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I can’t tell if this is an original car or not, one of you can probably pick out the details that will tip it off as to its original status. This 1967 Mustang Coupe is on eBay with a current bid price of just over $4,000 and six days left on the auction. It’s located in Northvale, New Jersey and the seller has it listed as ” Mustang Classic 1967 Coupe Storage Sale Original miles 64k Vintage Mustang Save”. I know that it only says original miles, not original car, but I’m wondering if the word “original” is in there to attract potential buyers who search for “original” vehicles?

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It sure is a great looking car, the body is perfect as is the interior, at least to my eye. I love the wheel covers, I’m a sucker for a non-mag-wheel car like this. It brings me back to this era and to what most people actually drove, rather than the 428 monsters that the current auction market makes us believe were everywhere in those days.

051016 Barn Finds - 1967 Ford Mustang - 3

Maybe just the paint has been redone and everything else is original? The paint looks almost too good to be original, but it could be. And, maybe the sellers’ idea of “original” is no bodywork but just new paint? This car sure looks great whether it’s all original or not.

051016 Barn Finds - 1967 Ford Mustang - 4

The interior looks equally fantastic, other than that automatic shift lever on the console! I know, some folks prefer automatics, and I drive one every day myself. There’s not one thing wrong with driving a car with an automatic. I would prefer a manual just for the fun of shifting for myself, but I know that some knees and hips don’t allow for the operation of a clutch pedal. But, other than that, this interior is a knock out, and it looks original! The seller says that these are “leather seats“, I didn’t know that was even an option for such a car in 1967.

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Here’s where things get a little dicey. Original or restored, two doors or four doors, manual or automatic; those are all things that can be equally debated by everyone and we can probably all agree that there is some merit in any of those configurations. But, when it comes to engines, a V8 typically wins the majority of the arguments when it comes to what folks like to see under their collective hoods (or, bonnets, for our friends in the UK). This is Ford’s 200 cubic inch six-cylinder with 120 hp; not a screamer by any means but enough to move the car along with modern traffic. Now this part of the car looks original, and some detailing would have gone a long way to make the engine compartment look as great as the rest of the car does. So, what are your thoughts: is this great-looking car original or is it a case of a buzzword being used to attract potential buyers? Either way, this car looks like a winner to me.

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  1. Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

    The one thing I can tell you is that the wheel covers are from a 65. This is what they should look like: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/151919635693?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true
    Mom had two 1967’s, one Sports Sprint, while I was growing up.

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    • rdc

      I was going to comment the hubcaps are wrong. Even these are ugly IMO. :)

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      I was also going to comment that those are first year hubcaps with spinners.

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    • Cody D

      Yea Me three, those are 65 Hubs,

      The 67 Standard Hubs Look like this

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  2. DrinkinGasoline

    From the ad:
    “Floors solid-Torque boxes solid Professionally done “.

    The car is pretty straight looking though.

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  3. Frankie

    Haven’t looked at the ad yet, but as far as looking at the seats, they were definitely redone, there’s not enough sag from someone sitting in/on them for a sixty four thousand mile car, material dries out and cracks over time. The same with the dash pad and carpet, it doesn’t look that worn. Nice car. Original to me means original paint, drive train, interior, mileage, almost everything and depending on how much they want for the car.

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  4. JW454

    It looks like a respectable repaint to me. It still needs a lot of proper detailing. I would have wiped the foot prints out of the drivers floor before the pictures.

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  5. William H

    Certainly looks to be a straight car. Seller says that he’s not sure how old the repaint is but he thinks it was done about 4 years ago. Whoever did it seems to had done a great job. Hopefully there’s nothing bad hiding under the respray.

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  6. Todd Zuercher

    And those are black vinyl seats. Not leather.

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    • Davnkatz Taylor

      I had a 1964 1/2 convertible pony with 6 cyl and auto trans. Sure wish I still had it. Back then, I believe the seat material was called “naugahyde”, and it felt just like real leather.

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  7. Joe

    “Original” is kind of like “All-Natural” food at the grocery store; it doesn’t really mean anything. Those are vinyl seats, not leather. Most people don’t know the difference. Body-color wheels were only on cars with dog-dish hubcaps. However, those are all minor offenses compared to what people usually perpetrate on these cars. Unless serious rust or botched repairs lurk underneath, this looks like a solid, unmolested car. I could believe 64k miles, rather than 164k. The 200 six cylinder is no performance machine, but it will do the job if well-tuned. It only gets slightly better gas mileage than a 289; my ’68 200 got 18 to 24 mpg with the stock C4 automatic transmission, and now gets 19 to 27 mpg with a T5.

    Price is currently reasonable at $4750, but there are 5 days left. Someone will bid it up, I’m sure. Whether it gets above the reserve… who knows. Some people see K-code fastback Mustang prices and think their T-code coupe is the same thing.

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  8. BillB

    Needs a good going over both with elbow grease and with new reproduction parts, in and out from one of many suppliers out there. About $1500 and a lot of detailing work should get it to where it needs to be for a really nice driver/head turner.
    The photo through the back window shows the optional turn signals in the hood openings. Nice option.

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  9. Willis

    At the end of the day it’s a mustang and its a 6 cylinder..

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    • rdc

      And that is a good thing. :)

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  10. piper62j

    My wife and I brought our first born home in her 67 burgundy colored Mustang 6 cyl. It was mint at the time.. She bought it new while I was in Nam..No seat belts and she carried the baby in her arms in the front seat.. Things have changed since then..

    Anyway, having owned one of these for quite a few years since new, I can tell you with clarity that this one is not all original.. Especially if if the floors and torque boxes have been “professionally done”.. I’m willing to bet the paint is new also because if the floors and boxes were worked on, so were the lower quarter panels, doors and rear of the front fenders. there’s bondo in them thar panels… If you look closely at the instrument cluster, it shows it’s age and that’s been on the inside of the car since 67, so why is the exterior looking like shiny and new???

    Overall, I’m skeptical of a car from NJ being this “original”… Just not possible unless it spent most of it’s time in a garage and only driven on Sunday to church..

    Nice find and great little Mustang..

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    • Rocco

      All Mustangs came from the Ford Factory with seat belts as “standard equipment”. That was one of the advertising ploys. If your ’67 Mustang didn’t have seat belts, someone took them out.

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      • Roselandpete

        We had a 63 Impala that my dad had to add seatbelts retroactively. I think there was a federal law that required them in cars from 63 and newer since my dad never would have put them in on his own accord.

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  11. Joe

    “Original car” doesn’t mean paint or seat covers or battery or muffler or fluids!! Or other upkeep or maintenance items. That’s sooooo ridiculous. It means “unmodified from stock” and preferably with all OEM parts. It doesn’t mean “Untouched” or “not re-painted”. “Original miles” is what the seller said implying no rollback or odometer change. Better to have “Verified actual miles” from service receipts, registrations, and notarized statement from the original owner/s. Do you want an “original car” that doesn’t run and looks like crap? Lots of extremely nice and well preserved cars in NJ, and a strong car culture. This guy is blowing smoke and has no idea.

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  12. piper62j

    Yo! Joey!! Yahh muss be frum Newww Joissey!!!
    Chances are pretty good I was working on these cars (especially 67 Mustangs) before your parents were born..

    Sorry to dissappoint yah Goommbahhh.. And I’m not your Goommbahh…

    All in good fun..

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  13. Roselandpete

    Who is going to admit odometer rollback?

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  14. Joe

    Wow! You are “Original”. We can’t read cause you make us LOL. And you are a ’67 Mustang expert too? Right, uh huh, you worked on lots of them. Wow. We’re impressed by your witty originality.

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  15. piper62j

    Joey,, Joey,, Joey..

    Good night..

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  16. Joe

    Nice looking car. I guess there are 2 Joe’s posting. Hmmm.

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  17. JoeW

    Make it 3 Joe’s posting. Very sparse information in the ad. The ODO looks to be original as the numbers line up well. Torque boxes professionally done? That is a scary statement but being in New Jersey body cancer is pretty much a given. Buyer beware, inspect first!

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  18. Keith

    I’ve seen a few Mustangs lately purporting “original leather seats”. Mustangs didn’t (we’re talking 1st gen here) have leather seats from the factory. However, they were available as a dealer installed option. Just like those cap cap scuff plates you sometimes see: dealer option. This one doesn’t have leather seats, and the fact that the seller thinks they are leather leads me to wonder what else he doesn’t know about his car. Nit picking aside, this is a nice car, especially for New Jersey (relax, I’m in jersey, i can talk trash). People dog the I6 engines, but I can tell you that they have some benefits: I6 cars are cheaper to purchase, the I6 is durable as hell and easy to work on. I’ve bought and restored many 170 and 200ci equipped Mustangs and have yet to lose any green on one.

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    • Joe

      (Joe Number 2)
      Agree about easier to work on for sure. 1964 Fairlane with a 200 was the first engine I played with when I was 14–circa 1976. The guys in the auto parts store would look at me like I was from Mars.

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  19. rdc

    I had a metallic blue 1967 Sport Sprint bought new from dealers lot when I needed a car, any car. 289 with auto and radio. No other options. Kept it 3 years and special ordered a 70 351 c fastback with many luxury and performance options. Somehow i miss the 67 almost as much as the 70. :) BTW, the 67 had blue vinyl or pleather seats.

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  20. Curt

    Looks like a ’67 with a ’68 hood…the turn indicators in the hood. I suppose that could have been an accessory. Has the ’67 steering wheel.
    Ford was (in)famous for saving last year’s parts and putting them on cars ’til they ran out…never could figure why they didn’t just put them in their parts system to be sold to dealers for repair jobs.
    With next year’s models coming out in Sep the year before, showing ‘First Sold’ in the older year on the titles, and with Ford’s trim habits, it is hard to tell what you have sometimes, half a century later.

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    • Rocco

      The turn signals in the hood started in ’67.

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    That hood was part of the Sprint package, along with the chrome air cleaner.

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  22. piper62j

    Rocco.. The new 67 Mustang my wife bought while I was in Nam was a burgundy 6cyl with just P/S and an AM radio.. No seat belts from the factory.. Sweet car when it was new..
    I can’t recall when seat belts became standard equipment in these cars, but ours didn’t have any any and there were no holes in the carpet..

    Just my 2 cents..

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  23. Rocco

    I’m 100% positive they were standard equipment from ’64 1/2 to present. Something went wrong with your car.

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  24. piper62j

    o.k. :)

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  25. Scotty GAuthor

    Auction update: the bids went up to $7,167 but – “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available”

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