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Original Owner: 1976 Triumph TR6

Rocco found this 1976 Triumph TR6 in Gardiner, New York. It is said to be an original owner car with 71,000 miles and described as a survivor but there has been some work completed on the interior and mechanicals. It is listed here on Craigslist for $6,500 which seems reasonable. The car is said to start and run but it runs rough when cold and needs tuning. The TR6 is said to still have its original paint and has been listed about 5 days. Approximately 95,000 TR6’s were produced from 1969 to 1976.

The interior looks really nice after new seat belts, insulation, carpet, door panels and seat covers were installed. The door and window handles were also replaced along with the dash board. The black interior contrasts well with the maroon exterior. The 2,498cc inline 6 cylinder engine has had work done on the cooling system including radiator hoses, water pump and thermostat. From the factory, these engines produced 104 hp and 142 ft/lbs of torque. Power is sent to the rear via a 4 speed manual transmission. The carburetors were rebuilt but don’t run smoothly until the car is warmed up.

The trunk received new carpets and inserts as well as a new gasket to keep the water out. The body does have some dents and dings that were acquired over its 48 year life. The rear differential bushings were replaced along with new shocks and springs. The seller has new tires and also recently completed brake work by replacing the drums. The amount of work that has been completed is quite impressive. The convertible top looks good.

Rust is always a consideration on these cars and there is nothing really mentioned about it. Being a convertible in a northern state, it would be good to see some undercarriage pictures or pay a visit to the see the car in person. The seller states that he or she has receipts for the work done. I doubt this car will last long at this price.




  1. Avatar photo chrlsful

    these w/an i6 seem great. More upgrades (susp, tyre, break, etc) and the Lynx or other intake could B fitted (6 Keihins from a motorcycle) seem bout right to me
    8^ )
    One owner w/a garage’n wrenches? Might B beddah den ‘great’ !?!

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    • Avatar photo angliagt Member

      WHAT did I just read?

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      • Avatar photo Ed

        Wait, you could read that?

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      • Avatar photo Woofer Member

        I think that’s car talk? Sorta

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  2. Avatar photo Mark Ruggiero Member

    owner did a ton of work by the look of the listing. giving it away at 6500. Ad says sale pending, no surprise there…

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  3. Avatar photo luckless pedestrian

    In looking at the original ad there appears to be much work already done… This could be a good deal, but I’d need to take a good look at the frame… particularly where the rear trailing arms bolt on. Rust there is common, troublesome and expensive. The Triumph straight 6 is robust, but at 70k to 80k miles most of them are in need of valve and/or cylinder work. Compression and leak-down info could put one at ease. If I was in the market, I’d look at this one.

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  4. Avatar photo Christopher Gush

    Clearly a labor of love to which its owner finally came to his or her senses, realizing there is no recovery in the money spent thus far. Fun cars with great parts availability, however requires some institutional knowledge to service and navigate through a correct recommission. Body distortion, rust, and frame issues were their achilles heel. A good project at a correct price for someone who wishes to take it to the next level.

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  5. Avatar photo Jpatrix

    LOTS of work and new parts on this TR but the fact that the front wing splash shields/close out panels were replaced and the presence of rust through around the head light buckets tell me you want to see the frame and lower body. Looks like the car represents well for the work done and if the frame is good it would be a good daily driver.

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    • Avatar photo Stephen

      They have a great sound when you wind them up ! : )

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      • Avatar photo Stephen

        They have a great sound when you wind them up ! : )

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  6. Avatar photo Marshall Belcher

    This car has been on here several times what’s the deal..

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  7. Avatar photo Christopher W

    Back in the mid 80s I owned a ’73.
    I paid $2800 for the car.
    Originally I was looking at a ’71 Challenger R/T clone for the same price until my Dad shot it down, too fast. He agreed to the TR-6 though.
    An awesome toy but not a daily driver for sure.
    I couldn’t afford the upkeep unfortunately.
    Biggest expense was replacing the clutch which back then was about $600, mostly labor. The transmission had to be removed up out of the cabin. Still missing it today.

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    • Avatar photo Cadmanls Member

      Yep have done my 74 twice, well to be honest second time was to replace a defective throw out bearing and you go to all the trouble to get there just replaced it all again. But do like the sound that little six makes, and it feels so much quicker than it is.

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  8. Avatar photo Mark Ruggiero Member

    I’ve always loved the way the rear end squats when you jump on the power.

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