Original Paint: 23k 1968 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova

This 1968 Chevy II Nova wears its original paint, and while it might not be perfect, it doesn’t look like it would take a lot of work to return it to its best. Located in Knightstown, Indiana, you will find the Nova listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $13,500, but you could always roll the dice by making an offer.

While the owner initially stated that the Chevy II Nova wears its original paint, this is not necessarily accurate. About a week after taking delivery of the car, the original owner managed to scrape the front right fender. This required a repaint, and you can see the obvious color mismatch. The remaining Island Teal paint is showing some wear and tear, and there is also some rust visible in several locations around the car. The majority of these issues are impacting the lower sections of the car such as the lower quarter panels, lower fenders, and lower doors. There is also a single small spot in the floor, and while the rest of the car’s underside has a solid coating of surface corrosion, actual rust appears to be minimal.

The car’s interior isn’t too bad if you ignore the state of the cover on the front seat. What I find interesting about the cover is not just the obvious tears, but how dirty it appears to be. This seems to be completely at odds with the low mileage claims for the car. The headliner and dash look to be in good condition, as does the rear seat and floor mat. It looks as though a new cover on the front seat would make a world of difference. However, an aftermarket cover or a blanket would hide these sins on a temporary basis.

For those of you who were hoping to find a V8 under the hood, I’m afraid that you are in for a disappointment. What we find is the original six-cylinder engine, but it isn’t clear whether this is the 230 or 250ci version. It is backed by a Powerglide transmission, while the Nova also scores power steering. A previous owner pulled the engine and treated it to a repaint, but it isn’t clear whether it received anything beyond this. The owner says that the Chevy II runs and drives very nicely, and it certainly sounds good in this YouTube video. The owner also makes a claim that the car has covered a mere 23,000 genuine miles. It certainly seems plausible, given the fact that the car received its 1,000-mile service in 1969, and it has a Sears Tire Guarantee indicating that new tires were fitted in 1986 with the odometer showing 14,000 miles. This doesn’t constitute conclusive proof in my book, but it might be a starting point to potentially proving or disproving the claim. Included with the car is documentation which includes the original Owner’s Manual, along with the Sears Guarantee, Warranty, and Protect-O-Plate.

What do you think? The mileage claim on this Chevy II Nova will take some confirming, and if it is accurate, that would certainly make this a low-mileage survivor. If you bought it, would you undertake a faithful restoration, or would something more potent find its way under the hood?


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  1. Miguel

    That is a lot of money for a car like this that needs this much work.

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  2. Clay Harvey

    Why is the drivers seat in such bad shape for the mileage? My thoughts are 123,000 miles.

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    • That AMC Guy

      Indeed. Not a bad car, but that’s a crack pipe price for a six-cylinder Nova with a worn interior and rust around the edges.

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    • Geebee

      Maybe there was a stretch where the odometer was disconnected, or not working.

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  3. Mark M.

    Guy must have had to sweat terribly to make that stain, shirt must have stuck to seat.

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  4. Fred W

    So what if the tire place put 14,000 on the sticker in ’86? It’s a 5 digit odometer and he would read 14K even if 114K.

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  5. zipy

    Engine looks repainted to me

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    • Tom

      Says that the engine was painted in the description on eBay. The certainly looks like a 123k, not 23k to me. Front Seat says it all. If it is a 23k car, it was stored poorly which makes the low miles meaning less. Cool Car, but just a tad over-priced for condition regardless of mileage.

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    • JMB#7

      It may just be the photo, but the engine color looks more reddish than the original Chevy orange.

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  6. Larry

    I don’t know if you could buy one without body side moldings, I’m thinking the whole car may have been repainted at one time.

    • Terry R Melvin

      The barebones Nova had a six cylinder 3-speed and no body mouldings. So this car looks nearly barebones too except for the automatic

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      • Larry

        That could be but I had one with the same power train but manual steering and brakes, even the same color, and it had moldings and I have one now with a 307 PG again the same color and it has moldings also. But I also know that back then you could order a car the way you wanted it.

      • JMB#7

        I had a ’72. 250 CID straight 6, 3 speed manual on the column, AM radio, antenna in the windshield, rubber floor lining (not carpet), no PS, no PB, no Air, bias ply tires on steel wheels, Chevy bow tie on moon hub caps, cozy wings, manual vents on kick panels. Same metallic blue color as this one (by the way the paint from the factory was as thin as possibly could be put on a car). Dad bought it new, it became mine around 1982, I sold it in 1987.

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  7. Christopher A. Junker

    I had a twin to this in 1971. Syracuse NY was notorious for rust and mine had some that I cleaned up around 70K. I think this one has been around once, especially as both the rust and upholstery is much worse than mine was at the 70K mark when I sold it. I remember it had a weird timing problem that was caused by the bottom bushing in the distributor housing falling out. A new distributor housing with two new bushings fixed that. Truly a basic car as it didn’t even have carpeting. But it always started and it was easy to work on.

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  8. David Rhoces

    not a hope in hell

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  9. Tort Member

    Not a bad looking Nova but the information and the wear and tear on the interior and repainted engine doesn’t add up along with the asking price.

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  10. Eugene

    was hoping to buy one 5000 tops wife had one many years ago when i met here rusted shocks sub frame shot same color i bid 5000

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  11. Stephen Miklos

    Clay I agree with you.. this guy is trying to blow smoke up our rear. If this was a true 23,000 the interior would be near perfect shape. The outside I could see the paint may dull a bit… But the rust naaa he painted the engine because he is hiding something.. 🐻

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  12. Perry Yasher

    no way 123K with that much wear on the seat – engine repaint is recent – IMHO a pig with fresh lipstick…

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  13. bikefixr

    Orange overspray on the plug wires. Rust in corner of door jamb. No WAY this is 23k. It’s $4,000 Nova.

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    • JBP

      that i was also thinking.. $5000 top.. just didnt dare to write it..

  14. Terry R Melvin

    If that..the rust is the deal breaker for me even if it was an SS.

  15. Larry Z

    This is a tough one, alot of areas look like it could be a low mileage car, but then other parts like the front seat and rust make it look like it’s high mileage.
    The trunk looks great, the interior, except for the drivers side looks great.
    If you look close the wheels have surface rust along with the frame.
    I think it’s low mileage but was stored in a very damp place.

  16. Steve Bowers

    No way that heap is worth HALF of $13.5k. Did the owner drive it wearing a suit coated in used motor oil?

  17. Del

    Not bad. Swap in a 400 small block and get some blue buckets and go Ford Hunting 😁😂🤣

    Price a bit steep

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  18. Bob C.

    If I were a betting man, I’d say that’s a 230 under the hood. Most Novas had them during this time, until 1970. My 1972 250 six had a rubber pull out oil filler cap, but I don’t think it was available in 68.

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  19. Tim

    I think this rust bucket is way overpriced at $23k.

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