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Original Sidecar: 1975 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide

Classic motorcycles offer an unparalleled way for owners to view the world. Gliding along the open road with the wind in your face is an exhilarating experience. Sometimes, passengers aren’t thrilled by the idea of clinging on behind the driver as they tackle a section of winding road. This 1975 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide offers a fascinating alternative courtesy of its factory sidecar. It allows the passenger to experience the same thrills but in greater comfort and style. This Harley is a survivor that presents beautifully and is listed here on eBay in Enumclaw, Washington. Bidding has raced past the reserve to sit at $13,860.

The seller indicates this Harley is a two-owner survivor wearing its original Birch White paint. They state that the pinstriping is a later addition, but removing it would be easy. However, I would probably leave it untouched since it ties in perfectly with the updated upholstery. The paint shines beautifully, with no signs of significant flaws or defects. The theme carries through to the factory sidecar, which looks excellent. The chrome and trim are as spotless as the rest of the vehicle, with the polished alloy sparkling magnificently.

Peeling back the tonneau on the sidecar reveals a seat trimmed in Deep Green vinyl. It shows no evidence of wear or damage, suggesting this Harley has led a sheltered existence. Classic motorcycles don’t appeal to everyone, especially those occupying the rear seat. However, slipping down into a sidecar is a more comfortable option, especially when it is as stunning as this. On a practical note, the rider will find the area useful for carrying luggage or other items when they aren’t ferrying a passenger.

The defining feature of any Harley-Davidson is its engine, and this machine is no exception. It derives its power from a 1,206cc (73.59ci) V-Twin that sends a respectable 58hp to the road via a four-speed manual transmission. With the sidecar attached, this is no superbike. However, it should cruise effortlessly at highway speeds, allowing the rider and passenger to revel in the wind-in-the-face experience. The inherent flexibility of the V-Twin means it should be equally comfortable in heavy city or commuter traffic. The seller states that this two-owner survivor is mechanically original and in good health. It has been appropriately maintained, running and riding perfectly. It has a genuine 23,000 miles on the clock and features an electric start for those who don’t fancy trying to kick this classic into life.

A Harley-Davidson is not simply a motorcycle but offers entry into an entire lifestyle. Harley owners are some of the most supportive people in the classic community, and you can be sure they would respect this 1975 FLH Electra Glide and its owner. It will draw crowds wherever it goes and should provide even greater freedom than that experienced by owners of classic sports cars. The bidding has been surprisingly subdued, but I expect it to intensify as the listing draws to a close. If you’ve dreamed of owning an iconic motorcycle, perhaps this Harley can turn that dream into a reality.


  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    snif, the last paragraph,,Adam nailed it. You can’t fake that feeling, and non-HD riders couldn’t possibly understand, kind of like the Jeep thing. The camaraderie I experienced was heartfelt. There’s a reason for that. In HDs , um, shall we say, less reliable years, on a putt, someone was always relegated to drive the “chase van” or pickup. Usually a biker who took a spill or bike laid up. Enter( in this post) this bike, the AMF Harley( 1969-1981) FLH. I thought the AMF Harley was just as good as any previous years. I personally knew folks that worked there, and they were every bit as passionate about what they did. Problem was, Asian bikes had hit the shores, making the poor HD seem horribly out of date, and it was. Jay Lenos favorite HD joke, “All new hand grip for 1975”, and it was true. Harley took a dive it almost didn’t recover from. Today, AMF Harleys are highly sought after and for good reason. We’ve gone full circle, like the auto industry, motorcycles have become these techno-wizardry machines, requiring a NASA mechanic to decipher the problems, and simple machines are coming back. Hate to gloat, but SEE?
    Anyway, I’ve never ridden or rode a bike with a side hack, I couldn’t imagine anything more terrifying for the rider or operator. Far as I’m concerned, motorcycles should have solo seats, and you want to ride, get your own bike. Many bike crashes, I notice, usually have 2 people, and seriously affects the handling. Many finding that out too late. I can’t begin to say what a sidecar must do. For me, be the 1st thing to go. Regardless, this is without question the nicest combination. For once, I’m going to do a Geomechs, and if I had the coin, this would be in my parking space here at Lonely Arms Apartments. Great find and a special thank you to Adam,, sorry rice burners, I never felt that way with my GoldWings, and I’m proud to say, I hailed from the only American city that made a motorcycle, not Hong Kong,,,USA,,USA!!!

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      And another thing, I use the “Geomechs” moniker to emphasize the optimism he exhibits in whatever he does. A good woman will do that, but he is a great friend, can’t be over said, he treated me to a visit to the HD museum in Milwaukee, couple( several?) years back, a well worthwhile time for any biker, and I shan’t forget it, my friend!

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    • Avatar photo Mike C

      Howard, I always enjoy reading your comments. You have a vast amount knowledge that you willingly share.

      I’ve owned an 1981 Electraglide with a factory sidecar since 1996. Our family has a lot of great memories riding on/in it. It does take some getting use to riding them. You don’t counter-steer like on a regular bike. You turn the bars in the direction of travel. Left-hand turns aren’t a problem. Right-hand turns without a passenger or weight in the sidecar can cause the sidecar wheel to lift. And you need to remember there is something extending 2 or 3 feet off the side of the bike.
      The biggest drawback to a sidecar rig is they guzzle gas.
      I have other bikes. The sidecar will be the last to go. And that will be to our son.

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    • Avatar photo geomechs Member

      This is a true gem. I wouldn’t turn it down for anything, even the green trim. No powerhouse with the sidehack but a 22 tooth countershaft sprocket usually fixes that. Actually an Electra-Glide should have that in the first place.

      Having spent some time on the road I fully understand the chase van concept. But I also need to qualify that, in saying that they usually carried the beer and packs that the riders couldn’t fit on the bikes. True there were some parts that were carried along providing there was room.

      There were some fun times on the road back then. Gone way too soon. I’ve forged some friendships that have lasted 50+ years and the memories are still there, even after some of those friends have ridden on to their eternal highway. This last couple of years I’ve lost 5 and they are going to be missed.

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    • Avatar photo Christopher

      Howard A Springfield and Westfield, MA (Indian, Pope), Hartford, CT (Pope), Detroit (Henderson) are just a few of the many American cities that made motorcycles. Are you referring to one of the cities in Wisconsin that did?

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  2. Avatar photo Cooter Member

    Great writeup Howard A and you are correct about the HD experience. Most people don’t understand and love to poke holes at. Just makes me laugh when I see it. Recently sold an 03 anniversary Fatboy here that I purchased new. I miss that bike already. Wifey allowed me to retain the 09 Roadglide which was also purchased new. I dont ride as much as I once did with all the distracted driving out there. Hell, its dangerous to be on 4 wheels these days! I have a pic of the bike new and then the same pic (posted) recently taken 14 years and alotta $$ later!

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    • Avatar photo Cooter Member

      Pictured again is the same bike at Bike Week 09 under Dunlawton Bridge in Port Orange, just after purchasing it. 14 years, some additional grey hair and lost brain cells, we are still rollin!

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  3. Avatar photo Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    That was a great write-up as always, Adam – and fantastic comments, Howard and Cooter! It’ll be fun to read the stories on this one.

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  4. Avatar photo JustPassinThru

    I will never bash enthusiasm; but as a 37-year rider…I just don’t get it. Howard notes the similarity to Jeep enthusiasts. Fair enough and I am instructed. I can go on at book length for all the maligned brands that should have succeeded, but for management mistakes or just negative karma.

    Harley is different. Until recently they were riding successs…not the Honda way, where Honda-san took his success in bicycles and parlayed a new kind of motorcycle, four-cylinders and as reliable as the best cars. No, H-D under new ownership, dropped planned competition for UJM models, and made themselves a LIFESTYLE brand.

    To some, that was appealing. To me, it was and is repugnant. It’s to where I can’t get past the badging, even should they take their models where they should be headed.

    To this machine: Well preserved; a serious historical marker…AMF bikes haven’t survived so well…and, it being a Harley, the sidecar will scarcely affect cornering ability (inside-baseball joke, there). It should find an appreciative home; but only H-D fans need apply; and their numbers are shrinking through demographics.

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  5. Avatar photo Sleazy Rider

    I would love to get this one and put my puggle in the sidecar. Love the colors too

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  6. Avatar photo John Jasper

    At 13Gs someone is going to get a dreat deal on a good looking skooter and with side car. Wow!

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  7. Avatar photo chrlsful

    agreed – pretty fair sale even if amf~

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  8. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    “Get your motor runnin”,,,

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  9. Avatar photo Stan

    Imagine a hot date, in a teal green bikini 👙 in that sidecar, cruising around Daytona Beach ⛱️ 😎 🙌

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    • Avatar photo JustPassinThru

      All the gear, all the time.

      You never know when you’re gonna suddenly be pavement-surfing.

      It’s happened to me. It happens to most riders, at some point.

      That’s one more difference, between the Harley crowd, and…let’s just say, other riders.

      I’d love a date with a sweet young thang in a green bikini, but she’s gonna have to get armored jeans and coat on, before she gets on my bike, or in the sidecar.

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