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Original Paint: 1977 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne

If you confronted a passionate enthusiast with two virtually identical classics where one was an original survivor and the other a faithful restoration, most would choose the survivor. There is something about a classic with a proud history that is hard to resist, which is the case with this 1977 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne. It presents well and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. The seller’s claim that it wears its original factory paint makes it more noteworthy. It needs a new home, with the seller listing it here on Craigslist in Riverside, California. You could take it home by handing them $29,000. I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder T.J, who has unearthed another fantastic classic.

Chevrolet introduced its Third Generation C/K range in 1973, with production continuing until 1991. Styling changes between then and when our feature truck rolled off the line were evolutionary, with the vehicle remaining crisp and modern. The seller claims the combination of Buckskin and Santa Fe Tan gracing this C10’s panels is original, with no restoration history. I’m prepared to take the claim at face value, although the supplied photos suggest someone may have repainted the inner bed. There are the usual dings and dents you’d expect in that area, but no scrapes, scratches, or evidence of bare steel. The presentation is accentuated by the 15″ x 8″ wheels and whitewall tires that add a subtle muscular feel to the Pickup. There is no rust to cause sleepless nights, the trim is excellent, and the glass looks flawless.

If this Cheyenne is as original as the seller claims, its interior is impressive. Older vehicles of this type generally exhibit worn or stained upholstery and carpet, but this beauty has no such issues. The cloth and vinyl upholstered surfaces look excellent, with the same true of the carpet. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect because a Black cover conceals at least one crack in the dash pad, while the gauge bezel has lost some of its Black finish. If the buyer wishes to lift the presentation, reproduction pads retail for around $320.00, while a shiny new bezel adds $150.00 to the total. The buyer could address the wheel wear with a restoration kit for $80.00; with those items tackled, this interior would turn heads. Someone may have fitted an aftermarket stereo with door-mounted speakers, but this C10 retains its factory air conditioning.

Although potential buyers in 1977 faced several engine choices to power their new C10, this truck’s original owner selected the legendary 350ci V8. Emission regulations may have been biting deeply into engine performance by 1977, but this Cheyenne’s small-block should still send 170hp and 270 ft/lbs of torque to the rear wheels via a three-speed automatic transmission. Unlike some of the more “peaky” versions, this 350 delivers its maximum power and torque below 3,800rpm, allowing the vehicle to be flexible and relaxing to drive in any environment. Power steering and front disc brakes further heightened that relaxed feeling. The seller states this Pickup has a genuine 56,000 miles on the clock, although they don’t mention verifying evidence. The whitewalls are a recent addition, and this survivor runs and drives well. It is a classic allowing the buyer to fly in and drive home behind the wheel of their new toy.

This 1977 C10 Cheyenne isn’t perfect, but you probably shouldn’t expect perfection from a vehicle designed as a workhorse. Evidence confirms it isn’t a trailer queen, but its overall condition remains impressive. The price isn’t cheap, but considering its condition, it is appropriate in the current market. It has been on the market for less than two days, and the rising popularity of classic Pickups suggests it won’t take long to find a new home. If you are genuinely interested, you may need to act quickly.


  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Gak, cough, splat ( another laptop ruined),,ahem,,go ahead, give that knife in the gut a turn, on a Sunday, no less. It’s okay, I’ve made peace with the sale of mine( when he handed me the cash) and for the record, Sunday to me is just another day. GO PACK( and here come the beer cans). Ironic, though, to see this, and naturally, TEN TIMES for what I sold mine for almost returning the coffee to the cup, $30 grand, okay, it’s a LOT nicer than mine, but $27 grand nicer? Option-wise, an automatic increases interest,a/c, but not much different. Best offer, maybe? Nah, not even close to what I feel it’s worth. I see some wear, as I know what to look for, like newer brake master, tip of the iceberg there, and that drivers door sags, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great find, although, to be honest, I didn’t really like driving mine around. While the short box helps, it’s still a big clumsy truck to drive, and please, take my advice, a 10mpg truck like this in the real world, shouldn’t be more than $10gs, tops. I simply can’t understand what all the hoopla is about with these.

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  2. Avatar photo Bruce

    Good looking PU, but it’s the lower level model. Not a Silverado with the top of the line interior. I think 16 is about the top for it.

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  3. Avatar photo Dave

    The firm price does seem high, but I’m not pompous enough to tell someone what they should sell their vehicle for, nor would I puke over it. If this actually sells at this ask, then he priced it right. If not, he’ll figure out what the market will bear. The ‘70s were the malaise decade when Congress ramped up its control over auto design, so low power and lousy fuel mileage was the norm. I’m sure any potential buyer would be aware of that, but you never know, some folks interested in these trucks are real dummies.

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      Well, thanks for that, we can always count on you for your profound statements,,,,,um, I WAS interested when I bought mine, and the guy that bought it from me was no dummy. He knew $2500 was more in the ball park, than $30grand. I’m coming from the real world, having just sold a very similar truck, gives me the “right” to say, TEN TIMES what I sold mine for is unacceptable and yes, it makes me want to puke. These people are trying to make their own market with these, and the buyers aren’t the dummies, they just want a clean older truck, not knowing its real value or its limits Its the sellers, heck bent on making a profit before the market goes bust, and BUST IT WILL, JACK, taking you, and all this greed with it.

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      • Avatar photo Dave

        You’re living in the past, nobody has the “Right” to dictate used car prices, that’s up to the seller and the buyer. It’s laughable to call someone greedy just because they want the most money they can get, only an idiot would do otherwise and you yourself repeatedly lament the stupidly low price you sold yours for. These are the new normal prices and you better get used to it … JACK!

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  4. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    A friend of mine had one of these,I think it was a ’76,
    but a step side,that he bought new.It was said that it was the
    fastest American vehicle you could buy that year.

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    • Avatar photo Ken

      I have a 79 Stepside with a factory 454!
      I bought new. It had 400 miles, I put headers & duel exhaust with slicks ran a 13.91(best time)
      I haven’t raced it since but you are correct, in 79 it was the fastest production vehicle from America.
      What’s a one owner big block, nicer than the feature truck worth?

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    • Avatar photo ExTech

      That sounds more like a Dodge lil’ red express to me. It was Dodge’s way of getting around the slow-car emissions regulations at the time, and they were stepsides. Big engine, little truck.

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  5. Avatar photo Ron

    This looks like a truck my buddy found not long ago he paid 3 sold for 12

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  6. Avatar photo KEITH

    This truck looks nice at 1st. glance, but could be a rolling advertisement for LMC truck parts. The seat cover, door panels are not original.If original, the door panel would have the woodgrain insert to match the one on the dash. Also, the door mirrors shown were not yet available in 1977. Absolutely nothing wrong with replacing or upgrading with new parts, but don’t try to sell to someone with less knowledge as “ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT “.

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    • Avatar photo Heck Dodson Member

      I definitely replaced my 85 C10 Custom Deluxe with a new dash cover, seat cover as well as aftermarket GM mirrors, but wouldn’t try to pass them off as all original. I also like my 17″ Crager rims way better than what it came with in the 15″ variety.

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  7. Avatar photo HC Member

    I bought a friend of mines 85 C10 5 yrs back after a thorough scrubbing did a repaint, new AC comp, Powersteering pump and lines, brakes, rims and tires and a trans rebuild. Got it for $3500 and after all this work, I wouldn’t sell it for less than $18k and it could bring more. Seller can ask what he wants, but IMO $29k is on the high side. Good clean find

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  8. Avatar photo Shuttle Guy Member

    Nice truck and I’m sure being a 2 wheel drive short box has more value to some. Hate to say it, but the asking price seems a little high.

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  9. Avatar photo Idiot Boy

    It’s worth as much as someone’s willing to pay. Priced a new Tonka/Transformers Goliathan pickup lately? Good luck finding anything new for $29K. Hell, a 1994 Ford Lightning, admittedly in brand new condition with 6K original miles recently sold for $65K on BaT. Makes me wish I hadn’t put 87K hard miles on mine – honestly, they really aren’t that fun to drive and they go through gas and tires like nobody’s business. But even that new old Lightning’s $65K take pales compared to a lot of new “luxury” pickups. Bottom line is $29K doesn’t buy much nowadays and it isn’t as though stagflation’s going away anytime soon. At least when you buy this old Cheyenne, you’re getting a real pickup with classic lines and a small block V8 that have both stood the test of time. The popularity of the traditional American standard cab shortbed pickup is ramping up quickly and although one could posit that the prices will plummet when the Boomers and Gen Xers age out, it would be shortsighted to assume that successive generations won’t come to appreciate the raw simplicity of old vehicles in general as they get older (and hopefully wiser) and realize the complexity of modern vehicles makes it prohibitive to keep today’s monstrosities on the road for 40 years. Similar to Cuba, a lot of these young Americans will be priced out of the government ordained vehicles of the future and find themselves attracted to the beautiful styling of vintage cars and trucks combined with their simplicity and inexpensive parts availability that’ll help keep them running practically forever. Long after today’s $80K computerized disposable luxury status symbol 2022 model pickup has been deemed either impossible or impractical to repair and is off to the dismantler.

    Anyone giving away a truck like this in good running condition that’s presentable to above average in appearance for $2,500 – let alone an intact and shiny original paint low mileage survivor – is living in a time warp and oughtn’t be complaining that somebody else knows it isn’t 1985 anymore and semi-pristine old Cheyennne survivors are a rare commodity in high demand and $29K is play money for the ten-percenters driving up the cost of literally everything nowadays.

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  10. Avatar photo GIRTH

    Howard, let’s see a picture or 3 of what you sold for 10 x less. Bet it wasn’t in the same galaxy as this , even if this does have the wrong mirrors.

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  11. Avatar photo Heck Dodson Member

    My 85 C10 Custom Deluxe that I bought from a friend 5 years ago and have gone through quite abit of work to bring back. I wouldn’t take anywhere less than 18K-25k for it after I’ve done all the hard stuff. These don’t go for $2500 anymore unless you get it in rough condition and needing everything.

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  12. Avatar photo Russ Ashley

    I have an extremely nice 1996 Silverado Z71 4X4 short bed, single cab pickup. It is white with a deep red interior. It has never been used as a truck or ever been off road. There is NO dents in the bed, and never damaged or rusted. It was ordered by the original owner with every available option and only used to drive around in. It was treated to a very expensive paint job where very piece of trim was removed and replaced with new. It looks brand new. Only mentioning all of this because I have a declared value on it of $20K and recently got an email from Hagerty suggesting that I up my declared value to $27K. I realize a 1996 truck might not bring as much as an older model, and also expect that my insurance cost would increase with the higher declared value, and that might be their motive, but any more a nice used truck will most often be priced very high. The prices of new trucks has gone crazy and they are pushing everyone to EV’s which might have something to do with it. I wouldn’t sell mine for $27K now so I guess I am one of those “dummies” that was mentioned earlier.

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