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Original Title! 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 Barn Find

Full sized fast-back cars from the ’60s come with style, sportiness, and plenty of room. This 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 in High Point, North Carolina had all its 132,000 miles accumulated by one owner. The current owner then purchased what you see today, so technically it’s a two-owner vehicle, but it looks highly original. Parked since ’85, the Galaxie retains its (presumably) original 390 cid (6.4L) V8. It seeks a new owner here on eBay where bidding has risen above $1500. That figure probably surpasses what was given for the car in its current non-running condition.

The XL and LTD sat above the Galaxie 500 in Ford’s full-sized lineup for 1967. The “500” gets some additional trim and other extras above the Custom. It’s sad realizing this car spent more than half its life in a cow shed. Hopefully the new owner will enjoy it as an automobile and not merely acquire and park it in a different location for a couple more decades.

Power brakes and air conditioning helped keep this southern classic easy to stop and cool. Once running, the 390 should provide plenty of torque to get this big coupe moving, and performance options can go as crazy as your budget allows. Of course you’ll want to validate that the seller has acquired a proper title in his or her name as that nifty “original title” can’t be transferred more than once. With a very few exceptions, “Skipping” or “Jumping” the title is illegal in all 50 states, and a felony in some. Always make sure the title you get is made out to and signed by the seller you meet.

The bench seat makes this a true six-seater, a trick that normally requires a large SUV or boxy minivan these days, modern vehicles with about 7% the curb appeal of this stately hardtop. Sure a two-door comes with some inconveniences during ingress and egress, but otherwise you’re relaxed and gliding along in style. Personally I’d consider safety and maintenance refurbishment, basic gears and bolt-ons, overdrive transmission, then roll on the miles. How would you treat this barn-found Ford?


  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    I like the car, and owned a low-miles one-owner 67 Ranch Wagon about 15 years ago. They are comfortable and powerful with the 390.

    This year I rescued two cars very similar to this Galaxie…a 27-year-dormant ’63 Riviera, and a non-op ’67 Newport Custom Coupe. It will take more time and money than you expect to get a car like this into roadworthy condition. After I got the Riv up and running, the carrier bearing went out, so there was a fairly large expense I wasn’t counting on. The Newport required a transmission rebuild.

    Barring any catastrophic problems, the brake parts, carb rebuild, radiator, pumps, tune-up parts, tires, cleaners, fluids, hoses, exhaust etc. will likely set you back around $5000, and that’s if you do the work yourself. Plus shipping.
    Still, this is exactly the kind of project I love…bringing back a long-dormant car to roadworthy condition. But it’s not necessarily a money-making proposition!

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    • Michael Leyshon Member

      You mention the usual, logical things one expects… Then those bearings and bushings that haven’t rotated in so many years packed inside the engine/drive line. Appreciate the knowledge and your willingness to share your experience. You’re in for all the right reasons !

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    To me,this is best year/body style of the Galaxies.
    There’s a shop here in Roanoke that has 3 + of them
    that have been parked out front for a long time.

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    • Miguel

      Personally I would take a 1966 or a 1968 over any 1967. There is something about them that does not call my attention like the other two, but in a pinch, why not.

  3. MorganW Morgan Winter

    Nice looking car, but you need to really check the frames on these, behind both rear and front wheels. They are prone to terminal frame rust in those spots. Speaking from experience; I owned a couple of these here in salty PA.

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    • Dave

      I can attest to your statement on he frame rust. My brother has our family ‘68 Galaxie 500 and it’s frame rotted out behind the rear wheel. So yeah be sure to check the frame for rust.

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Looks like a reasonably solid car; the body shows a little rust in some of the lower edges where maybe only patches are needed. The trunk looks good, too. If the floors and frame are good, then this old Galaxie would make for a project that would be worth restoring. It’s a good-looking car and it does have A/C which most buyers desire these days. It will need a good bit of mechanical work to make it roadworthy after sitting idle for 35 years; probably everything will need to be refreshed. Then it will need a paint job and interior work. The restoration won’t be cheap but this would be a very sharp car when you’re done.

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  5. Sixpackofstangs

    I used to own one of these in the 70’s, only mine was a manual trans. I really enjoyed the car, nice comfortable ride on the interstate. The only problem was the pesky steering pull anytime it got near a gas station.

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  6. Little_Cars

    Our 1967 Galaxie sedan was the first car my family owned with air conditioning. Back then, there was no such thing as bi-level circulation or cabin climate control, zones, or rear seat AC. Just ice cold air for the front seat passengers and cooler air for the back seat riders. On a family road trip, we had to periodically switch positions so no one would get their knee caps frozen by the chilly air up front. Good ol’ days of Freon and huge fans.

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  7. Marshall

    I had a couple elderly friends that had one of those sitting in their front yard with the front end all beat up. It was an eyesore. The city finally made them haul it (along with an early 60s Mercury with the power rear window)away around 10 years ago.

    That ‘67 Galaxy was nothing but a parts car. But that Merc was salvageable as it was not beat up, nor rusted out that I remember.

  8. TimM

    Really good car with the 390 in it and had some get up when you needed to go!! Looks pretty straight too!!

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