Original Spare Tire: 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400

Pat L. discovered this gem for sale and we appreciate him sending us the tip. This 1968 Pontiac Firebird is for sale in Los Altos, California which is just outside of San Jose, California. The car looks to be in remarkable condition both inside and outside. The Firebird is listed for sale here on Craigslist for $26,000 which seems like a fair price for a 400 cubic inch V8 powered Pontiac Firebird in this condition.

The green interior of the Firebird is very clean and well kept. The carpet is nice and there are no noticeable tears or damage to the seats. This Firebird has three pedals and while the buyer ordered the optional 400 cubic inch V8 engine. They kept the standard 3 speed manual transmission. This makes this car very unique. I will not there is a difference between unique and desirable. I was unique in high school but the girls didn’t find me that desirable!

The 400 cubic inch V8 engine is said to be the original motor and the seller states that the car has all its original parts. I assume that means the sheet metal and engine components are the same as those the car left the factory with. The Craigslist ad states that the car has 117,700 miles on the odometer. A car cover, can of extra paint and a spare alternator are included with the sale.

The black vinyl top looks new but, if the car has lived its life in California, you never know how well preserved some of the components might be. The Firebird is equipped with Pontiac Rally II wheels and BF Goodrich Radial TA tires. The seller states that the car runs and drives smoothly down the road. I hope someone buys this car and continues to carefully maintain and enjoy it just like the current owner has.


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    All that hype,& not one picture of the spare tire?

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    • Glenn

      Personally, I believe $26,000. is way too expensive for an original spare tire…I wonder if he’ll consider $50.00?

  2. alphasud Member

    That’s my dream car! Favorite color and engine option. My buddy in high school had a Verdoro green 67 with a 326 and a 3-sp. maybe someday I can get one.

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  3. JoeNYWF64

    Is a clutch pedal rubber pad hard to come by recently? My friend’s junky beat up old nova has one & even chrome pedal dressup.

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    • Rick Rothermel

      Insurance companies back then hit 4-gear musclecars with a surcharge, 3-speeds skated past.

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  4. Gloin

    Interior looks incomplete without the console

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  5. Bultaco

    A friend had a 3-speed 67 Camaro in high school with a 275hp 327. It won a lot of inpromptu drag races because the first gear was very long. It seemed like he shifted into second at about 60 mph. The car was made of Bondo, but boy was it fast once it got rolling.

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  6. gbvette62

    It would be a really nice car without the luggage rack!

    I don’t mind the lack of a console, except that in 68 the only way you could get a tach & gauges in a Firebird (or Camaro), was by ordering the console. Not every muscle car had a console in the 60’s and 70’s, in fact many didn’t. I bought a new Trans-Am in 74, that didn’t have a console, just a carpeted tunnel and a factory Hurst shifter (fortunately the gauges were in the dash by 74). I knew a lot of cars without consoles, and quite a few bench seat, 4 speed cars too.

    It’s amazing how many cars Pontiac sold painted that color. It’s always been my favorite green on a car. My mother had a new 68 LeMans in this exact same combo, Verdoro Green, green/gold interior, black vinyl top.

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  7. Desert Rat

    What a great looking Firebird. I have always favored Camaros but to me the 67/68 Firebird is a better looking car than the camaro cousin. I would have to change it to a 4 speed which I did to my factory 3 speed 69 Camaro, just hang on to the original 3 speed just in case you every sell and it can go to the new byer. Once more great looking bird.

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  8. Keith

    The 400 Firebirds used the heavy duty Ford 3-sp trans and also GTO’s. This trans was really a Ford Top Loader minus a gear. Very strong. Used up to about 72

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    • 70kingswood

      also the standard HD three speed used in big block SS Chevrolets!

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  9. JoeBob396

    It seems like a reasonable asking price, considering the overall condition. If I was closer to Los Altos I’d go take a look.

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  10. Barzini

    Another Verdero green fan here.

    The price seems very fair for the year, condition and options. Compared to a similarly equipped Camaro, it’s a bargain. I’ve owned both and never understood the why Firebirds sell at a relative discount.

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  11. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Very nice car overall with the exception of the 3 speed. How practical/feasible would it be to swap that out for a five or even a six speed? Just asking.

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  12. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Love me some first generation Firebird. Once upon a time in decades gone by I was the proud owner of a 69 Firebird 400. It was canary yellow with black vinyl top and American racing wheels. It was equipped with the 400 HO with 400 automatic and a/c. Being a whippersnapper at the time I didn’t appreciate the integrity of the car and raced it regularly. Within about two years time I had it tore up. I totaled it at about 100 mph side swiping a V. W squareback who ran a stop sign. I hit him on a slide left side to left side. Both cars were totaled, but everyone walked away uninjured.

    God bless America

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  13. Doug from MD.

    I like this car. When I first seen this car I had a major flashback like hearing a old song or smelling gas for the first time. Never understood why these cars played a 2nd fiddle to Chevrolet. But anyway it’s a nice car and I wouldn’t change a thing with it. Good luck to buyer.

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  14. J J

    If it were only a convertible!!!!

  15. bikefixr

    My first car was a ’68 HO350 4sp. What a blast. This is a nice car, but overpriced.

  16. Troy s

    A really decent looking car all around, the three speed is still a manual transmission for all the shift-o-maniacs out there, no complaining now.
    I just looked at the rusted out junker S code Mustang going for 13 K and it is overwhelmingly nice to look at this automobile here. The Camaro was always more popular then and remained that way to this day. Don’t forget, the SS 396 Chevelle was one of a very few muscle cars to actually catch up and pass the GTO in sales as well. Everybody loves Chevy, right? Gotta go…

  17. Craigo

    In 1967 I had to make a choice at the Pontiac dealer between the newly unveiled Firebird 400 convertible and the GTO convertible.

    I though for 30 seconds then chose my second GTO convertible which was a GREAT car

  18. Brendon

    Early 1968 Firebirds came with round side view mirrors. Most of them had rectangular ones. This is a great price for the car, most seem to be in the 30-35k range. If I were in the market I’d be taking a road trip to go buy it.

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