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Original Owner: 1961 Corvette

We have a hard time keeping the same car for 5 years more less 50 years, but when the car is a 1961 Corvette we can understand why the owner of this one has kept it for all these years. The current owner bought the car new in ’61 and has put close to 60,000 miles on it since then. They obviously enjoyed it, but took good care of. It has been pulled from their garage and listed here on eBay.

The car is still wearing its original Fawn Beige paint, which is still looking good. It has a few chips here and there, but the fiberglass body looks solid. There are a few chips to the body around the trunk lid, but nothing serious. For ’61, Chevrolet made several visual changes to the Corvette, including the duck tail rear end with four round tail lights. It was also the last year for contrasting cove paint, which is one of our favorite features of early Corvettes.

The 283 cui V8 was the only engine offered in ’61, but could be order in several configurations. This one came with the dual four barrel carburetors and is rated at 245 hp. It was also ordered with the Power Glide transmission, power windows, and power top. This configuration should provide decent performance, but would be more suited to a leisurely cruise through town.

The interior looks fantastic and shows minimal wear. It appears to be correct, but the seller doesn’t state whether everything is working correctly or not. For the time, this interior was very sporty, with the center mounted tachometer and big speedometer behind it. We have always found it interesting that Chevrolet made the automatic gear selector look like a manual shifter. Perhaps this was to allow the driver to pretend they had a manual instead of this slushbox?

This Corvette is a true American classic and it’s not hard to see why the owner has kept it for so long, but we can’t help wonder why they have decided to sell it now. Perhaps they are selling due to age or health issues, or perhaps they want it to go to someone who will enjoy it more. We don’t know their reason, but we are glad that they have kept it nice for all these years. We are still torn on what year of C1 we like the best, but this ’61 looks great. What year of Corvette is your personal favorite?


  1. Rick


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  2. Dave Stewart

    50 years old…if it had a 4 speed it would be perfect. I never could understand why GM put the powerglide trans in the Corvette.

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    • Barn Finds

      I don’t understand that one either Dave.

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    • joe howell

      The only justification to buy one would be a bad leg. As my stick driving wife says “those cars are for girls”. God I love that woman.

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      • Barn Finds

        Lucky man Joe!

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    • Billy Rockfish

      I do. Boulevard cruiser. Same reason the two seat T-Birds had Fordomatic.

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  3. paul

    WOW, fantastic, buy it & don’t touch a thing, if it is missing the air cleaner find an OEM one & put it back on.This is a six figure car.

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  4. paul

    Obviously a stick would be better but it doesn’t have that so it is what it is.

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  5. Faygo

    Wow, that’s a keeper. OK, Santa, I’m ready to tell you of my decision for this Christmas . . .

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  6. Dolphin Member

    Nice ’61, very similar to my favorite C1, the ’62 ducktail. I prefer the black grille on the ’62, but either year would be a terrific car to own. The driving dynamics of these C1s are not comparable to thoe of any well engineered car of today. The C1 was based on the Chevy sedan of the day, and the steering is slow and heavy. But if you want the ultimate vintage ride for cruise night, who cares if the car doesn’t zip around like a contemporary car with fast, power assisted steering and 4-wheel disc brakes?

    This value of this car is increased by all the original paperwork and the apparent originality of much of the car. This is reflected in the fact that the car has 8 bids and is already bid to over $41,000 after less than a day and a half on eBay. The paint is said to be original, but one of the documents shows an award from the NCRS to someone for restoration and preservation of this car, so there may have been some restoration done. If bidders care, which they should if bidding gets much higher, ask detailed questions, or better yet, bring an NCRS expert with you when you look at the car.

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  7. Horse Radish

    I’m o.k.with the car.

    BUT I am sick and tired of these one owner claims (or two or three whatever the claims are in any particular case).

    It is insulting one’s intelligence, when you see two different names on the paperwork, unless there is a third paper confirming a name change.
    Don’t these curbside dealers know how to count ???

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    • stigshift

      I agree wholeheartedly with you. Did you notice the concerning issues with the ‘All Original’ ’67 GTO? I didn’t even mention the picture of the VIN plate. While I believe this Vette to be all original, certainly not a one owner car unless the owner changed his name!

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  8. Al Neri

    So, to answer your question, the 1963 Corvette is my favorite followed very closely by any of the 1968-72 models.

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  9. mikey

    Wet blanket time.

    I like the looks of old Corvettes………but the weight and handling is just not my cup of tea. The interior room and especially the steering wheel distance from the legs never made sense.
    It’s almost like the car fought itself while driving.

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    This little darling looks like the filming ‘Bette from ROUTE 66…

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  11. Phil Harris

    To the people, who would like an 81 year old rock and roll musician, who would very much like to make him a very happy man, you can have this vehicle shipped to my address. The color of the vehicle is correct, engine is correct, transmission is correct. After I leave this wonderful world, which has been so good to me, the vehicle will be shipped back to you.

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