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Original View: 1968 Olds Vista Cruiser

Vista Cruiser Front 3

Thanks to Charles H for sending a link to this beautiful 1968 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser for sale here on eBay with a BIN price of $21,900 (offers accepted.) Since the seller has the original window sticker, we know this car was sold originally in Lenoir, North Carolina at Bush Oldsmobile, where the original price, with fairly extensive options was $4,879.90.

Vista Cruiser engine

Amazingly, according to the seller, a dealer specializing in collector cars located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, this Vista Cruiser has mostly original paint and the pictures seem to back up that claim.

Vista Cruiser rear

The wood grain is in incredible condition, and the car shows only 86,832. In addition, it appears the interior is all original and also in nearly perfect condition.

Vista Cruiser grille

As the dealer states, it’s pretty much in “unbelievable condition.” I’ve been a member of the Oldsmobile Club of America since 1977 and have looked at quite a few Vista Cruisers – this is one of the most original of this year and model I have seen.

Vista Cruiser far back

While the body and interior are original, the dealer claims that thousands of dollars have been spent making sure the mechanicals are perfect, and therefore the car should be fully driveable and (we hope) completely reliable. You can call the dealer for a list of the work done. The pictures show a very clean 350 engine. It’s not stated whether the air conditioning is functional.

Vista Cruiser front seat

This is a pretty nicely optioned Vista Cruiser. 1968 was the first year of the new Olds body style that ran through 1972 and helped the Cutlass to become an American icon.

Vista Cruiser window

Vista Cruisers were first offered in 1964, along with the Buick Sport Wagon with a raised rear roof and roof skylight windows, and this model, offered with either seating for six or nine, proved to be extremely popular.  Through 1970, the Vista Cruiser was the largest wagon Oldsmobile manufactured and in 1968, Oldsmobile sold 22,768 three row 9 passenger Vista Cruisers.

Vista Cruiser window sticker

This example features the SS I factory “mag” wheels, which are very attractive, but are not original to this car (the window sticker says it came with deluxe wheel covers.) While it is certainly pricey, this car stands out for its overall originality and mechanical condition.

Vista Cruiser inner door

Vista Cruisers from this era are relatively common, but station wagons were usually driven hard and abused by the families that owned them, which certainly makes this one very desirable. What do you think it’s worth? Regardless of price, this is a very attractive car.


If you like these cars, there’s a fantastic story from Car and Driver magazine from July, 1968 that is a must read here. Oldsmobile put together an awesome fire-breathing 455 big block equipped Vista Cruiser, and C&D took it for a ride. Big fun.

Vista Cruiser odo

I for one am ready to hop in this car and load up my family for a road trip. If someone wants to get this for me for my next birthday, that is.


  1. Avatar photo jim s

    drove and rode in a lot of these back in the day. this one looks great but in the sellers price range there are a lot of other nice vehicles for sale. great find.

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    • Avatar photo James Lee Turner

      Had one almost identical to this one in the 70s. Had two kids and hauling strollers and such around, it was nice to have all that room. However, all of those windows started to leak and one morning I found all our baby gear floating in the back. Tried to seal the windows but nothing really worked. Nice riding car though.

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  2. Avatar photo Al

    My father had a new 67 Sport Wagon, loaded, not sure what motor but the carb was a darn big looking 4bbl.After some comments from some guys in a 66 stanng abbout Mom loaning me the car, I found out that at 20mph I could stomp on it and the tires would smoke like mad and the wagon flew. Ended the comments! LOL Wouldn’t mind having it back. Heck right now wouldn’t mind a car that worked LOL

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  3. Avatar photo Hoos Member

    I work in Lansdale, and drive by this dealer twice per day. I first saw this car on their website, then on the lot. It looks great in the pictures, but I have not gotten an up close look, because I might sign some paperwork, and then have no garage space to put it in.(and I might need to sleep out there too!) If anyone is interested, I’d like an excuse to go look.

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    • Avatar photo wayne

      There are more classics inside. Old Forge Motorcars does a Cars ‘n Coffee event every Saturday morning….just stop in and take a look.

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  4. Avatar photo California Gary

    I have Vista Cruiser emblems if anyone reading this needs them.

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  5. Avatar photo randy

    I sure hope station wagon prices have topped out, as I’d love one, but not at these prices. Buying this wagon looks like a losing proposition money wise, unless you just want to buy it and drive it for 10-20 years.

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  6. Avatar photo Fred

    Click on the “Low mileage wagon ’69” shown below. 57K miles, sold in 2013 for $7100.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      In other words, he’s dreaming.
      This one has better interior though.

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  7. Avatar photo piper62j

    Nice, but just a little overpriced by about 10K…

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  8. Avatar photo Ray

    I would buy this before any new $20,000 car. I drive a 67 396 Belair wagon now and I. Would not take $20,000 for it and it’s not near as nice as this. Wagons remind us of the good old days with our parents fishing and going on picknics with brothers and sisters and even cousins.Some people don’t get the whole “Wagon Thing” , for those that do it’s not about resale value.

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  9. Avatar photo bob

    i added a sunroof and ended up with 14 windows. more than modern day tour buses

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