

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