Original Wood: 1951 Buick Series 50 Dyna Flow Estate

The relationship between lumber and automobiles is a romance that began in the early part of the 20 century. As the automobile improved and grew, wood went from being utilitarian, to a deluxe trim feature like what you can see on this 1951 Buick woody. Thought to be a survivor, this woody has been in dry storage since the late 1970’s. After a long slumber this wagon is a driver, but needs some service work to be road worthy. Generating a great deal of interest with 68 bids, the price of this Buick has risen to $18,552.00. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Portland, Connecticut.

The 263 cubic inch Fireball inline 8 is a runner, and this Buick can be driven. The issue with driving it is that the fuel system is in need of an overhaul as the carburetor is currently fed by an auxiliary gas tank. Also the seller mentions that this Buick is in need of other service work, but I assume it to be more maintenance based work. The engine compartment is a little dusty but overall very clean for a car of this age. Investing  some time to clean and detail would really make this engine bay shine.

Black with a red leather interior just screams luxury in this Buick. The interior appears quite original and very manageable. The seat leather is dirty and dusty, but appears to have little wear, or damage. Cleaning and treating the leather would likely preserve the seats enough to be suitable for this survivor. The dash and steering wheel are fair shape, and the layout is quite pleasing as well.

The back seat is just as nice, and really it is astonishing how well this Buick has been preserved. Again, the interior looks like it would clean up very well, after which it would seem to need nothing.

Style and class have never looked as good as this black woody wagon with its red leather interior. With a woody, one of the biggest concerns is rot, whether it is rotted wood or rotted metal. Amazingly this estate appears to be completely rot free. The only noticeable issues with this wagon is that the wood finish has some wear, and there are a few small dents down the passenger side. Dry storage treated this Buick very well. Personally I would clean, service, and maintain, this Buick as is, how about you? Would you preserve, or restore this woody?


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  1. Rustytech Member

    What a gorgeous wagon! Well worth the effort needed to bring it back to like new condition. There weren’t many of these made so it’s also a rare bird. I would not be surprised to see it bring 3x the current bid.

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  2. Fred w.

    Looks like it’s for sale by Wayne Carini. Nice to know you are buying from a reputable dealer. Don’t know that I would do much more than basic mechanical stuff and cosmetic cleaning to this one.

    • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

      Hi Fred w.
      It sure looks like it could be Wayne Carini’s premises but surely Wayne would get the car to a more acceptable running condition before selling it on? Maybe he is just moving it on for somebody who doesn’t want to spend money on it. I just wish it were mine! There is NOTHING like a Buick to my mind. Really miss my ’51 Super

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      • Fred w.

        Judging from the show (which is closer to actual “reality” than most of the others), Wayne sometimes gets the car running and turns it over quickly. It is surprising that they didn’t clean the gas tank and detail the interior. Not much profit to be made in a nut and bolt restoration of this one though.

    • Jim

      Offered by F40 Motor sports that is Wayne Carini Nice guy met him and talked shop for a long time

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    • Gearheadengineering

      Yes, that is the same facility. I recognize the building – it used to be Jackson Volvo.

      I will be about 1/2 mile away Saturday am for my son’s basketball game. If anyone Is interested in this, I would love an excuse to stop and check it out.

      – John

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  3. Coventrycat

    Nice, and the snow tires on the back are keeping it real.

    • jw454

      Seeing the snow tires on any old ride always makes me smile. It seems to say “Yes, I’m a real, working, people mover. No kid gloves here, let’s go”.

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  4. Steve65

    Clean and polish, revarnish wood if needed, repair any mechanical faults, and otherwise leave it alone. The world does not need any more “terrified to touch it” hyper-perfect restored woodie trailer queens. Leave the small imperfections, and Sunday drive it.

  5. XMA0891

    Handsome, handsome vehicle! Great find! Was ’51 the last year for a “real-wood” Buick?

    • Anthony in RI

      1953 was the last Buick wood wagon it was also the last American made wood wagon

    • XMA0891

      Thanks A.RI – At ’51 I knew it had to be near the end. I’ve always admired this woody’s style. Certainly (in New England anyway) the less wood the more practicable to own.

  6. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    Is it true that 1951 Buick bodies were galvanised?

  7. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking Buick. I’ve always loved pre-wraparound Buicks, you know before they (IMHO) ruined the appearance by wrapping the windscreen like they did by 1954, later for other GM cars.

  8. ACZ

    A beautiful piece of American history.

  9. Tort Member

    Very nice in every way. I would think the bidding will go substantially higher.

  10. JimmyinTEXAS

    I’ve been looking at these for about a year and this may be the nicest unrestored one I’ve seen. Already over 20K and reserve still not met. I wish I could afford it. Clean it, nourish the hides and drive it.

  11. CaCarDude

    These older Buick Estate Wagons were a real rolling Work of Art! This 50 series model 59 was only one of 2,212 built in ’51. I would think not many have survived especially in this nice condition. I would keep it as is and do all the necessary work to maintain the original body metal and wood work, and definitely service and maintain the original drivetrain.
    They are only original once, I would be a happy man to have this in my garage!

  12. Van

    Nice ride. I’d want to add period correct Kellsy hays wheels and a 4L60. A good polishing and new carpet.

  13. chad

    It’s 1 yr older than me & in way better shape!
    Buff the leather (I remember those rubber floors well) and the wood & only let it out of the garage to drive, but drive it much!
    Now can’t say any of that bout me.
    8^ )

  14. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Jan 22, 2018 , 9:36AM
    Current bid:US $20,101.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 73 bids ]

  15. ron zimmer

    a restored one just sold at Owls Head Auction for only 24k

    was fully restored with AC and a 52 with only 8k miles!

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