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Original Condition Find: 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe

An original condition find, this ’40 Deluxe Coupe holds a great deal of promise with a straight body, and a reasonable condition original interior. In need of floor repair, the remainder of the body is quite solid. A great starting platform for your hot rod or restoration, this project is offered for $8,500. Check it out here on eBay out of Bellevue, Texas.

The engine bay is currently vacant, but this relatively complete 1940 flathead is included in the sale. The engine is filled with oil and does turn over by hand. Unfortunately those are all the fact we have on the engine. Also the seller is willing to include a 1953 Mercury flat head for an addition $2,000.

In fair condition, the engine compartment wears some surface rust on the fire wall, and holds a little rot on the passenger side inner fender section.

Having aged fairly well, the upholstery shows nicely were it may still be of use for a rat rod or survivor type project. There is certainly a hole in the driver floor that needs to be repaired. I will say the outer edge of the floor into the inner rocker area looks to be decently solid. Perhaps this would be a simple enough, cut and replace, fix?

Although some black paint remains, there are quite a few areas where the paint is complete worn. Some minor surface rust can be found on this Ford, and there are a few areas that have been primed to inhibit the spread of rust. I do not see any rot on the exterior, but the seller indicates that perhaps one of the lower sections of the rear fenders may need some work. Both rear fenders have matching dings below the taillights. I would guess that someone backed up into something gently to create these matching marks. A fairly competent metal person could pop those dings out with little fuss. One thing I find surprising is that the running boards look to be rock solid and without any significant damage. One downside to this Ford is the glass has started to de-laminate and cloud. A great start for a project, what direction would you take with this Ford Deluxe Coupe?


  1. Avatar photo motoring mo

    Chop, slam, LS6, drive.

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    • Avatar photo Chris M.

      I say no chop, lowered, 5.0 Ford, drive

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    • Avatar photo 1st Gear

      Gasser Gasser Gasser
      These things were put on this planet for nothing else.Early hemi & a 4sp . I like my dreams.

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  2. Avatar photo Will Fox

    Like shoebox Fords, these `38-`40 models have a bunch of reproduction parts available, including sheet metal. With an extremely strong following of owners, there is a wealth of sources for someone to get started with this project. Being the purist I am, I would restore it to showroom stock, but as we all know with `40 Fords, it would make a cool street rod too. It’s a blank slate for a buyer!

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  3. Avatar photo Fred W

    Easier to restore than most projects. Made of steel that’s twice the thickness of anything on the road today- real Detroit steel. Bumper brackets and possibly even the bumper bars are spring steel just like the rear springs – hit something and just bounce back. The original 5mph (or maybe 10mph!) bumpers!

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  4. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    Restoration all the way for this one. Getting weary seeing so many sporting SBC engines and flame paint jobs. If you want to go that route there’s a complete reproduction body for you. You can also get a custom rolling chassis to put it on. I know if I was inclined to go the street rod way, that’s the direction I’d take.

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  5. Avatar photo John p

    Awesome as it is.. clean it-fix it mechanically and drive.. keeps it affordable and will catch more attention than most street rods and restored belly-button Goodguys cars!! 👌

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  6. Avatar photo TimM

    Anyway you do it it can be cool!!! Just use the flathead as a boat anchor and that’s a great start in my opinion!!!

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  7. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    I’m with John P on this one–freshen up that flatmotor, new clutch, maybe some 50’s era speed equip. I like the way the body looks- like a $35 beater a kid gets when in school. Like the book I dog eared in school- “boy gets Car”, think his was a 40!!! Good luck to the new owner!!


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  8. Avatar photo Arthell64

    I always wanted one of these. Never could find one this nice when I was looking for a project

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  9. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    Open book is correct👍. Man I sure wish I was twenty years younger, I’d jump on this in a heart beat. Ofcourse, at my age and condition I require A/C, power steering and power brakes at the very least. That’s one of the reasons I like my 64 Buick Riviera so much, it has power everything and ice cold A/C. And the 425 nailhead gets it on down the street very quickly. Still in my heart I still have love for a 40 Ford coupe.
    God bless America

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  10. Avatar photo ctmphrs

    I really doubt anyone wanting to restore this car will pay $8500.00

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  11. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    Yes CTMPHRS. I thought the 8500 was a tad on the high side, but being its a car with such fabulous lines like a 40 ford, it may bring it. In the end, what the buyer pays for iit will set the value!They aren’t making any more. Nice blank state for someone. Good luck!

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  12. Avatar photo sluggo

    It amazes me the differences in prices for some makes and models. Many brands made similar cars in the prewar era, So if you like the general style,, it pays to shop around.I never had a Ford in these years but they trend for 3x the price and not sure why. I had a 37 Pontiac coupe, a 38 Chevy coupe a 37 Plymouth, currently I have now.. a 1939 Plymouth coupe and its nearly identical to this, the headlights appear the same but grill is slightly different. I bought a 1940 Dodge coupe for parts but trns out not as much interchanges and I dont have the heart to part it out. But at 20 feet and squint a bit.. they all look the same. (Paid $300 for the Dodge 4 years ago, and $900 for the Plymouth 6 years ago)
    Regardless, rat rod, resto mod or restoration, Its sure nice to see these saved and hopefully back on the road. These are too nice to see go to that scrap yard in the sky.
    (nice to see the thumbs down again, but you have to be a member to use the up/down tabs)

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  13. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    I’m with Chris.

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  14. Avatar photo ctmphrs

    One big difference is you can buy almost every part for the Ford, not so much for the Chevy, and almost not at all for the Pontiac,Plymouth and Dodge.

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  15. Avatar photo delmer mcafee

    is it still for sale

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