Lightweight Police Package: 1991 Ford Mustang SSP

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This 1991 Ford Mustang SSP is a former Georgia State Patrol car that has never turned a wheel in civilian hands, according to the seller, who bought it as part of a package deal with another Georgia State Patrol Mustang and a Florida Highway Patrol SSP. Interestingly, it spent its active years on the vacation destination of Jekyll Island, Georgia, before being retired and living under carport after it was sold at auction in 1996. It retains many of its original pursuit features and faded paint, but it doesn’t run at the moment. The seller recommends a full reconditioning before attempting to start it for the first time, and it’s listed here on eBay with bidding just over $7K and no reserve.

The Mustang definitely looks rough around the edges, but it’s rare to find one these police package cars that’s still so original. The colors are still correct, with the contrasting gray paint on the roof, A and C pillars, and the trunk lid, but skipping the cowl panel below the windshield, which remains blue like the rest of the car. The lettering originally had “Georgia State Patrol” on both doors in all caps lettering, with “State Trooper” on both fenders. There was also originally a state seal on both doors. All of this has been removed, of course, but you can begin to see how easily this can be returned to original SSP specs with a decal kit and some paint work. The seller notes the original light bar wiring harness is still accessible behind the headliner.

The interior is in better condition than expected considering what the outside looks like, and also because former police cars tend to look pretty rough inside after years of hard use. The SSP is equipped with the more commonly seen automatic, but you could get a manual – however, most officers would likely agree it added an unnecessary layer of complexity for policing duties. The seller notes all sort of original details from police duty remain in place, including a mag light holding bracket, laptop stand, ground straps, and the original Lestek alternator, which is unfortunately locked up. The original blue coolant hoses were pilfered by the last owner, who used them for another project.

The Mustang does not run, but hopefully some basic reconditioning can bring it back to life. Other features worth noting include the factory undercoating that has kept the undersides nice and clean with no evidence of rust, and original holes for the police-issue antennas haven’t been filled in. This Mustang SSP is so close to returning to its original police-spec appearance that I have to imagine most potential buyers are looking at making this into an authentic recreation reflecting its days spent hunting down speeders. Of course, I have to wonder why a Mustang pursuit car was needed on an island resort community – other than, perhaps, the police officer who scored that post and the Mustang pursuit vehicle must have been very, very high up the food chain.

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  1. Al_Bundy Al_BundyMember

    Nothing that can’t be sourced for this car. SSP spec or basic just to get it running. As much as I love these cars,there is nothing special about 87-93 other than SSP police versions and the 1993 Cobra/SVT. As long as the front rails/strut towers and rear torque boxes are solid, you have an excellent base to build as desired.

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    • Jett

      Nothing special? Not so for this guy—I’d be happy with a 1987 4-cyl auto sedan or a ‘90 7-Up convertible, or a ‘93 5.0 LX hatch. Maybe a little happier with the ‘93, but I love all the Fox-bodies.

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      • David Ulrey

        Unless money or location is an issue, buy one. Yes some of the ones you mentioned command good money but the first one, the 87 with the 4 cylinder can be bought fairly inexpensive here in Arizona. I won’t promise you’ll necessarily find an 87 but similar ones are available. Seems everyone here wants a 5.0 version but the 2.3 with a stick shift sell well to. The combination of 4 cylinders and automatic isn’t a bad car it’s just that here you can barely give them away.

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  2. Little_Cars

    An excellent base to build, but at $7000 to start? Jeez, couldn’t they slap a MAACO paint job on the car instead of leaving the exposed attempt at livery removal? With an automatic I’m sure the audience is cut by at least 25-30%.

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    • Steve R

      Thats because it’s an SSP. For some reason those three letters have a strong following of people willing to pay a substantial premium over a regular 5.0 notchback.

      Steve R

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      • Jett

        I’d love to have one done up in ‘80s Calgary blurple livery. We never had city cop Mustangs here, but the RCMP had several. I even got pulled over by one (at gunpoint, to boot!!), in a case of mistaken identity in the mid ‘90s…

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  3. Roland Schoenke

    Laptop mount in a 91′?

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    • Jett

      The SSP’s were produced through 1993, and some departments used them well into the 2000’s. I’m sure they were used more sparingly in some areas. Not hard to retrofit a ten year old car with 60,000 miles and use it for a few more years.

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  4. PRA4SNW

    The paint job just screams “What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?”.

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  5. CVPantherMember

    I can’t believe this poc brought $10K…..

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  6. Marathon06

    CVPanther – you must have your head in the sand the last couple of years when it comes to Fox bodies coupes. Trying find one that is a 5.0, no rust and running for under $10k…..and then one that was an SSP. Good luck man.

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