Original Owner K5: 1991 Chevrolet Blazer

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While Chevrolet K5 Blazers pop up with some regularity these days, there’s still no denying that survivors in excellent condition will still draw a crowd. The K5 seen here has been owned by the seller since new, when he bought it out of the showroom in 1991. That in and of itself is a noteworthy detail, as most of these have found second and third owners by now. The seller provides extensive details about its history, indicating he has taken good care of this Blazer since new – and the photo of the log book documenting every fill up and fluid change provides further assurances. Find the Blazer here on eBay where bidding is at $19,400 with the reserve unmet.

What really stands out to me about this K5 (beyond the single owner history) is that it has over 100,000 miles and still presents as well as it does. That tells you this owner not only looked after the truck, but he also sweat the small stuff as it related to the cosmetics and keeping wear-prone surfaces like the steering wheel in mint condition. Other photos showing the condition of the foot pedals also reveal small but meaningful details that point to this truck having much lower mileage than it actually does, which is a testament to the seller. The seller believes his truck is among the last 10 to 15 examples built, and notes he has extensive documentation from the day he bought it to every oil change and service record performed by the local dealer.

Wow – not only does this seller keep exhaustive records, he also has really nice handwriting! Another reason to trust what he says. More seriously, you have to respect sellers like these who go over and above the normal standard for documenting a vehicle’s service history, as it pays dividends later on when it comes time to sell. But even with all this data, the seller confirms the truck doesn’t need anything mechanically at the moment. Even the R12 air conditioning still blows cold. This is the seller’s seventh K5 Blazer he’s owned since 1972, so it’s not his first rodeo as it relates to taking care of a classic square body like this.

The two-tone paint job was a GM staple on its trucks in the 1980s, and the exterior of this K5 still looks quite fresh. The seller notes there is a repainted area around the upper part of the passenger fender following an unfortunate keying incident that occurred years ago (see Pulp Fiction – you just don’t key another man’s car). The seller has also installed a limited slip differential and swapped on the platform hitch from another truck. The headliner is beginning to sag, which is fairly typical in Blazers of this vintage. Bidding is strong, but it’s not enough at the moment to help this Blazer find its next forever home. What do you think a fair price should be for this original owner Blazer?

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  1. Big_FunMember

    I’d rather buy this with over 100k and all the records, then one with half the miles and no records…

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  2. local_sheriff

    What strikes me the most is just how pristine its floors look underneath. Don’t think I even remember squarebodies looking so uncorroded down there and this one isn’t even wearing protective coating. I know the PNW is the region to search for nice trucks but they do have four seasons after all so this fella must have been fairly eager hosing off the undercarriage frequently.

    My only question is WTH sell it at all?!? Unless our seller already owns another (even better) K5 he’d be hard pressed to find one like this sometime in the future. Personally I’d much, much rather have this 30year old K5 than any goofy looking and difficult to work on ’21 truck

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  3. Araknid78

    Item location:
    Bremerton, Washington

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  4. Bamapoppy

    I’ve been looking for a reason to go to Bremerton. “Honey, going out for a few &$/:; (inaudible). Be right back ( kinda, sorta).” Lol

    Seriously, reminds me of my ‘89 that was grey top and bottom with red in the middle. I kept it meticulously clean. Had 3.55 gears that could pull a house but didn’t like anything higher than 65mph. An awesome vehicle. Easily will get past $20K.

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  5. David G

    Bidding ended at $30,500 with reserve still not met.

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  6. Kevin

    Super nice truck, I have always liked these, wow it went unsold, and bid up to 30k!…really nice,but 30k plus,not this guy.

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  7. t-bone BOB

    Jul 25, 2021
    Current bid:
    US $30,500.00
    [ 48 bids ]
    Reserve not met

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