Original Owner LX: 1989 Ford Mustang

Finding an original owner Fox Body is a monumental task these days, especially for a non-Saleen or GT model. The rest of them rarely led a pampered existence like this LX 5.0 model did. Although it now sports some modifications, they are all reversible and at its core, you still have a clean LX-level trim with a robust V8 and manual transmission to play with. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $5,500 and no reserve.

Although it’s not the rarer notchback bodystyle, this LX hatchback at least wears a pretty shade of paint that isn’t red, black, or white. This Mustang is a 25th anniversary model, which seems to be a dress-up package featuring nothing more than some additional badges. The current wheels are aftermarket SVT five-spokes; original wheels are included, mounted on snow tires.

The interior  presents well enough, with factory cloth buckets holding up OK  despite 116,000 on the clock. It clearly looks used inside, which is allowable when it’s clear the owner has attempted to keep cloth surfaces free of major staining and side bolsters intact. No cracks appear in the dash, although an aftermarket radio head unit is present. Carpets look pretty clean, too.

The venerable 5.0L V8 has numerous tweaks, including (but not limited to) a new long block; aftermarket intake, heads, and cam; cold air intake; full exhaust system; programmable NOS system; and more. With the exterior of the car still appearing mostly stock, this LX 5.0 Mustang is a rare survivor of sorts and likely one of the last still with its original caretaker.


  1. Steve R

    Nice car. Hideous wheels.

    Steve R

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    • Reggie

      Hideous wheels!? Those we’re some of the best looking wheels you could get for a four lug mustang, oh , you probably wanted all black, yuck..

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    • Brian K

      I’d like to see Ford make 17 inch 10 hole style wheels.

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  2. Skorzeny

    Wow. I love the wheels. And Jeff, you don’t mount wheels on tires you mount tires on wheels. (Or rims…) Nice car!!

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  3. Bakyrdhero

    I want to like the rims, I really do. I guess I prefer the factory rims though.

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    • Jaydawg7 Jaydawg73

      That would still have been the 10-holes & not 5 spoke Ponys in 1989, right?

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      • Tom Member

        Not sure about that? This body was from 88-93 and if I remember it had a 5 spoke metallic silver painted wheels. The spokes were “fatter” and stubbier looking than the chrome ones on the car now. Not sure when the 10 hole wheels ended? That is how I remember it in 1989 when I was looking at one to buy it brand new. I bought an 89 IROC convertible instead. I am a GM guy, probably should have bought the mustang !!

      • Reggie

        I bought a new 89 gt, it had the fined ,like the old turbo (I think that’s what they were called, didn’t like them later, maybe 1990 ford came out with a 5 spoke wheel 4 lug, but spokes were kind of rounded. The wheels on the barn find car look to like cobra r wheels and l loved them but to each his own

  4. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Eh, “studded snow tires” on the original rims. Boy. Not a sales-inducing fact, I wouldn’t think.

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    • DKW

      If you lived in Montana, as the seller does, you’d probably think differently if you needed to drive it in the winter.

  5. tiger66

    No such thing as a “25th anniversary model” but some ’89s and most ’90s got a little Mustang badge on the dash that said “25 years.” They then kept the badge but dropped the “25 Years” text on the later cars. Nothing special about the “25 years” cars as they are just regular production models.

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  6. Bakyrdhero

    I thought the five spoke pony wheels came in 90 with the airbag?

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  7. DKW

    I don’t agree with: “Although it now sports some modifications, they are all reversible and at its core…”

    The engine (block, headers, injection system) have all been replaced. No mention of availability of the originals. You may find headers and injection system, but good luck finding an original, numbers matching block if it wasn’t kept.

    Speaking of which, I’m guessing it was blown. Considering this persons penchant to hot-rod (NOS system, cold air intake, etc.) I wonder about the rest of the car. No doubt it’s been taken care of, but it’s also been tinkered with and, he admits with his “stop light terror” comment, run pretty hard.

    I had an ’86 Fox body 5.0 LX convertible when I was in my 20s. It was blue with grey interior, like this one. The engine was bullet-proof. I had over 200K miles on it when I sold it (to a friend) when I was moving. He STILL has it (over 300K miles on the engine, now). Never abused the car and it’s his weekend car now that we’re in our 50s.

    If this seller replaced the block strictly for performance, I’d wonder about his driving habits if it’s not a track car. If he blew the last one, then I’d wonder about the condition of the rest of the undercarriage.

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  8. Todd Fitch Staff

    I was traveling when this came out, but wanted to comment as this car’s in great shape, better than my own that I highlighted a while back after getting it back on the road. My ’89 Mustang LX 5.0 is the only new car I’ve ever bought for myself, and I still have it as a daily driver. I’ll roll over 240,000 this week and the original interior is mostly as nice as this one except for my front seat bottoms which are faded but still not torn or stained. I’ve got the original engine and transmission, clutch, glass, front suspension in its entirety, and original front calipers, though I did install a ’93 Cobra rear axle with 3.73 gears, which was like adding a turbo compared to the stock 2.73s. Other than a tie rod end and bulbs I’ve passed 20+ safety inspections with no issues. On the 30th anniversary of its purchase I did a couple burn-outs without warming the engine up and blew a head gasket. Until then only the valve covers had been off to replace leaky gaskets. It’s hard to imagine any car being as reliable and so much fun. Years ago, with the 2.73s on highway trips, I got a couple tanks of 30.x MPG. I’m planning to run it at least to 250k then maybe a 351 swap, suspension, and brakes, and just keep driving it. It fits me and my needs like a glove. Thanks for the memories, Jeff! https://barnfinds.com/road-legal-todds-one-owner-232k-1989-ford-mustang-lx-5-0/

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