Original Paint: 1958 Dodge Custom Sierra

The original owners of this 1958 Dodge Custom Sierra used the wagon on a regular basis for 16-years, but in 1974, they parked it in their garage. That’s where it remained for the next 45-years until its current owner recently undertook a meticulous process of returning the car to active service once again. It is now ready to head to a new home, so if it is a vehicle that appeals to you, then you will find it located in Ontario, California, where it has been listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $23,950 for the Dodge, but the option is available to make an offer.

The owner admits that the Custom Sierra isn’t perfect, but it does seem to be a very tidy survivor. The Eggshell and Crimson paint combination give the car a handsome appearance, and the paint is said to be all original. There are a couple of minor dings in the panels, but these aren’t bad. I suspect that at least one of these could be removed by a paintless dent removal company, so that would be worth investigating. The car has only ever seen life on dry Californian roads, so the owner’s claims of no major rust issues could certainly be quite plausible. One of the interesting features of this vehicle is the external opening for the spare wheel well that you can see in the lower rear quarter panel on the passenger side. This was not a standard feature on all versions of the Dodge Sierras but was only fitted to those with the optional third-row seating. The external trim and chrome is not only all present, but it is in impressive condition. The Dodge also rolled off the line fitted with tinted glass, and this remains in good condition.

The best word that I can use to describe the interior of the Custom Sierra is “stunning.” When it was removed from storage, the owner chose to have new covers fitted to the seats, while a new carpet set was also installed. The remaining interior trim, including the headliner, is all original. The presentation isn’t perfect, but it looks so good that I would personally be willing to forgive the few minor imperfections. There is some minor discoloring on some of the door trims, but the rest of it looks factory-fresh. The dash looks absolutely amazing, and the Dodge comes fitted with a factory radio and a power rear window. For added versatility, the Custom Sierra has been optioned with the third-row seating. This reverse-facing seat was known as the “Spectator” seating configuration, and according to Dodge, this made the vehicle a true nine-seater. I won’t argue with them on that point, but I would suggest that the people occupying that rear seat would probably need to be small children if the intent is to squeeze three of them across there.

The owner provides no photos of the engine but does provide a lot of information on the vehicle’s specifications, and of the work that has been undertaken to return the vehicle to a roadworthy state. Tackling the specifications first, the original owners chose to tick the box on the list next to the D-500 engine option. This 361ci V8 pumped out a healthy 305hp, although there was an even more potent version that produced 320hp. The transmission of choice is the venerable 3-speed TorqueFlite automatic, while the vehicle is also equipped with power steering and power brakes. The owner really pushed the boat out when it came to preparing the car for a life back on the open road. The front end and brake system have received a complete rebuild, as has the TorqueFlite. New shocks and new whitewall tires have been fitted, along with a new exhaust. The original radiator has received a new core, while the power steering pump, water pump, starter, the entire fuel system, and the generator have all been treated to a rebuild as well. The result of all of this hard work, and quite a considerable amount of expenditure, is a car that is said to now run and drive beautifully.

The 1958 Custom Sierra represented the range-topping wagon offered by Dodge during that model year, and 3,505 people decided to hand over their hard-earned cash to own one in nine-passenger configuration. Just how many remain in existence today is not clear, but I would suspect that a good many will have potentially succumbed to the sorts of rust issues that plagued so many vehicles of this era. This one is a nice survivor that has been lavished with plenty of care and attention. If a classic wagon is on your shopping list, then this is one that could be worth a very serious look.


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  1. Bakyrdhero

    Stunning. Perfect color combo. I’m not too
    Familiar with Dodge wagons, this one looks special though.

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    • Will Fox

      It is. `58 being a bad recession year, sales were down for the entire industry. I seriously doubt you will find another like this. Chryslers of this vintage were notorious for rust, making this baby EXTREMELY rare to have survived. The fact that it’s the 9-pass. version makes it very unusual to find. I cry inside knowing I don’t have the money; I’d jump on this like white on rice.

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  2. William Shields

    If they built a modern version of this it could bring back station wagons.

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    • canadainmarkseh Member

      They do it’s called a Chevy taho or even a trail blazer which has 7 seats

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  3. ccrvtt

    Technically you can say the seller is a flipper but there’s no negative connotation here. Seems he did a lot of necessary work with a thoughtful eye to preservation and making the car roadworthy.

    And, he knows how to take pictures! (Except of the engine…)

    In light of what’s been done and the truly magnificent presentation the asking price sounds very reasonable. The new owner won’t be disappointed.

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    • TimS Member

      “Flipper” wouldn’t be a swear word to a lot of car people if flippers were like this seller.

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  4. PaulG

    Man what a ride! You’re never going to see another at most shows or car’s and coffee.
    Almost makes a guy want to have himself a whole bunch of kids so he and the wife could drive all over this beautiful country. Almost…

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  5. Will Fox

    I can’t believe what I’ve read; this makes TWO of these ultra-rare wagons featured on BF i about 2 weeks!! There was the white/copper 6-pass. Sierra and now this jewel!!! While I realize XMas is less than a week away, I bet this one’s gone before Santa arrives. This is TOO nice, and a 9-passenger to boot? I like how the interior was done–at least he paid attention to the details when doing the seat covers. The ONLY thing I would change is install a set of Chrysler wire wheels to set it off. This is a car that will gather crowds at shows.

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  6. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    Nice…..and should be the first year 350 motor in it…..instead of the next year 361.

    • KarlS

      In ’58, Plymouth got the 350 and Dodge got the 361. In 59, Plymouth got the 361 and Dodge got the 383. Seems Dodge was always a year ahead of Plymouth in the performance engine competition.

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  7. Pete in PA

    What a great old Mopar wagon! Awesome color combo and decently equipped as well. I’ve never seen or heard anything about the external access to the spare tire on 9 passenger wagons. Cool! Seems like a very reasonable price for such a rarely seen, nice wagon.

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  8. Bob McK Member

    NICE! Very nice.

  9. Del

    Wow. This would be a great Xmas present to myself.

    It was be great to celebrate getting kicked off Facebook by their anon gremlins too. After being on it for 15 years

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  10. Peter Atherton Medical Info

    Looks like it has the optional”Highway Hi-Fi”record player under the dash!

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    • Darryl

      Where? The unit below the radio is the heater control.

  11. CParm

    Late 50’s Dodges always had that mean look to the front. The 58 Royal Lancer
    from a few days ago looks like it has fangs

  12. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    A very nice wagon with a lot going for it. Price seems fair and bound to keep going up on these classic wagons. You might want to get one now.

  13. canadainmarkseh Member

    I love 50’s mopar’s right through the whole decade. This car is fantastic I wish I had the money and space for it.

  14. JOHN Member

    To drive that around would probably cause accidents by people looking at that car. Awesome, awesome old Dodge!

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  15. Stevieg Member

    Between the color scheme, the condition, the features, this is stunning! If I had the money, it would be heading to Wisconsin right now. I feel the guy it now is very fair. If this flipper is making a profit, he earned it.

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  16. Paolo

    Surprised no one has grabbed this one by now. It’s a beauty.

  17. jimmy the orphan

    This guy must of had a chrystal ball in 74′ when he plugged up his garage with his 58 wagon. Who did that in 74′? nobody I know. It s a wagon ! There cool now but not then. Anyway where’s the eng. pics. I was waiting to here eng. rebuild. Drive the kids start and stop for 16yrs.? motors in top shape ? Really ? I think 24k is ok but no more. Cool wagon. Hope the buyer doesn’t cover traffic in a cloud of blue smoke. Later…………………………….JIMMY

    • Miguel

      I doubt that was the case. People just stopped driving their old cars when they got a new one and the dealer wouldn’t give them anything for it, so it gets parked.

      Nobody thought any of these Chrysler products, except maybe for the Imperials, would ever be worth anything.

  18. Dave Mc

    They did build a mordern version called Ford Flex.Too bad Ford discontinued it.

  19. Jeremy

    Dodge also got the 350. 361 was an upgrade.

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