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Original Tires: 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Low Mileage 1986 Camaro Z28

This Camaro is showing 16k miles on the odometer and is believed to still be wearing its original tires! That might not be a good thing if you plan on driving it home, but it’s a good sign if you want an original car that hasn’t been messed with. According to the seller, the only thing that’s been swapped out is the battery. I’d want to slap some new tires on there right away, but it’s nice to have some proof of mileage. We featured this one back in April and bidding got up to $7k. The seller must think it’s worth more though so they’ve relisted it here on eBay. It will be interesting to see if it actually sells this time around.

Black Interior

Normally, I wouldn’t get too excited about an eighties Camaro, but this one is different. It’s optioned out pretty much the way I’d want one and the mileage count ensures that there’s a lot of life left. It’s powered by a 305 V8 engine that’s attached to a 5-speed. Though not really muscle car performance, this was as good as it got at the time. Luxury amenities include air conditioning and cruise, but the windows and locks are manually operated (a big plus in my book). Finally, the t-top makes it possible to have some open-air driving fun in the summer.

Z28 Tail

The seller claims that this is a one-owner car and that may be true. The photos could have been taken while they retrieved it from their storage unit, or maybe an excited “second owner” couldn’t wait to take photos until they got home? It’s not the most desirable vintage of Camaro, but the low mileage may just drive the price up. It’s a shame the seller didn’t take better pictures before relisting the car though. In fact, the photos could be worse! The high bid on the last auction seemed pretty fair to me, so let’s just hope they aren’t holding out for too much more.


  1. Tony S

    Funny there are so many mid-year F cars popping up lately…

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  2. grant

    If they want top dollar you would think they’d detail it before taking pictures.

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  3. dirtyharry

    These are really fun cars. They are bargain priced. They even have AC. You can get parts at your local auto parts store. Most of these got chewed up pretty quick, so it is nice to see some low mileage “F” bodies around

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  4. 68 custom

    T-tops make these cars flex if you look at them wrong, did I mention I do not care for T-tops?
    otherwise a nice car.

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    Wow this is a first. This same Camaro was just featured April 29th. Hey Jessie What’s up? Jamie beat you to it!

    Hmmmm. Well OK. Hear it is again…. I am thinking if it was such a dealio it would have already sold the first time. Must be the damn dirty carpet. haha.

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  6. RoughDiamond

    This Generation of Camaros and FIrebirds will escalate in value over time as the ones who had and sold or wished they could have had back in the day seek them. It all hinges on what was popular in high school or on the roads at the time.

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    Rough Diamond How long do you predict this will take place? Compared to the First Gen Camaro’s 67-69 which have always been popular real interest sparked in only 5-7 years. It has been 30 years since this Gen III was made and despite this car being a clean example with low miles the seller cannot achieve a selling price anywhere close to half of the original MSRP. With being featured here twice.

    That is sad. It would seem the buy of a life time. You may wish to review the first posting . There are some that love the Gen III but even more that don’t. It would seem that anyone who wished they could have one in the 80’s could have picked them up all day long for as low as $500-$750 running in the 1990’s.

    I was amazed about 6 years ago during record scrap prices a guy drove a very clean 1991 RS convertible across the scales. I watched as he parked it in the holding area. He opened the hood and removed the battery. Not five min later the loader drove into it with the forks going through the door glass picking it up the weight of the body nearly ripping off the top. It stacked it in a pile. Lots of nice cars lost during that time frame.

    So I hope you are right…….

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  8. Steve

    About time for a drive train upgrade and get that weak 305 junk out of there and get a good working 355 and a stronger clutch assy, and I think you should be good to go. And if the 305 was a 4 barrel motor it should have the desirable 59 cc heads. These heads can be ported and polished and when applied to a 350 smog engine, they will raise the compression by one full ratio! 😁 Steve.

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